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Choy walked into the town just as the rain started to fall. The town was bleak and seemed to be disserted. Choy inspected the ground as the rain started pouring down on him. All he could discover before the rain washed the evidence away was that the energybender was here the day before. Any evidence of the direction he took when he left, if he left, was gone.

"Damn." Choy muttered as he turned away from the spot. Choy's attention was drawn to a bar with little noise coming out of it, and any noise was mostly sorrowful. Choy entered the bar and noticed it was full of people in black mourning clothes. 'Well looks like I missed the funeral.' Choy thought as he approached the stone bar counter.

"You're not from here." The bartender said, not asked.

"No." Choy answered, "Who died?"

"Hmm, how do you know anyone died?"

"Everyone's wearing black, the bar's quiet, and there's an overwhelming sense of sorrow in this town." Choy answered going off his mental list.

"Just about every man old enough to go off to war in this town." The bartender stated as he bended a stone cup from the counter.

"You can earthbend, you're obviously old enough to fight. Why aren't you gone?" Choy asked bluntly while he motioned to what drink he wanted.

"Very observant boy. You're right I obviously should be out fighting." The bartender said as he hobbled away from the counter revealing that his left leg was missing. "But on the other hand I already did my duty and was fortunate enough to lose only my leg."

"Sorry about that." Choy said as he removed his mask and took a drink.

"You know you're the third person to pass by recently."

"Third? Who else passed through recently?" Choy asked.

"Well a few days ago some strange guy came to town and predicted that all of our loved ones who went to war would die in a few days. No one believed him then but now... well he's in the corner over there." The bartender gestured to a man sitting alone in a corner. Like everyone else he wore black robes, but Choy had a feeling they weren't meant for mourning. The man's skin seemed unnaturally pale and his bright yellow eyes were featureless, a black cloth covered the lower half of his face, and a black hood covered his scalp.

"And the other one?" Choy asked returning his attention to the bartender.

"Just a kid who brought one our soldier's home for his final moments. The village was so grateful they gave him all of his supplies free of charge."

"Which way did he go?" Choy asked almost eagerly.

"Why do you want to know, you a long lost friend or something?"

"Something like that." Choy answered growing impatient. "Now where did he go?"

"I believe he went east." The bartender said as he served a drink to another patron.

"Thank you." Choy said after he paid for the drink. On his way out of the bar he noticed the black robed stranger was gone. When he took his first step outside he noticed something strange. The rain had stopped. Not stopped as in the clouds were gone, the drops were just hanging there in midair. "What the? Is this..."

"Waterbending? No it's not." A voice called from the bar's roof. Choy spun around and saw the robed man from inside standing on the roof staring intently at him. "It's something much more powerful... and deadly."

Sensing an overwhelming amount of killing intent, Choy's instincts took over and he sent an arc of fire flying at him. The robed figure mirrored Choy's movements exactly and the fire arc's angle slightly altered, just enough to harmlessly pass by. Choy blinked in surprise, and in that instant his eyes were closed the stranger was gone. Suddenly Choy became a fountain of blood as his body was cut to ribbons. But just as quickly he was unharmed. The firebender fell to his knees as he tried in vain to catch his breath.

"What did you do to me?" Choy asked.

"I killed you." The robed man said, "Then I erased that moment from history."

"What are you?" Choy asked.

"My name is Onaga the Master of Fear." Onaga declared. "Although that being said I can't seem to decipher your fears."

"That's because I've run out of things to fear." Choy said as he stood, his voice no longer shaking.

"Oh, I can't find your fears and you've already recovered?" Onaga said, "The Author must like you. Anyway I hear you're looking for the kid who passed by yesterday."

"Yeah supposedly he brought home a dying soldier." Choy responded trying to place what Onaga meant by "the Author".

"Yes that would be Jei, good kid." Onaga confirmed, "Such a shame too all the people here have to do is ask real nicely and I might've brought the kid back, but I digress. So you want me to help you find the boy? Genesis I believe his name was. "

Choy stared at Onaga trying to decide whether he should accept his help... or cut him down where he stood.

Genesis slumped against a fallen tree trunk as he decided to stop for a small meal. Thanks to the villagers, he now had a small cauldron that he could cook some stew in. Genesis poured a small amount of water in and threw in some bits of meat and some herbs, before lighting the fire with a small energy blast. Once the stew began to boil Genesis scooped himself a bowl and began eating. While he ate a small rat scampered up to Genesis and looked like it wanted some food. Against his better judgment Genesis plucked out a bit of meat and gave it to the small creature.

As the rat nibbled on the meat Genesis scooped himself another bowl. As he moved the spoon toward his mouth the rat stood on its hind legs and said, "Thanks."

Genesis immediately dropped his bowl and spoon and shot up onto his feet, eyes bulging at the talking rodent. Then he heard a roaring laughter.

"Man that one never gets old!" Onaga said emerging from the shadows.

"Who the hell are you?" Genesis asked creating a ball of energy in his hands.

"Well that's a fine way to greet a stranger." Onaga said not answering Genesis' question. "Yeesh that makes two people today with no manners. First that firebender guy now you."

"Firebender?" Genesis asked while subconsciously putting more energy into his attack.


Onaga "kills" Genesis

"Yeah the one that's following you." Onaga said pulling out a knife. "He hired me to do this." Onaga tossed the knife directly at Genesis. The blade moved so fast Genesis didn't even have time to blink before the blade dug itself into his forehead. The next moment Genesis fell to his knees, gasping for air as Onaga twirled the knife between his fingers. "I never get tired of that."

"What the hell?" Genesis asked as he mirrored exactly what Choy did a few short hours ago.

"You're an energybender correct?" Onaga asked, "A master of one of the oldest forms of bending. Well I have mastered the ability to bend reality to my will." Onaga stalked toward Genesis and grabbed him by his collar and pulled him to his feet. "What say you and I play a game of hide and seek?"

Genesis heard nothing past that point as he tried will his body to move. "Come on Genesis move, don't just stand there like an idiot. This guy will kill you if you don't get the hell out of here." A tiny ball of energy formed in Genesis' palm as Onaga rambled on about his little game of hide and seek. Genesis thrust the ball onto the ground, kicking up dust and creating a smokescreen. Onaga let go of Genesis in surprise and the energybender stumbled away from the "Master of Fear" as quickly as he could.

Genesis pulled himself up a tree in order to get a better view of his surroundings. It was several minutes since he'd escaped Onaga and the pale skinned man hadn't moved from his spot. As Genesis was about to climb down and sneak away he heard the sound of laughter, his brother's laughter. Genesis leapt from his spot on the tree and surprisingly landed without a sound. Genesis rushed toward the sound of the laughter and he found himself in a small clearing, with Rev sitting in the center, laughing at nothing.

"Rev is that you?" Genesis asked. His brother ignored him. "What are you doing here?" Before Genesis could react Rev launched an energy wave that slammed Genesis into a tree's trunk.

"What's wrong Gen?" Rev asked rising to his feet, "You sound disappointed that I'm here."

"What are you talking about?" Genesis asked pushing off the tree.

"Just then, you sounded like you were disappointed that I survived." Rev stated before asking, "Why did you abandon us Gen? Why did you let our parents die?" Rev grabbed Genesis and started punching him in his face. "Why did you run?" Rev held his hand up and a giant ball of energy grew in his palm. "I'm here to bring you home!"

Genesis watched in horror as Rev threw the ball at him. When he tried to run he found his legs wouldn't move. He looked down to see what was wrong and saw two pairs of rotting hands holding on to his ankles. As the giant ball slowly approached, two faces emerged from the ground and continued to hold him in place. Before Genesis knew it the rotting corpses of his mother and father restrained him.

"Time to come home baby." His mother rasped in his ear as the ball consumed the entire clearing.

Genesis screamed as he found himself in the clearing, alone. Or so he thought.

"Energybender." A voice that made Genesis' blood both boil and run cold called from behind him. Genesis turned and stared into the cold eyes of Choy, who stood with both his swords drawn.

Meanwhile not far from Genesis' location a single earthbender wandered through the woods. As he walked the bugs of the forest constantly bit, buzzed around, and generally annoyed the middle-aged man. Then his foot plunged into a deep puddle of murky water and mud, sinking to his shoulders. As soon as he pulled himself out the earthbender muttered to him self.

"Those damn Spirits had better be right or so help me I' m going to... No, no calm down Fut. The spirits haven't lied to you yet." Fut then continued walking. "But I had better find this kid soon. What was his name? Oh yeah, Genesis."

Onaga watched in delight as Genesis battled his illusion of Choy. But as he watched he never shook the feeling he was being watched.

"What are you doing over here?" he asked turning his head slightly. "The fight's over there guys."

Choy leapt in the air and quickly descended slashing at Genesis. The energybender moved aside and watched as the firebender's blades sliced cleanly through the tree trunk. Genesis then fired an energy ball at Choy who turned and batted it aside with one of his blades. Choy then charged forward bring one blade down and sweeping the other across. Genesis sidestepped the blade coming down and ducked under the sweeping blade. Genesis then blasted a straight and narrow energy beam through Choy's hest sending him flying.

Genesis waited a full minute and the body didn't move. Finally he got up and moved to check the body. Choy's body had a fairly good-sized hole in his chest where his heart used to be. Then Genesis watched in horror as the hole began to heal itself. Before he knew it Choy's injury was gone and the firebender's foot swept Genesis' legs out from under him.

"Spoiler alert." Onaga whispered as Choy joined the hilts of his katanas together, forming a double blade. Choy spun the newly formed double blade above his head and prepared to bring the blades down.

"Banzai!" Fut yelled as he dropped from a tree. Upon landing he shot a large earth spike out of the ground and impaled Choy, pinning him to a tree.

"Hmm. Should've seen that coming." Onaga said upon feeling a vice grip on his shoulder. Onaga turned to face two people, a man and a woman whom Onaga knew very well. The man wore all black robes and possessed snow-white hair, while the woman, his twin sister wore pure white robes and had black hair. "I wondered when you two would show up. Tui and La, Almost forgot today was the solstice."

"Onaga, 'They' want to see you." Tui said while her brother pulled them into the Spirit World.

Genesis watched as the strange earthbender offered him some assistance to his feet.

"No I got it." Genesis said rising to his feet. "Is he dead?" "Should be." The earthbender said. No sooner had the words left his mouth than Choy's body started convulsing and dissolving. The watched as the body turned to nothing. "Hmm that was interesting."

"Very," Genesis agreed warily. "Who are you again?"

"Oh, my bad. The names Fut." The earthbender introduced himself.

Meanwhile back in the town Choy sat on a porch waiting for Onaga's return. Strangely a piece of paper floated to the ground in front of him. Choy picking it up and read, "Sorry."

"Shit!" Choy yelled before breaking into a sprint.


Onaga is a meta character, meaning he is aware that he is a fictional character. This is why he makes references to "The Author", aka me, and constantly breaks the fourth wall.

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