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Feng is a young Earth Kingdom assassin, who would eventually become the greatest assassin who ever lived. He is the main protagonist of Dancing Shadows.



Feng was born in 83 AG to unknown parents. His mother died in childbirth. He lived with his father in the Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se until he was six years old. In his sixth year, his father was murdered in the streets of the city. After his father's death, Feng was moved into an orphanage. It was there that he met his closest friend, Wei. When he was ten, and Wei nine, they escaped the orphanage together.

Feng and Wei lived on their own for years after that. Quickly after their escape, the duo located an abandoned house, which would become their base of operations for years to come. Having no other way to gain money, they quickly became thieves, which kept them alive for many years.

Later on in his life, when he was fifteen years old, he and Wei had become quite the successful thieves. He was eventually offered an assassination contract. While reluctant to accept at first, Wei egged him on, and he accepted. This was his first step to becoming the great assassin he would become.


Feng is cautious when taking out a target, always planning ahead and formulating plans. He is incredibly loyal to both his friends and his nation. He is also slow to take more drastic measures when doing anything, which can be to his detriment. His favorite pastimes are playing Pai Sho, Earthball, and training with his weapons and his Earthbending.


Feng is a skilled fighter, with both his sword and his Earthbending. With Earthbending, he prefers a lighter, more agile style than most benders, often staying off of the ground. He is also a skilled Sandbender, a skill which he learned by studying Nekku's Waterbending. He occasionally uses a bow and arrow for long range kills, as well.


  • Feng was created with the Fire Emblem character Sothe in mind. Don't ask me why, or if any parts of Sothe actually got into Feng.
  • He is being offered as a tribute in The Blood Bath of Fanons.

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