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Feasible Differences, Personal Expectations, and Personal Wants
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The Beginning of A Legend


And they all lived happily ever after


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Feasible Differences, Personal Expectations, and Personal Wants is a collection of stories about what things would have been like if the storyboard of Avatar: The Last Airbender had certain events been different and/or the way individual users were expecting them to be. Any user is welcome to create their own story of as such.


This details a series of fanon stories about what could have happened during the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender had things been different and/or the way each user was expecting to be.

Ozai is never verbally abusive to his wife, son, and daughter.

Ozai is emotionally abusive to his wife. He is never mentally abusive or physically abusive towards her.

Ozai is mentally abusive to his daughter. He is never physically abusive or emotionally abusive towards her.

Ozai is physically abusive to his son. He is never emotionally abusive or mentally abusive towards him.

Ozai is always unknowingly and unintentionally abusive to his wife and daughter. Ozai is always deliberately and happily abusive to his son.

Zuko deeply loves his parents and sister. 


All the characters will be the same as in the series, but some of them may meet different fates. Users who wish to write their own stories may create an individual section on the character pages of this fanon to edit the information here for their work.

Main Characters

Major Characters

Zhao Hakoda Bumi Haru Tyro Roku
Smellerbee Longshot Pipsqueak The Duke Bato Jeong Jeong
Teo The Mechanist Yue Arnook Pakku Mai
Ty Lee Huu Tho Due Yu Xin Fu
The Boulder The Big Bad Hippo Long Feng Kuei Pathik Combustion Man
Piandao Chit Sang The Lion turtle Fang Flopsie Bosco

Minor Characters

All minor characters are those characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender who are not listed in the past two subdivisions of this section. However, some of them have their own character pages for my version of this fanon.




Water Tribe

Earth Kingdom

Gan Jin


Sandbender Tribes

Beetle-headed merchants

Fire Nation

Air Nomads

Sun Warriors

Spirit World

  1. South Pole
  2. Southern Water Tribe
  3. Southern Air Temple
  4. Earth Kingdom harbor
  5. Mining village
  6. Seaport village
  7. Prison rig
  8. Scorched forest
  9. Senlin Village
  10. Waterfall lagoon
  11. Treetop hideout
  12. Gaipan
  13. Great Divide
  14. Harbor town
  15. Mountain cave
  16. Taku
  17. Pohuai Stronghold
  18. Makapu Village
  19. Mt. Makapu
  20. Abbey
  21. Tavern
  22. Fire Nation colonial village
  23. Jeong Jeong's camp
  24. Northern Air Temple
  25. Northern Water Tribe
  26. North Pole
  27. Realm of Koh
  1. General Fong's fortress
  2. Yu Dao
  3. Village resort
  4. Cave of Two Lovers
  5. Farming village
  6. Omashu
  7. Foggy Swamp
  8. Foggy Swamp Tribe
  9. River village
  10. Chin Village
  11. Kyoshi Island
  12. Gaoling
  13. Plains village
  14. Nan Shan River
  15. Tu Zin
  16. Quarry campsite
  17. Misty Palms Oasis
  18. Wan Shi Tong's Library
  19. Si Wong Desert
  20. Earthen Fire Refinery
  21. Waterfall pond
  22. Serpent's Pass
  23. Full Moon Bay
  24. Fire Nation circus
  25. Eastern Air Temple
  26. Chameleon Bay
  27. Ba Sing Se
  28. Seedy merchants pier
  1. Fire Navy blockade
  2. Crescent Island
  3. Hira'a
  4. Beach cave
  5. Fire Nation bazaar
  6. Fire Nation school
  7. Jang Hui River
  8. Jang Hui
  9. Fire Nation Army factory
  10. Shu Jing
  11. Secluded hot springs
  12. Roku's island
  13. Fire Fountain City
  14. Mountain prison
  15. Hama's village
  16. Waterbender prison
  17. Black Cliffs
  18. Fire Nation Capital
  19. Zuko's campsite
  20. Western Air Temple
  21. Sun Warriors' ancient city
  22. Boiling Rock
  23. Forgetful Valley
  24. Fire Navy communications towers
  25. Whaletail Island
  26. Yon Rha's village
  27. Ember Island
  28. Ozai's airship base
  29. Wulong Forest


Fire Days Festival

Avatar Day

Winter solstice

Summer solstice

Day of Black Sun

Sozin's Comet

War of Chin the Conqueror

Hundred Year War


The stories will include the same storyline in the series, except those chapters where the storyboard needs to be changed. These chapters will however retain their titles in the series.

Feasible Difference

Personal Expectation

Book One: Water

Book Two: Earth

Book Three: Fire

Too little is known of Sozin and Azulon to draw a full comparison with Ozai.

Sozin loves his family and his nation.

Sozin once loved Azulon, Ilah, and Iroh. He no longer loves them.

Azulon loves his family.

Azulon once loved Sozin, Ilah, and Ozai. Now, he only loves Iroh.

Ozai is incapable of love.

Ozai does not love.

Iroh and Ozai's relationship is never shown clearly during the series.

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