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A few nights after the new commitment was made by Spike to the ducks, they all gathered over by the commandments. They all remember something Mel had said about their eggs being stolen. Isn't that what Spike is doing basically?

Later on that night, the pigs were off asleep in the house. Since it was passed, the turkey duck and turtle duck eggs were kept in a cellar area in the main house. None of the animals knew this except the pigs, since they were pretty much in charge of the farm now. They all were sound asleep until suddenly a large crash woke them up. Spike was down there first to inspect the damage. Turns out the only damage was a jar of jam, now shattered on the floor.

"Shawn? Tell one of the pigs to clean this up will you?" Spike asked. Shawn agreed and went off to tell the pigs while the Boar-q-pine fallowed an odd set of duck prints trailing away from the jam. Spike kept following until it lead him back to the barnhouse. He hadn't been in the barnhouse for a long time now, not having a reason to. He walked inside to find a turtle duck, still laying on her eggs. Spike can tell what happened now. He and the pigs got all the eggs already yesterday, none of the ducks had any eggs left...except for the turtle duck here. Spike tried getting one of the eggs but the duck kept pecking his face each time he got too close. The other pigs came in after and tried to do the same, getting the same result. Spike was especially annoyed.

"You better move," Spike growled.



"I don't care what you think of the commandments, I refuse to lend over my children to a hypocrite like you!" The turtle duck mother snapped. Spike was actually surprised, none of the animals had acted like this before, especially a weak animal like the turtle duck.

"First of all, I'm surprised you even know what hypocrite means. Second, I'm not simply asking for the eggs, now hand them over!" Spike warned. The duck refused to move. Spike was about to pull her out when Shawn looked up and noticed the turkey ducks up there. He nudged Spike to look just as they all suddenly were ambushed!

Almost at once, the ducks sacrificed their own child eggs, knocking them off the balcony and onto the swine! The pigs all ran out after the raining eggs as spike marched out angrily with egg on his face. After shaking the egg off he called for his puma guards...the night became filled with screams and attacks...


Later on that night, Spike called on a meeting that all the animals were expected to attend. They all took their usual seats except for the turkey ducks and turtle ducks whom were in their own group in a clearing. They all were scared witless, especially the turkey ducks since they don't have a turtle shell to protect them. Spike was extremely angry among the pigs, and the only one who didn't attend was Horn, whom just sat outside the door.

"A lethal crime had occurred tonight. These ducks aren't smart enough to advise this plan alone...I know one of you is in on it. Come up! And CONFESS!!" Spike's voice was almost shattering as it went around the animals ears...none of them moved at first...until a set of hooves was heard walking over to the center of the room...a koala sheep. Not only that, one of the fox antelopes (not Red) also came over. Spike waited for someone else to come out, but no one did. He gave a signal to his pygmy pumas and they ushered the guilty outside. None of them knew exactly what happened, but Horn (whom was already outside) saw everything. He even saw a single vulture hawk from the top of the barn turn away as sounds of dying creatures were heard...they were all executed for the crimes.

Spike walked out afterwards as Horn told everyone the bad news. Spike was about to enter the village when they all started singing that anthem again. Spike walked back and immediately told them "That's enough. The revolution was now ceased, the song no longer has any meaning. Anyone found singing it aloud is death."...that was enough to keep everyone quiet.


The next morning, Horn, Tyler and red all went over to the commandments. They were sure this time that a commandment was against killing animals, commandment 6...but now it says "No animal shall kill another animal without cause."

"What? That's not right, that's not what it said before," Horn said. Tyler and Red looked at each other with despair...this is too much. The winter air still carried the rotten meat of the executed.

"That's it. Red, you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tyler asked.

"Yeah. Let's get outta here," Red replied. They both started walking to the gate when Horn blocked their way.

"Where are you going?"

"Anywhere that's not here. Ever since Spike took control, things became just as bad as with Limber, if not worse! So red and I decided to run away while we can." Tyler explained.

"Yeah. If we are to avoid people for the longest time, it's not here. Now let's go Tyler." Red and Tyler both walked past Horn as he was thinking. He didn't like the ruling any better than the other two did.

"...then take me with you." The duo stopped as Horn caught up.

"Excuse me?"

"I don't like this ruling ether. I wanna join you in Leaving limber Farm...however, the winter is already going through so it's a bit too risky right now," Horn said. He did have a point.

"I guess...but when can we leave?"

"Well the winter is too harsh to survive right now. But we only have a few months left of winter before spring so as soon as the weather warms up, we can go. Deal?" Horn asked, leading out his hoof. Tyler and Red discussed it privately for a bit before they came back, shaking his paw.


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