Chapter Nine
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January 31, 2014

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The next following day, Henry still hadn't returned. The animals all were convinced that Henry was at the hospital, except for Horn, whom actually saw the real writing on the truck. He told Tyler and Red this, whom also told the animals. He had grown attached to the dynamic duo, and the duo same. As the weather became warmer, becoming the very end of winter, the trio were becoming rather edgy over the running away act as the weather is becoming more suitable.

One day though, All the animals were over by the house, brought up by Shawn. This wasn't exactly from Spike's orders, but Spike didn't bother. Shawn was sad, sniffing his snout as tears were seen down his face as a reef was laying in front of him.

"Oh Henry...He wasn't able to make it through...Let us all remember what he had said before he had left..." Shawn sobbed. All the animals were miserable as light snow blanketed the reef. Horn however did have a few question, not liking Spike still. Yes, he was sad that Henry was gone but he was still feeling suspicious over the boar-q-pine.

"Shawn? Maybe now is time you started talking."

"Excuse me? Talk about what?"

"About that truck. That wasn't for the hospital! It's for the slaughterer!!" Horn announced. Everyone gasped in complete shock over this, even Shawn, which was weird.

"That's what was said on the truck?"

"Yes! That trader called in to get rid of your strongest worker," Horn theorized. He wasn't exact but had enough clues to put it together. Shawn though for a bit and then remembered something told to him.

"Oh yeah. Well I guarantee you it was the hospital. The trader said they didn't have enough ambulances (whatever that is) so they had to use a different truck that was previously owned to the slaughterer. Our leader would NEVER send our most valuable worker away like that!" Shawn explained. Horn still wasn't too convinced on this, but the others were least they were until Red put in "Are you sure he didn't lie to you?" Shawn was confused, and had to think...he didn't have an answer for that.

"...tell you what? I'll send the messenger hawk to the Ba Sing Se hospital and ask them about the matter okay? This way well make sure we weren't shanghaied. Okay?" Shawn concluded. The animals agreed to that answer as Shawn went back in the house. Spike however heard everything and was already on it. He too was confused on the matter...but then again, only Horn saw what was on the truck and no one else. However he sent the bird anyway later on at sunset.

A few days past, and still no reply. All the animals were waiting on the matter. One point though Tyler sat up on his main area of the tallest building to look out onto the land. The fire ferret was joined by a few remaining Turkey ducks, whom was his only company up there. However, as he looked out, he saw the messenger hawk fly into the Pig house.

"The messenger hawk is back."

"Wonder what they said." One of the ducks added. The hawk didn't come out for a while until after a few minutes. Tyler started to climb down but stopped when he noticed something odd from the field nearby the pig house. There were some pigs in the field, but they were acting kind of funny. They kept rearing on their hind legs for no apparent reason, as if trying to balance. Each time they kept landing on their faces and Tyler saw it pretty funny.

"Now that's funny. there's something to tell the animals in the farmhouse," Tyler said, a few giggles added in as he kept going down. Being a ferret, he can balance on his hind legs pretty easy, so seeing the pigs failing to stand gave him a good chuckle.


That night, Tyler was still thinking about what he had seen. He only told Red about it, and they both kept it to themselves. That night though, Something managed to awake them both.

"What's that?"

"I dunno. Maybe those pigs are stumbling again," Tyler said. They both chuckled on that but the curious side of them made them get out of the farm. What can be going on this time of night? The duo, without waking the others, started to hear the noise coming from the village again. Neither of them can see through the window though.

"Hey Red, give me a boost," Tyler said. Red, being slightly taller than Tyler, allowed him to climb up on his antlers to see...what he saw stunned him.

Inside were the pigs. Shawn, Spike, and the others were enjoying a party. They all were looking very different now. They wore different accessories from the humans, were drinking bottles of whiskey, and overall having a good time. Tyler saw spike wearing a top hat, showing he's the head. The oddest thing of all...they were all on two legs! All that flopping around all day were them practicing their two-legged balancing.

"What do you see?" Red asked. But Tyler was too stunned to reply at first. This is just too new, too fast. Eventually he came to his senses and got off Red.

"It's the pigs, they're having a party in there."

"A party? Why are they having one?"

"Beats me but that's not the oddest thing. It's their behaviour." Tyler was going to keep explaining but suddenly they heard the door behind them open! They turned to the door fast and saw Spike walk out! He was on two legs, but had a glazed look in his eyes. He looked completely freakish on his two legs, much taller anyway, but his balance is a little off.

"What are you doing here?" He asked through a drunken voice. They knew drunk when they see it.

"Uh, nothing sir! We just were passing by that's all!" Red said, worried sick. However Spike looked rather relaxed and loopy in the head as he gave the fox antelope a noogie.

"Now now man! *hic* this is a party. Here you are!" he said. Odd thing he gave them both an apple, 3 each! This is entirely new, especially from Spike. They were glad he wasn't mad, but he was drunk so they can't be too sure.

"Gee. Thanks Spike," Tyler said. This is rather suspicious though, but he and Red took their apples the best they could and tried going back to the house. Spike, being too drunk to care, just shrugged it off and went back inside. Before they went in, they dropped off their apples inside and went to look over the commandments again. Even if they were changed, this is violating one. The now known "No animal shall drink the whiskey over pleasure" one. It wasn't changed, still there.

"That's odd. I thought they followed this one for sure." Tyler said. Red merely nodded, still having the drunken pig's look locked in memory. Before they can continue to process this turn of events...


They bolted around and saw Shawn, now drunken and barely balancing on his twos too, right behind them.

"What are you doing back here? I told you not to wait up." By the sound of it, Shawn's even more drunk them Spike is. Shawn groaned and walked past, into the nearby shed. Red and Tyler decided now it's a good time to go back, and they began walking away.

"Well that's random." Tyler said.

"Yeah...but it sure is funny the way he was walkin'." They both laughed but stopped when they turned back to see Shawn up a ladder. They weren't sure what is going on right now but they soon got their answer...He's altering the commandments right in front of them! Taking a brush, he began writing out letters over the second commandment. The odd humming of non sensible music passed the drunken hybrid's snout as he tried writing the letters out. Suddenly they both saw him losing balance on the ladder!

"Uh oh." Red said, as they both ran over. They tried to catch him, but Shawn fell fast from the top of the ladder, right onto the fire ferret!

"Tyler!" Red gasped. Lucky Tyler wasn't too hurt as he pulled himself out. The paint can up there spilled in the ground, which no longer had snow right now. Shawn was fazed but still kept humming that tune of his.

"No wonder were not allowed to drink that stuff," Red said.

"Yeah. That stuff's Vaatu water," added Tyler. they both decided to head back to the barnhouse before anyone showed up, both thinking he'll be fine in the morning.


That same morning, they both woke up feeling better, and ate their apples before going back outside. There wasn't any noise now from the pigs. Horn, whom didn't attend the party, got out himself and let out a good yawn.

"Morning everybody. Sleep well?" Horn asked.

"Yeah. Wish I can say for the pigs though," Red replied.

"What do you mean?"

"You didn't hear anything last night? The pigs had a crazy party last night, and I'm sure they're fast asleep." Tyler said. That reminded them of Shawn from before. Later on, they both went over to still find Shawn on the ground where he landed. He isn't dead, but he was groaning in pain. As they were, the goat dog came up later on.

"Shawn, there you are. It's Spike, he said he's dying," he informed.

"...So am I..." Shawn groaned. The goat dog turned to Tyler and red. The goat dog went away afterwards, Tyler and Red doing the same thing. As the weather warmed, it was becoming painfully obvious that they have to run away soon. Otherwise the farm will be overrun by two-legged drunken pigs.

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