The first chapter of Agamemnon06's The Spirit of Retribution. Please, take caution that the following contains some obscene language and sexual references.

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The Trial

"Let him rot in jail!" One of the protesting victims squealed out of her mouth.

Statements like; "Burn him!" or "He deserves to be beheaded!" echoed all over the court room, and they brought no surprise to Hiara as she pressed her ears against the giant wooden doors, listening with apprehension from the other room.

Hiara understood their emotions, why they wished nothing but the worst upon him; considering the gravity of the crimes that he has done, their protests seemed appropriate; "He deserves to be destroyed!" – as one of the protestors put it.

The victim's mortified cries seemed like a spear impaling through Hiara's spine—she could feel so much pain, sorrow and anger within their words, and it made her wonder how one human could have wounded so many.

'One human', the phrase made her look down to the ground.

Can someone who destroyed that many lives still be called human? She thought.

"Nervous?" Lin Beifong, Hiara's lifelong friend, asked; causing Hiara to jump up in surprise.

Slowly, Hiara exhaled uneasily, and turned her face to Lin "A little bit," she said as she lifted her hands and placed them behind her waists, "I mean, it is Rupon—the guy who lead the Triple Threat, the one who murdered two-hundred-thirty-four persons without thinking twice." Hiara frowned, showing her once subtle discomfort.

"So?" Lin asked in return.

"What if something happens? What if one of the victims does something to get even?"

"That's why we're here, remember?" Lin said as a grin slowly painted itself into her face.

Right. That's why they—the Police—are here, to make sure that everything goes well, to prevent something bad happening. There are about six dozen Police Officers around, with Hiara being one of them, but why does she still feel unsafe? Why does she feel nervous?

Perhaps because she's seen what he, Rupon—or terrible people in general, people who abuse power, can do. She's seen what they're capable of. She's seen how far they'd go. She's seen—even though she doesn't remember—she has seen.

"Look alive people. The bitch is coming." Po Lei said as he entered the room, warning the other metalbending officers that the 'bitch', in other words, Chief Toph, was coming; not knowing of Lin's presence.

"Well if my mother's a bitch, I'm guessing I'm the son of a bitch right?" Lin spits out of her mouth with a sarcastic grin as she turns to face Po Lei.

Po Lei thought of a clever insult as his jaws twitch in annoyance. The retort was the words he wanted to say, but instead, the words that escaped from his lips were the words of apology—just as everyone had expected.

"Chief." One of the police officers behind Po Lei said in respect as Toph entered the room with the criminal to be tried in her grasp. Quietly, Po Lei stepped aside as Toph handed the criminal over to Lin and Hiara.

As Hiara grabs a hold of Rupon's arm, she swallows in nervousness. Accidentally, Hiara squeezes Rupon's arm a tad too tight, making him growl in annoyance. He turned his head to her, meeting her gaze. Hiara didn't move; she couldn't. Somehow she felt frozen, and so did her gaze; she continued staring at his piercingly angry golden eyes, looking for a chunk of humanity inside.

"What are you looking at?" Rupon asks in a slow paced and rough, deep voice.

"Uh," Hiara flinched as she looked away, "you have the right to remain silent." She continued in an obviously bothered tune.

Po Lei released a giggle, and then says with a laugh, "Really? That's all you have? This is why we can't have women--"

"Alright. That's enough." Toph cut him off as she eyed him. "Open the doors." Toph stepped in front of Lin and Hiara, just in time as two other Officers opened the giant wooden doors.

As the door opened, the victims screamed curses even louder. Wearing red, green, and blue garments, Hiara could tell that the victims weren't just one specific group of people. They were from everywhere, The Water Tribes, The Fire Nation, everywhere.

Pained and angered, the victims stood in rows—and on the edge of every row, a Police Officer stood. Like fences in a backyard, they stood to ensure one of the victims wouldn't charge upon Rupon; to ensure that he would face justice.

Toph walked down the scarlet-carpeted floor with her fists clenched on her back, and behind her, followed Hiara and Lin, guiding Rupon to his seat. As they walked, Hiara looked at the people on her side, and listened to their cries.

"What did my mother ever do to you?" One of them cried.

"I lost about thirty million Yuans!" Another scowled.

"Jun Leya was the only one left to me!" A man in tears cried as he pointed his fingers at Rupon—he wasn't the only one doing it. Everyone was.

As Hiara looked at them, she felt their pain. She felt their agony, flowing down into her like a river into the deep sea. As she looked at them, she felt pity, and she felt her tears sneaking slowly into her emerald eyes. She felt their wounds. But also, she felt their anger.

"You deserve to be killed in the most painful way!"

"How'd you feel if I killed your child?"

"You can't replace an eye!"

"I hope they cut off your legs too!"

"I pray that the spirits destroy your soul!"

Quickly, Hiara shut her eyes and looked down. She couldn't take it. It was too much. It seemed like the people were saying these things to her. She knew they weren't, that they were looking at Rupon and not her, but she found the words too cruel. It sort of made her experience what would happen if her greatest fear comes true—the fear that she would be the bad guy. She imagined that those words were exactly what the people would say to her. She imagined all the hate, all the cruel words. She imagined herself as a teenager, how she always hated the enemy every time she would see a play. How she always 'booed' the enemy, and that's why she never wants to be the enemy.

That was her greatest fear. To be the enemy. That was always the one thing she would rather die than become; she would rather destroy her physical body than corrupt her soul.

Lin looked at her side as she continuously guides Rupon to his seat. She saw a mass in pain, in anger. Unlike Hiara, Lin's eyebrows dropped, in fact, they almost meeting. She always thought she knew how much Rupon damaged the city, but it was only until now that she truly realized how deep the wound he left was. Lin saw mothers in pain for the loss of their child. She saw men in suicidal state for the loss of everything they had. She saw businessmen screaming for the loss of their fortune, but out of all these spine-touching scenarios, there was only one that felt like a punch in her spine—as if the touches weren't enough.

A man, bandaged all over, with one arm missing, sat amongst all the other protesters who stood and screamed. Lin could tell that the man couldn't stand, and somehow he was restrained from opening his mouth. All he did was cry over whatever his loss was. He frowned and let the tears flow down—that was all he did, because that was all he can do. He couldn't bring back what was lost anymore, or even just let out words to help release his grief.

Upon seeing the man, Lin almost cringed, but managed to only squeeze Rupon's arm. Rupon growled, and Lin turned her gaze to him. They meet each other's gaze, and Lin looked fearlessly into his eyes.

"You deserve more than that you piece of shit." She whispered to him. Rupon didn't reply, and instead, he grinned.

Finally, they reached the front, where Rupon's seat was located. Lin and Hiara dropped him off, and then proceeded behind Toph, who stood beside the Council of Five's table.

"Silence!" Councilman Sokka shouted as he stood up from his seat. "The trial shall now begin."

Shortly, a woman stood in front and read from a piece of paper.

Paying no attention to the woman's words, Lin leaned over to Hiara, "Hey." She whispered to her.

"Huh?" Hiara replied as she broke her focus away from the reading woman.

"Would you promise me something?" Lin asked as she returned to stand straight beside Hiara, with her hands clenched behind her waist, just like Toph in front of them, and careful not to draw any attention.

"What?" Hiara discreetly answered.

"Promise me, that if ever I become like him," Lin looked over to Rupon, "you'd see to it that I get in prison? Alright?"

"Alright. But only if you promise me that if ever I become like him, you'd kill me." Hiara whispered to Lin, but looked straight to the reading woman, pretending to be listening.

"Kill you? No!" Lin frowned, "I'd never do that. Are you crazy?"

"Well, then I won't put you in jail."

"Alright." Lin forced out. "I agree. It's not like you'll ever be anything like Rupon anyway. I mean, ever since you married, you've become the most saint-like person I know." Lin grinned. "Even more saint-like than Tenzin."

"But, you know." Hiara looked down. "You never know what's going to happen."

"Please. As I've said, Tenzin has more chances to be—"

"...Hiara who truly knows the story." Toph's voice mentioning Hiara's name stopped the two from chattering any further, and quickly, Lin shut up. The two had been chattering all the time that they had completely paid no attention to what was happening, leaving them shocked when Toph caught them off guard.

"Huh?" Lin blurted out.

"Oh, well, then, Officer Hiara, may you please come forward?" Sokka ordered as he looked with his blue eyes at Hiara.

"Huh?" Hiara asked in confusion. "Whu—What?"

"The story, Officer. Tell us the story of how you captured Rupon." Sokka demands, and unbeknownst to him, he was adding more baggage of nervosity in Hiara's cart—and it didn't help that his voice sounded so authoring.

"Oh, uhm—yeah." Hiara looked down, planted her palms to her cheeks, then to her chest, and then to her nape. "Boy, I, uh, let's uh, where to begin..." finally Hiara dropped her hands, and squeezed into her fists. As she stood, she felt her heart pounding like a rock shooting earth bullets.

Come on. You can do this. Hiara thought to herself. She breathes out, and slowly, she looks up. She caught within her gaze Rupon's, and quickly he rolls his eyes. "Uhm," with beads of sweat now running down her forehead, she looked at Lin. As a vote for confidence, Lin nodded back, and mouthed the word "Go."

"It all began," Hiara turned to Sokka. "when...uh, well, almost three weeks ago," Hiara started and now the room grew even more silent, "we received reliable information concerning the triad's hideout."

Hiara raised both her eyebrows and looked to the people. "Now, after two weeks of careful thinking, we finally hatched the perfect raid plan." She waves her fist in front and raised her index finger. "But, just two days before the raid, Chief Beifong called in sick," Hiara glanced back to Lin, who looks at her eyes solidly. "Lin, the second in command, had to take care of her. So, I, the third-officer in command, had to lead the raid." As Hiara swept her gaze through the room, she stops as she gets a glance of Rupon, staring at her, with a piercing look.

Even more disturbing for her, he wasn't showing any signs of being nervous. In fact, she felt that she was more nervous than he was. He was not shaking, not sweating, and looked very confident in spite of his position.

Hiara looked back at Councilman Sokka, and saw him still very eager to listen to the rest of her tale. "Uhm, oh, yeah, when my team and I got there, his men were already planting explosives--" She was to continue, but Councilman Sokka stopped her and asked; "Explosives? I thought you said you raided their hideout? Why were they planting explosives?"

"Uh, I don't know the exact reason why, I guess, they knew we were coming and tried to storm out, or... maybe they were planning on bombing us, I don't know but those explosives surely were useful when they fought us. Almost every corner was blowing up, almost every floor exploding, and almost every piece of what was once the roof falling down. It was bitter work. But with sheer luck, we got him, and half of his men."

"Thank you, Officer Hiara." The Councilman kindly tells her. Hiara nods at Sokka, and quickly, Lin comes near her and holds her hand.

"You did good," she said. All of a sudden, a loud sound of wood striking against the floor was heard, and after, as Hiara spun her gaze, she saw Rupon standing up from his chair, with a grin almost reaching both his ears.

"You got me. I'm guilty." Rupon said proudly, and as expected, the victims, the ones who protested for his death, grew wild. Once again, screams of curses and death threats roared all over the place, and the metalbenders who stood as fences were now being pushed away by the angry mass. The metalbenders quickly struggled to push them back, but they were willed to plant their claws into Rupon's heart. The more the metalbenders pushed them back, the more they struggled to get out.

"Hold them back!" Toph screamed out as she witnesses the event. She was now seeing an angry mob trying to kill a criminal. Deep down in her she knows that she wants to release the mob and allow them to kill Rupon, she wants to grant that power to the people, she wants them to kill him, because, well, the people deserved at least that. But doing that without due process would be inhuman, and yes, even though he treated almost everyone inhumanly, the law still sees him as a human, so she should too.

"Hold them back!" Toph screamed again. "Lin, secure Rupon." Toph said, right before she ran to help contain the people. But instead of running to Rupon, Lin stood there, looking at the struggling people. But she wasn't just staring blankly, she was looking for someone. She was looking for the man she saw earlier, the one who couldn't stand, the one who couldn't speak. She imagined how he is at this moment, and she knew she just can't leave him, a defenseless and pained man, in a riot like that. Not to mention his other arm was cut off.

"Shit." Lin crooned as she looked for him in the crowd.

"Lin?" Hiara screamed out.

"You go get Rupon!" Lin said as she looked through the crowd, but still, she found no success at finding the crippled man. He was no longer where Lin saw him for the first time.


"Go!" Quickly, Lin ran away into the crowd, and forced her way through the metalbenders. She went inside the riot, trying to find and save a poor man she barely knew.

Hiara turns to Rupon, and quickly, she sees him, and he sees her. He grins, and at the same time, Hiara frowns. Hiara felt nothing but fear, creeping up her spine.

Rupon raises his handcuffed hands, and broke the cuffs as if they were straws. Upon seeing this, Hiara drops her jaws in shock. Rupon grins, and then suddenly, a large explosion blows up from behind Hiara, burning some of the metalbenders behind her and throwing her thirty meters away—towards Rupon.

As the explosion happened, everyone's face was filled with shock. Silence filled the air for a moment and right after, the curse words were exchanged with piercing screams of fear everywhere. With the metalbenders still shocked, the people pushed stronger, and with adrenaline running on everyone, some of the metalbenders were pushed to the ground, destroying the fence and releasing chaos everywhere. Everyone screamed in fear as they ran around without direction, some were looking for a way out, some were looking for a place to hide, while some were still looking for Rupon.

The metalbenders were screaming for everyone to calm down, but no one listened to them. No one paid attention to them, and so they felt like preachers who were pouring out their beliefs, but were pouring it out in a broken jar with a hole in the bottom. As everyone panicked, everyone pushed everyone. Pregnant women were pushed to the ground, the elderly were kicked, and people were stepped on. As hands flew to every direction in panic, so did blood, and hair, and teeth—struck freshly out of the mouth. As Lin looks for the poor man she wishes to help, she waved her hands in front of her, trying to push away anything that blocks her way and her, hurrying to hopefully rescue the poor man.

"Get out of the way!" Lin screamed out. I can't leave that guy in here! As she looks around, she suddenly feels a stranger's fist blast unto her eye. Taken aback, Lin forces herself to remain standing, and then finds her foot being stepped on. She frowns in pain, but remains standing, and shakes her head.

Due to her undying will, she resumes her search. I can't fail. The guy has everything taken away from him. I can't let others take away his life too. She pushes away a man in front of her gently, and then pushes away another, and another, and another. I have to find him! She couldn't explain why, but Lin had always this undying will to help people, to save them from darkness, to give them their freedom or whatever. Lin had always helped anything or anyone in her way that needed help. Something that felt like a gift at times, but often seemed like a bothering curse.

Lin kept her eyes on the ground, knowing that the guy she was looking for could not walk. But it was hard to see. People were running everywhere, people where screaming everywhere.

As she bent on looking down, she felt a knee impact into her stomach, causing her to scream a throaty gasp. A short while and then she felt a fist slapping her face, and again she screamed. She felt like she was swimming up a water fall. And no matter how fast she swims up, the water always manages to push her back.

As she flails about, a foot stepped on hers, and something she guessed to be someone's buttocks hits her in the temple, causing her world to spin in an endless void and making her fall to the floor.

With her knees and her palms planted to the ground, she coughed in pain, and then squeezed her eyes shut. I can't give up! She sadly tells herself, but she felt herself too weak for the task. Suddenly, a person crashes unto her and she screams as she feels the person's feet and legs ram into her side, and finally, she spits out blood when the person's knees lands on her back, introducing her chest to the solid stone floor.

As she feels oxygen run out of her body, Hiara quickly snapped her eyes open and realize Rupon's strong, huge hand was wrapped around her neck. She opened her mouth to suck in more air, but she found little success. With undeniable strength, Rupon picked Hiara up from the ground holding only her neck, as if she was nothing but an old ragdoll.

With Rupon grasping her neck, she let's out gasps of pain. Hiara raised her hand, to somehow metalbend wires out of her fist and hit Rupon, but as she was about to launch out the wires, she felt a grip on her hand. A strong, squeezing grip. It felt like an entity pulled her hand away. All of a sudden, both her hands recoiled themselves to her back, and she felt her metalbending armor tighten, just as she felt her face turn purple.

Rupon held Hiara closer, and after he gazed into her teary eyes, said; "I will break your soul, and then, I will break your body." All of a sudden, what seemed like a huge wooden box to Hiara slammed into Rupon's head, forcing him to drop her to the ground, and forcing her to lose consciousness.

Rupon turned to his back; he looked to his left, and then to his right, but all he could see was the people running around, filled with fear. He couldn't find anyone who possibly threw the box.

"Up here bozo!" Toph taunts as she hangs from the roof through her metal wires. "You're gonna regret that sugar tits." Rupon raises his arm in a quick motion, and aimed at Toph, releasing a huge wave of fire her way.

Although Toph couldn't see anything mid-air, she can hear, and her hearing sense was heightened due to her blindness; this skill she uses as she acknowledges the wave of fire heading her way and quickly releases the wire's grip from the roof, sending herself all the way down. The instant moment her foot made contact with the stone ground, she felt where Rupon was and using only the soles of her feet, bent the earth he was standing in.

She turned the stone into a clay-like substance that sucked Rupon down to the ground. Surely, Rupon was taken by surprise. She buried Rupon all the way down from his mouth to his foot, but left his nose out to not kill him, because even though she wants to, she knows that that was not her job to do, and his victims are the right persons to judge and sentence him, not her.

Rupon's eyes widened in surprise.

Toph stood back up straight, and frowned. "Sugar tits my ass."

Denied Reality

"What is this?" Himeros asked in total annoyance as he threw away the photo. "I asked for an ad with a blue and chrome color scheme, not—whatever the heck that is!"

"I just thought that the brown and gold scheme fit Mu Leya's skin tone, sir." Gee Ji, the head of the advertisement department tried to lie his way out, even though the real reason was because he forgot. He picked up the photo, and slowly, handed it to his angry boss again.

Himeros took the photo, and looked at it again. "No," He shook his head in disagreement. "it doesn't, actually." He dropped the photo into his desk, and scratched the back of his head. Disappointed and annoyed, he said; "You know what? Gee Ji, just, take that," he handed the photo back to Gee Ji, and scratched his eyes, "just switch it back to blue and chrome. Please, give it, tomorrow." He rested his arms on his desk, and continued; "You know I don't want to fire you. I know the whole situation with the wife—and please, just help yourself, okay?"

"Okay," Gee Ji grinned as he nodded, "thank you, sir."

"Oh, and on your way out, send Karelle in."

As Gee Ji makes his way out, Himeros puts his palms in his face and again, rubbed his eyes. He was tired. So many problems, perhaps, too many problems.

He bowed his head, and turned his gaze into his family photo. There, his arms embraced his wife's, and her arms embraced their child's. As he sees his wife's smile and his daughter's eyes, slowly, he too, grinned. They were his escape. His beautiful fantasy, that helps him cope with the cruel reality. They helped him forget the troubles.

Yes, Himeros was a family centered man. All he ever wanted in his life was a simple, happy family. Everything he does, he does for his family. He never wanted the life of adventure, or danger, he wanted the life of happiness and peace. All he ever wanted was simplicity in his life.

He breathed out, and picked up a gray pen. As he was about to sign a request for leave of absence paper from some employee, his door swung open and in came Karelle. Himeros closed his eyes, and sighed, as he prepared himself for what was coming.

Coming in, Karelle struts like a supermodel in a catwalk, wearing a mint green jacket that exposed her cleavages and paired with a same colored miniskirt, and shaking her hips in the most flamboyant way possible. Her raven hair tied neatly in a bun, she set an envelope down to Himeros's desk, but as she does, she bends a little too much downwards, making sure he sees her precious womanly hills. To this, Himeros rolled his eyes.

"You called?" She said in a forced sexy voice as she stands back up straight and bit her lower lip, further accenting her cheek bones.

"Yes, I did, I need you to call Surrita Konghae and tell her I need the Southern Water Tribe photos by Thursday. And could you please stop doing that?" Himeros tells her as he stood up from his chair and walked to a bookshelf beside his table. "I'm married—as I've said a billion times."

"Uh-uh." She sat on Himeros' desk, and crossed her legs. She takes a strand of her hair out of her neat bun, and started twirling the strand in her fingers. "But is it a happy marriage?"

"Wha-Of course! Do you think I'd stay if I didn't love her?"

"Please, I've listened to your tantrums and I've crossed out every dinner she cancels from your schedule. I even know that she forgot your birthday last year. Besides, I didn't ask if you loved her, I asked if you're happy." Now, the smoky sexy voice was gone, and replaced by her regular husky voice.

"I am happy, that's why we're still together, and she did not forget my birthday." Himeros answers as he picks a book out of the shelf.

"Oh, please. You're still together only because you have a kid."

"Shut up."

"When's the last time you two became intimate?" Karelle's language always annoyed Himeros, and so has her actions. To him, she always seemed like the annoying fan girl who has a crush on him—something he never wished for.

"Some relationships aren't based on intimacy." Himeros tells her as he goes back beside the table and placed his book on the desk.

"Well," Karelle stopped as she planted her palms into Himeros's chest, and started to unbutton his white flannel shirt, "ours can be based on intimacy."

Himeros grinned. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, placing his lips just an inch from hers. He opened his eyes again, quite seductively, and said; "You know the only reason you still have this job is because your grandmother has that illness. If you still want to pay for her treatment, you'd stop your sex parade." Quickly, Himeros flinched away and buttoned his shirt back.

Karelle rolled her eyes, and stood up from the desk.

"And call my wife."

"What now?" Karelle looks at Himeros with annoyance in her face.

"Tell her I love her, and that she's my forever girl." Himeros smiled as he sat back on his chair. Quickly, but still noticeably with her hips shaking, Karelle left the office and slammed the door. As soon as she disappeared, so did his smile.

The truth is, what made Karelle so annoying sometimes was because she tells Himeros what he fears most, and he tells her these fears have become an ignored reality.

Himeros once again looked at his family photo. He looked at her smile and her eyes, but this time, he found it hard to forget the troubles. He rested his chin in his palm, and bit his fingers. He wondered—are they really happy? Karelle had a point. Himeros's wife had been very career centered ever since day one. Sure, she'd talk about wanting a family, but she never talks about quitting her job. Every time he brought up the topic, she'd immediately shut it away. He's not saying she doesn't love him; he just feels that she loves her job more than him—and never mind the intimacy. That was never really important; it wasn't really the reason why Himeros asked her to marry him. It was because he loved her, and because she loved him—or at least he thought so.

They always have family conversations over dinner, but other than that—nothing. Sometimes his wife couldn't even make it to dinner, and that saddened him even more. Because besides dinner, Himeros' time with his wife can be measured in three digit seconds, with the first digit being one. He considered himself lucky if she was around, because he was slowly feeling like a stranger to the woman who slept next to him.

"I'm trying hard Hiara." He says as he looked at Hiara's face in the family photo, and then, he looks down into his desk, saddened.

As Karelle reached her desk, she quickly sat on her chair, grabbed a pen, and then stabbed her desk forcefully with it. She has failed, again. Why does he have to have a wife? That was the question she always asked herself. The second question she asks herself? Why can't he betray anyone just once? It's not personal; her desire for Himeros doesn't really stem from the fact that he's drop dead handsome, or from the fact that she's a sex addict, it's all just business. See, Karelle has this thing—this hobby, of hers.

Ever since she was a child, she had always had this desire to be on top of others. She had always this desire to win, to be above, and to be on top of the food chain. In her mind, men represented power, but as she discovered throughout the years, men have a weakness—what's that weakness? Well, they're pigs.

Ever since she was a child, men have abused the sanctity of her womanhood. But to her, that didn't feel like abuse, to her, it felt like she was corrupting power. She felt desired, and when she felt desired, she felt that she was above all. She felt above the men who desired her, she felt above power.

That's why every time she sees power, she tries to corrupt this power. She tries to corrupt this power and place it below her, but Himeros had always proven himself loyal to Hiara. And this made Karelle feel weak compared to Hiara. This made her feel as if she was now only the peasant, and Hiara was the queen. This made her feel like she was the loser.

The dethroned queen squealed out gasps of rage, and stabbed her desk a second time. As she grunts, the phone suddenly rang. Slowly, she breathed, and then picked up the phone. "Hello, Himeros's office." She says with a smile.

"Hi, uhm, this is Tenzin calling. Uh, can you please tell Himeros to come to the court house? Yeah, something came up, and Hiara's unconscious." "Oh, okay, I'll be sure to give him the message directly." Karelle answered in a fake, jolly tune and immediately slammed the telephone. She rested her back in the chair, and then placed her feet on top of the desk.

"Whatever," she said as she rolled her eyes and grinned, throwing away Tenzin's message into a folder in her mind that says, "NEVER OPEN," together with all the other messages Hiara tried to send Himeros over the past few years.

To Step on Someone

I was too late. Lin thought as she stood firmly in front of the medics, watching them as they salvaged a couple of bodies, and one of those bodies, was the crippled man's. Crushed and bleeding, placed in a stretcher. She had failed to save the crippled man. She failed miserably to let him hold on to the last thing he had. She failed.

A tear fell down her eye, and she started to frown. All of a sudden, a pair of arms land around her shoulders, and as she looked behind her, she saw her mother.

"No. He wouldn't want you to feel that way." Eyes closed and face rested on Lin's back, Toph assured her.

"I was too late."

"No. It wasn't your fault. It wasn't anyone's fault." Now, Toph turned Lin to face her. "Promise me," Toph stroked back Lin's hair, pulling away wild strands. "Promise me, that if ever something happens to me, you wouldn't feel guilty or vengeful."

"What?" Lin asked in confusion.

"Lin, promise me, that if something happens to me, you won't blame yourself. And promise me, that you will never hold a grudge." Toph tells her daughter. "Promise me, that if I get killed, you wouldn't spend your life trying to seek revenge. Promise me that you will not live in revenge."

"Mom, if someone hurts you—"

"No. You shouldn't. Even though they deserve it, you shouldn't. Did you see those people? The ones who were here earlier? The ones who were prepared to lose everything just to get revenge on Rupon? The ones who were willing to step on others, just to gain revenge?"


"I don't want you to be one of those people. I want you to learn how to forgive others, and learn how to forgive yourself, Lin. You didn't kill that man. You tried to save him. At least you did. At least you tried; at least you didn't just leave him to get killed. Yes, you failed, but you tried."

"Okay," Lin responded. Inside, Lin felt consoled. She felt as if someone was giving her a massage—she felt, pacified. She felt like she was drinking soup for the soul. She felt like the first time Toph had cradled her in her arms and sung to her when she was crying. She felt a touch from the side of her mother that almost everyone fails to see—the gentle, maternal side.

Although her mother had always frowned upon the thought, Lin had always wanted everyone to picture Toph the way she does. Lin wanted the people to look past through Toph's tough façade and see her the way she really is; but, no. Instead, almost everyone sees her as a bitch. A cold, ruthless, bitch. And why? The answer is, men.

Maybe not all men, but some men, men like Po Lei; the ones who can't bear to work below a woman, the ones who devalue women, they do everything and say anything to try and bring Toph and other strong women down. But whatever they do and however they try, Lin knows they can never bring her mother down. Why? Because she knows that no matter what, pebbles can never crack a boulder—especially one covered in metal.

Toph grinned, and then said; "Now, quit bitching, and give me my 'Queen Bitch' crown back," making Lin snort out a bit of a giggle.

"She will"

"Let's hope you'll rot in here." The metalbending officer says as he pushes Rupon into the prison cell. As Rupon crashed to the dirt filled ground, the officer grinned, and then spat on him.

This was where all the scumbags of Republic City goes to—in a Secret Underground Jail, right under The Police Headquarters. The general public is always led to believe that the criminals are put into the Boiling Rock, but no. They are all stored, in here, Republic City's very basement.

"Men like you deserve to be killed." The Officer said as he shut the cell door closed, and after, walked down the hall. Moments later, as Rupon sat on his cell, he heard the Police Officer scream in pain.

Rupon grinned as he heard the scream, for he knew it had begun. He knew from that scream that his revenge on that bitch of an officer who arrested him would begin. He grinned, and stood up. Soon, he heard foot steps walk towards his cell door. And right in front of his door, the footsteps stopped.

"The petal falls from the tree." The man from the other side of the cell said. "And the flames shall swallow it." Rupon answered as he giggled as if someone was tickling him with a feather.

"Your inevitable escape shall be completed under a couple of hours. With luck, Hiara will show up, and you can kill her." His accomplice says.

"No. No. I want her to suffer. And she will."

Author's notes

  • So, yay. Finally got to publish this. First person was really limiting, and so, now, we find ourselves in third person, with more character backstories and stuff. It really widens the scope of the Fanon and brings it to a whole new level. Wow. If, you do find grammar mistakes, please feel free to change it.
  • If you managed to read this up to this point, thank you. And it won't hurt to comment right? So, please, do tell me what you think so I can improve on my writing. And do tell me that you, my reader, exist. So that I don't feel like I'm writing for no one. However, this is still the first chapter, so...

Some Trivia

  • Originally, Himeros' name was Zuron, however, it was too confusing with another character's name--one who will appear later.
    • Himeros' name was replaced on the spot, just a few minutes before publishing. It just happened that Lady Gaga's G.U.Y. song--which references Himeros(Greek god) was playing.
    • Ironically, Himeros(character) thinks that intimacy in a relationship doesn't matter--when in fact, in Greek Mythology, Himeros is the god of sexual desire.

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