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Fiery Finish Part One
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The Lost Air Temple


Book 1 Fall of the Sages


14 Fiery Finish Part One

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Last time on TLAT Finosa defeated Head Assassin Sulu, and fled the temple. She is currently on route back home. Elsewhere, the assassins have completely taken over city. Raingeous is the new leader of the Fire Nation. However, the Avatar, Smoke, Baizken, and the sages are coming after.


The assassins marched down the halls of the catacombs. They were half-staffed do to the fact that some of the assassins were tasked with taking over the city or guarding the praetor. There were still some units, though, and all treacherous sages that had went over to Raingeous' side were still there. The explosions had ceased now. The dragons were all loose, but the assassins didn't bother chasing them down. They had more important stuff to do; like looking for escaped prisoners.

The sages marched down the halls they had only seen a few assassins and no large units, yet. Gatton was toward the back of the group. He had no intention of leading the group of sages. Smoke was walking beside him.

"We're going into battle today, aren't we?" Smoke guessed, following the Avatar.

"Yes, we are." responded Gatton.

"This is going to be some battle, huh," said Smoke.

Gatton sighed, "You're right, again."

"Do you think we're all going to make it?" asked Smoke, looking at the Avatar as they walking through the halls.

Pytharus entered the conversation, "Let us hope," he said in a sad voice. It was like he knew he was wrong. The sage saw shadows. They all hit the wall. Baizken was at the front of the line with Halois and Amax.

"Do you think they heard us?" Baizken said in a whisper.

"Let's hope the spirits didn't allow it to be heard," Amax said with a wink.

Baizken chuckled a little.

"What's funny?" Halois asked.

Baizken didn't get to answer. The assassins and traitors had cut the corner. The assassin, as if one of the same, launched a fire jab. Most of the sages were able to dodge; those who couldn't deflected. Baizken was able to block the flames aimed at him with his sword. He ran up to one of the sages and knocked him to the ground with the blunt side of his sword. He dodged a stilettos and stabbed an assassin. Sven ran to the front line he blazing kicked an assassin to the ground. Two sages came to the front line and engaged the assassins in combat. Fire was flying throughout the halls. Smoke stepped up to the front line and created a cloud of smoke; the assassins were totally blind to the sages attacks.

"Let's get out of here!" said the leader of the division.

Gatton wasn't going to let them escaped. He created a wall behind them using earth bending. He air-sliced them all into the wall. They were either really tired or they were knocked out cold. Either way they were tied up in minutes.

"Come on, let's get going. We need to keep going if we ever want to reach Raingeous," said Amax.

The smells of the market was recognizable to Grandma; fish, fruits, and vegetables. Not to mention the aroma of meat. Grandma needed to find some more fireflakes before Gatton got home; also something for dinner. Something that would go with ocean-kumquat. Fish was probably her best option. Cow-hippo meat tastes terrible with kumquats. She walked up to the fish stand.

"Got any fish?" she asked.

"This is a fish stand, lady," said the fish stand man.

"Exactly, that's why I came," she said.

The fish seller hit his forehead with his palm. "What kind of fish do you want?"

"I don't know. What you got?" Grandma asked.

After the man went through a tedious list of fish selection, Grandma finally made her choice.

"That will be four silver pieces," the man said.

"Four! it was just three a few days ago," she replied.

"Yes, but I don't know if taxes will go up with this whole 'new government'. This fish may double in price tomorrow. You'd better stock up," he said with greed in his eyes.

"You're right. Give me twenty-seven pounds of your best fish... and a cart," Grandma said.

Fifty silver pieces later, Grandma was on her way home with a cart load of fish. The birds flew over head, they wanted to steal the fish, so badly. Whenever they would come around, Grandma would yell at the hungry birds. Loud enough to wake up half the island. What was she going to do with all those fish.

Finosa loved riding on Duma. The flying seemed to calm her; The city seemed so peaceful from above. The green dragon gave a calm roar, and Finosa thought he seemed happy. She didn't know the way home, so technically Duma was steering himself. Finosa looked down and she could see the town square, filled with assassins?

"Oh, no," she said. The assassins must have taken over the city. "Come on Duma, we are taking a detour."

The green dragon glanced at her with a look of approval. He veered right and flew low. Finosa rapidly fire jabbed wit her one hand at the assassin, over head. The assassins are got off guard, but they launch a barrage of stilettos at Finosa and Duma. The sharp projectiles seemed to just bounce off Duma's scales.

"I wish I had scales like that," she said chuckling.

Duma turned around and breathed fire out of his mouth, knocking the assassins over. Finosa looked as the air cleared and the assassins were down for the count. They went off, going to look for more assassins.

Raingeous was at a desk in his room looking over his speech. Everything seemed to check out, nothing that would offend people. He smoothed down his outfit as he stood up. He headed toward the door, when he heard a loud BOOM. He opened the door to see what was wrong. A sage allied with Raingeous greeted his leader.

"Sir, I bring you a terrible news," the sage said.

"Where is my messenger?" Raingeous wondered.

"Unconscious or dead sir. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. The Avatar's group has overwhelmed us. His unit nears this floor as we speak," answered the sage.

"I'll take them on," said Raingeous.

"Don't you think that could be dangerous, sire," he asked.

"I'll decide what could be dangerous around here! Unless you want to fight them yourself," yelled Raingeous.

"No, sir."

"How many men to we have left?" the praetor asked.

"A little less than a unit, sir," the sage said.

"Let Smoke, the Avatar, and Amax through the line. Then get the rest of the assassins to take on the remaining sages," ordered Raingeous.

"Are you sure, my liege."

"Don't question me again! As a treat you shall be leading this unit," said Raingeous.

"Yes, sire."

The sages had defeated, yet, another unit of assassins. Now, they had reached the temples top level. Raingeous couldn't be far now. The sages were nearing the end of their trek.

"What do you think Raingeous has in store for us?" Pytharus asked.

"The spirits only know..." said Amax.

Baizken rolled his eyes.

"I'm assuming you don't like spirits, Baizken," Amax said, turning his face toward Baizken.

"Like them, I don't believe in them," Baizken blurted out.

"The spirits do exist. Your grandfather is a living relic of it," said Pytharus.

Baizken had never thought of it that way before. A sage near the front notified them they had reached Raingeous. Amax was at the front and strangely the assassins let him pass. But, when another sage tried to get through. He got stilettoed in the leg. The sages ran through attempting to break the line, but only three got through. Baizken looked at the man he suspected was leading the group and prepared to attack.

Gatton, Smoke, and Amax had made it through the front and into the thrown room. Where only a few days ago Gatton had once talked to Amax about numbers. Raingeous sat on the thrown his eyes looking at the three.

"I say you've made it; welcome to your doom," said the evil sage.

"Why we three?" asked Smoke.

"Because all three of you are in my way. And Smoke, try to stay alive you are needed in my fight," responded Raingeous.

Amax and Gatton launched a joined fire blast at Raingeous. He blocked it and appeared to have made a sphere to shield himself.

"That all you got?" taunted Raingeous.

He launched their own blast right back at them. Gatton and Amax stumbled a little. Smoke stood there he didn't know what to do. Amax looked at his stunned foes as an opportunity. He put his two fingers together and began waving them around like crazy. Gatton tried to attack Raingeous, but the evil praetor moved to the left. Finally he released his lightning at Amax who was having trouble getting up. All the Avatar could do was watch in horror.


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