By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Aside from the normal animals and plants, these are the fauna and flora that will appear in series of Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Fauna and Flora of Planet Maklu-4

Most of fauna and flora of Planet Maklu-4 are bird-like reptile called dinosaurs and other kind of animals like insect and fish.

List of Fauna

  • Tarbosaurus - The gigantic dinosaurs that are top predator of the planet.
  • Protoceratop - The small dinosaurs that have shield at the head.
  • Velociraptor - The cleverest and the fastest the dinosaurs of the planet.
  • Titanosaur - The biggest plant-eating dinosaurs of the planet.
  • Phobosuchus - The gigantic crocodiles that lurking and swimming under the rivers and the lakes.
  • Falconfly - The insects that ruled the sky of the planet.
  • Ammonite - The squids that have shell and most abandon creatures in the sea.
  • Ginsu Shark - The gigantic sharks that hunt the Ammonite.
  • Reef Glider - The slug that evolved to have fins to swimming.

List of Flora

  • Red Reef - The underwater plants that lived at the warm parts of the sea.
  • Mega-Tree - The most abundant trees on land.
  • Romilia - The plants that have the water at the center of its.

Fauna and Flora of Planet Symbria

Most of the fauna and flora of Planet Symbria are high evolutionary creatures.

List of Fauna 

In the Lichen Forest 

  • Megasquid - The gigantic squid that ruled the Lichen Forest.
  • Squibbon - The small squid that act like monkey.
  • Slithersucker - The slime mold that are distance related to the Symbiote.
  • Forest Flish - The small flying fishes that flying around the forest.

In the Vast Ocean 

  • Common Silver Swimmer - The silver shrimps that swimming near the surface of the ocean.
  • Sword Silver Swimmer - The brown shrimps that have long sword-like that use to kills prey.
  • Ocean Flish - The flying fishes that flying on the sky of the ocean.
  • Rainbow Squid - The biggest squids on the planet.
  • Sharkopath - The sharks that hunt as pack.

In the Black Desert 

  • Desert Hopper - The snails that have leg.
  • Terabyte - The insects that are he greatest survivors in the Black Desert.
  • Gloomworm - The worms that live in the underwater cave under the Black Desert.
  • Garden Worm - The worms that have relationship with plant that grow on its body.
  • Slickribbon - The largest worm of the planet.
  • Bumblebeetle - The insects that will do everything to laid eggs in carcass of Ocean Flish.

List of Flora 

  • Lichen Tree - The largest and tallest trees of the planet.
  • Death Bottle - The plants that eat the Desert Hopper.
  • Desert Bush - The plants that are food of the Desert Hopper.

Fauna and Flora of Skrullos Moon

Most of fauna and flora of Skrullos Moon are high evolutionary creatures that (most) are evolved from swimming in the water to gliding, floating and flying in the atmosphere.

List of Fauna

  • Stalker - The ruthless hunter bird-like insects.
  • Skywhale - The gentle flying whales.
  • Helibug - The insects scavenger that feed on carcass of the Skywhales
  • Giant Kite - The giant jellyfish-like creature that floating in the sky.
  • Pagoda Devil - The slug-like animal with tentacles that rest on the Pagoda Tree with its ghost-like web.

List of Flora

  • Pagoda Tree - The most abandon plants of Skrullos Moon.
  • Balloon Plant - The plants that have balloon that filled with hydrogen.

Fauna and Flora in the Negative Zone

Most of fauna and flora in the Negative Zone are bugs, insects, fishes, squids and amphibian. They are the animals from Arthrosia, the Arthrosian Homeworld. Arthrosian replaced every animals of the other planets with their native animals.

List of Animals

  • Orthocone - The giant squid that can both swim in the water and fly in the air and space.
  • Eurypterid - The giant sea/space scorpion that dominant the whole dimension.
  • Ichthyostega - The large amphibian that lived in every planets that have swamps.
  • Astraspis - The fish-like creature that swimming everywhere in the Negative Zone.
  • Trilobite - The small armored creature that lived everywhere in the Negative Zone.

List of Plants

  • Land Reef - The reef on land on every planets in the Negative Zone.
  • Algea Tree - The tree that lived on every planets in the Negative Zone.

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