By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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S.C.P (temporary), Team Avatar

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"Ch.3: Ambush"

Feral is a weak yet useful member of the S.C.P. At first, he appears to be a normal brown skinned human but actually he's anything but normal. Throughout his life, his legs didn't fully develop enough muscle in them to properly walk around on two legs, thus keeping him at four legs. he grew up like this and now has turned more wild thanks to the attempts by the S.C.P. He can run very fast on four legs and can jump very far too. Now he is considered a human canine, since he fights with his teeth rather than his fists.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 1

Although it wasn't official, Feral first appears in the Avatar World, posing as an injured boy to lure the Freedom Fighters into a trap set by Smile Dog and Ghost. It wasn't clear what he did afterwards but most likely he just returned to the S.C.P Foundation to rest.

Arc 2

He appears later with Dash, Slenderman and Adjula to go talk to Slade. He begins a sneak attack on the H.I.V.E and continues fighting them until Slenderman stops him. While Slenderman and Slade spoke, he got very upset when he was asked why he can't walk. He was close to attacking again until Slenderman came back.

Arc 3

Feral shows up with Adjula, Glaze, Smile Dog and Ghost for the first test subjects Ty and Starfire. He instructs Starfire through the first test with Kaibutsu.

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