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Fenn Miyakami (Gods of War)
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Birth place

The Republic



Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown/black

Eye color


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Bending style(s)



Mother (deceased), father (whereabouts unknown)


Otto, Colette, Tariq


Smiling-mask demon, demons

Chronological and political information

Clandestine, formerly printer at Lee's Printing

First appearance

Chapter 1: The Curse

Fenn is the main protagonist of Gods of War. The fanon follows his story amid the Republic, where a curse put on him by a malicious spirits leads him onto a new, dangerous path.


Early Life

Prio to his curse, Fenn lived a typical, unexciting life. Like most people in the Republic, he was focused on earning himself a living.

His history is still unknown, except that his mother died giving birth to him and his father abandoned him when he was nine thinking the baby Fenn and a demon had come together to kill his wife. Fenn was left with a briefcase of money and nothing else. It can assumed that since his abandonment Fenn managed to get a job at Lee's Printing and rented the apartment in District 3. 

After the curse

When he was 18, Fenn was cursed by the Smiling-mask demon, resulting in a large black mark on his collar bone. Following the curse Fenn lost his job at Lee's Printing by accidentally destroying an antique printer, leading him to Otto Tinchen. 

Joining Otto in underground fighting rinks, using his improved firebending to his advantage, Fenn and his friend became largely successful, saving their winnings in a shared account. It was when Otto lost all their money that Fenn disowned him and the rink was discovered and the inhabitants arrested. Colette, however - after learning that Fenn single-handedly destroyed a large demon, paid his ransom and hired him as a Clandestine.

From here their relationship blossomed, with the Beyond chairman Tariq (Colette's father), allowing the two to take an expedition to the Green. On this expedition Fenn revealed his curse to his girlfriend and had an outer-body experience, resulting in his discovery of a hidden temple containing thousands of demons. Before being called back to the Republic, Fenn met a savage girl named Akira.

When another demon was defeated in the Republic, and Tariq awarded President for killing the "last" demon, Fenn started to secretly research them, knowing there were still more in the world. This put a strain on his relationship with Colette, and he was soon forced to lie to her about his beliefs concerning the monsters. Instead he focused his attention to the crime problem in the city. After Colette was nearly assassinated Fenn overhead triad members planning an attack against Tariq. To learn more about the gangs he went to Otto, who asked Fenn's help in finding a friend of his, giving him illicit drugs as payment.

Continuing to snoop around, Fenn found Otto's friend who was later killed by people in the same gang he overheard days prior. That night him and Colette had an argument, as she discovered the drugs, and Fenn revealed that he still believed demons were alive. The two later separated.

Upon receiving an urgent call from Colette, Fenn met her, Leroux and Tariq in the chairman's office. Here he learnt of the Libertarian overthrow in the East and immediately was sent to an airship with the other Clandestines. On route to the Eastern Domain Colette apologised to Fenn for not trusting him, and Fenn apologised for lying to her - though the topic of demon existence was still not addressed. Before arriving to the Eastern Domain, Tariq's airship was shot down by Libertarian guerilla forces. Making their way on foot Fenn was surprised to see that the Libertarians allowed Tariq and his men access into the city. He was even more surprised, hurt even, when he realised that Tariq and Libertarian don Larkin had staged the entire civil war.

Exiting the Domain Palace Complex Fenn was taken hostage by Akira, who kept herself protected by using him as a human shield. She led him to Mapleday Chapel where Fenn found Otto in the storeroom. The three of them then discovered a Red Demon locked in basement. After watching Akira heal the demon they went their separate ways; Fenn with Otto, and Akira with the demon.  

Upon return to the Republic Fenn and Colette worked on their strained relationship and went to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Here Colette revealed that she knew of the deal her father had with the Libertarians and with Larkin, but accepted it knowing that it kept the people of the Republic safe to a degree. During dinner Fenn was also assigned the duty of assassinating the Non-bender Councilwoman; as the position was assigned to Larkin as a bribe to call off the civil war. When the time came however, Fenn could not pull the trigger and Colette did the job for him. Briefly they argued over if assassinating the Councilwoman was the right option but Colette disregarded the argument.  

That night aboard a cruise ship in the harbour Fenn attended Larkin's inauguration ceremony with Colette. Still torn by the revelation from the East Fenn went outside, and had a small episode of self-doubt and immense worry. Colette soon came and cheered him up, before telling him that she is concerned that people are questioning his loyalty.  

On post as a bodyguard during Colette's meeting with developers in the Green, Fenn defended her and the construction workers from a horde of rebelling countrymen. Once the situation was detained and he was positioned in the firing line, Fenn was ordered to shoot down one of the surviving rebels, a crazy old lady. This lady spoke nonsense to him, pleading that the "Avatar" was responsible for everything, all of Fenn's misery. But, before he could question the lady more and in a bid to prove his loyalty, Fenn killed the lady. Later that day Fenn borrowed Leroux's ID card and took to the database to try and research the "Avatar."  


Fenn is very reserved. Having to support himself almost his entire life the firebender has become very resilient and quiet. He does not like to share his feelings with everyone. That being said he enjoys excitement, and longs for an easy life.

Though he is often quick to act, he is a firebender naturally, Fenn believes in having all the information first, indicated by his reluctance to blatantly attack demons but rather go to the Green to learn more about them. He also values truth and friendship, disowning Otto as a friend after discovering he betrayed him.



Fenn is a skilled firebender, having being hired as a printer because of it. The curse put on him by the Smiling-mask demon somehow increased his firebending power, allowing him to take down large demons single-handedly. This in turn is why he was hired as a Clandestine. The bad side to this is that every time he firebends the mark sears with pain and the limb he uses often becomes engorged and uncontrollable.

Because this fanon is set so far into the future his bending style is less of an art form and more of a tool.


  • Fenn bears resemblance to Zuko in that he is a reserved firebender with a scar on his body, and that his father disowned him before the events of the story.

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