Chapter Eight
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January 31, 2014

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Winter continued onward, now nearing the end of it. However, it was the harshest part of winter now. The windmill still needed to be finished and they were on that. Henry was still working his hours, still with his "I'll work harder" saying as an excuse. Not only that, now the trading still continued. The turkey ducks killed weren't everyone so there were still some left. Since the pygmy pumas can't bite through the turtle duck's shell however, Spike decided to simply banish those of the guilty, similar to Crow's banishment. Speaking of Crow, no one knew exactly what happened to him now. Spike and Shawn had most animals agreed that he is a backstabber. Things went on as it has been. The pigs getting more food than the animals, and Horn sharing his rations with the others. Spike found this out however and didn't give Horn any food, for reasons he did not say.

One night though changed everything. late one night, after all the animals had went off to bed, Henry was still continuing his schedule, working much later. He was the only animal out, except for Spike himself, whom was intrigued with his devotion.

"Good work Henry. With your work, we'll have that windmill done in no time," Spike said. Henry was happy to oblige but Spike can see something wrong with him. He can tell by the look on the animal's face that he's struggling. Henry didn't care for his body strength, and was still trying his best. The snow on the ground made it hard to keep a grip though, as he nearly slipped a few times while hauling the largest boulders. There was a pull lever system now, to help pull large boulders in place near the top. Henry got the rock in a noose and started trying to pull it high up. It was hard to do it, very hard. Adding to exhaustion, the slippery snow, and the lack of footing made it torturous to him. Spike sat there watching this and began to actually feel sorry for him. He didn't order him to push himself like this, but as long as the work was being done, he might as well not stop him. Henry however was in pain. The buffalo yak pulled the boulder higher and higher up from the ground to its was too much.

Everything happened so fast. In one final yank of the rope, not only did Henry loose his footing completely, but the weight of the boulder caused the rope to snap! The giant rock plummeted down to earth as Henry collapsed on the snow...he was at mercy to the deadly boulder that shattered on his head. Spike looked away at the last second as he heard the boulder his the ground. When he looked again, he could see his best worker on the ground, the fragments of the boulder surrounding the head. The boar-q-pine looked him over, he was still alive but unconscious. Spike sighed, and went back to the barn.


2 weeks had passed, and Henry had become conscious again. However the injury had took its toll, and made him very weak. Now he was unable to work, all he can do is lay in his stall, a blanket over his back so he wouldn't get cold. One day, Horn came in to see him.

"Hey. How are you feeling?" Horn asked, very concerned. Henry raised his head to look at him.

"I'm feeling all right...I'm so sorry," Henry said. He knew about his inspiration to the other animals. And if he can't work, the inspiration can't go on for much longer.

"Don't feel bad Henry. It's not your fault. You tried your best and you know it."

"And now I can't continue...The only thing left now is to wait for Vaatu to take me away."

"Don't say that! You will pull through this, I promise you!" Horn said in shock. This is a big step for Henry to even consider this, let alone say it aloud. A few minutes later, Shawn came in. He was still Spike's messenger as time went on, yet he bizarrely gave the buffalo yak an apple, and a bucket of milk. Henry wasn't so sure why, he wasn't given any of these before.

"We all heard about your tragedy, Henry. And spike thought it would only be fair to give you this," he explained.

"No. I couldn't," Henry said. Although he was headstrong, he isn't vain. So taking a big reward wasn't his thing.

"Well you have to take something. Ever since the accident, you didn't eat anything for days. Please take this," Shawn insisted. Henry still didn't want to really, but since they insisted, and he was hungry, he took it. Shawn was glad he was eating again.

"Hey Shawn? Did Spike figure out what to do with Henry yet?" Horn asked.

"No. But you remember the trader right? He heard about our trouble and has agreed to take Henry to the hospital. I know it's-"

"Not exactly right I know...but are you sure the trader is telling the truth? He is a human."

"I'm sure of it. I saw him myself contact the hospital and they schedule him for this afternoon," Shawn said. Horn can tell if he was lying or not, but this time he was more sincere. Henry lowered his head after drinking the milk. He personally didn't think it'll help but he didn't say it. The last thing he wanted to do is turn everyone down. The cow pig just turned away.

"Well, I hope you're right...for his sake," He sighed, as he turned and walked away. Shawn left too, leaving Henry with the milk and apples in front of him. Henry can sense something sneaking around in his pen and looked around until he saw a little elephant shrew scurry out. They had been more active since the humans left but were still very skittish. Henry, being kind-hearted, decide to lend his last apple to the shrew, whom happily took it and scurried away.

Later on that afternoon, the farm was visited by a large stall truck. There aren't that many in the time of the Avatar but they're still useful overall. All the animals, even Spike himself, went outside to see off Henry. Henry, using whatever strength he had left, got up and began walking to the truck. However, he noticed the letters on the opening doors spelled out something...and it didn't seem to spell hospital. He can't entirely read but was taught a few words. One of which wasn't whatever was spelled out. He heard the animals wishing him well, but Henry didn't care. However he had one message he had to say.

"Everyone...I appreciated all your support...but I have my doubt. So if I ever do end up not making it...just promise me none of you will give up. The last thing I want to know before leaving to the Spirit World, is to see you all in depression," Henry felt a tear go down his face as he looked up to the sky.

"Mel...I'm coming..." he said aloud. It had been a long time since Mel's name was ever said as he turned and went in the truck. The men ignored the animals as they closed the doors...that's when Horn saw it.


"What's wrong?" Shawn asked, standing next to him.

"The truck! Read will you?" Horn said. But before anyone can take time to, the truck already started moving. As soon as it was out of the gate, the cow pig rocketed out after it. It was the fastest anyone ever seen him run. He kept screaming for Henry to get out but the buffalo yak already knew from the start that this was least he had time to say it. As the truck took him away for good...

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