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All the animals that are still standing got over to the windmill as quick as they could. The windmill was completely destroyed. All the stones scattered for miles from the explosion, as if the windmill didn't even exist. The smell of smoke was in the air as black ash from the blast was seen all over the place. All the animals were in dismay, never before had they felt so defeated. Spike walked back and fourth, inspecting the damage with a rage filled gaze.

"Do you know who's responsible for this?... Do you know who destroyed our windmill?!" Spike growled in rage. He may be angry but he was still smart. He wanted Crow to be seen as a perfect criminal rather than a hero. He was just about to speak when Tyler and Red both notice something not too far away... a body... but not just any animal body.

"HEY! Over here!" Tyler called. They were a bit far away so a good yell was loud enough for the animals to hear. Spike was gonna yell at Tyler for the interruption when they all saw the body... the body. Of Mr. Limber himself! Mr. Limber was barely alive, if even considered alive. His body was burning, not moving. The man stank of whiskey, a sign that he was drunk when the explosion occurred. Only Horn and Henry came over as everyone else stayed at the windmill. Also the man's arm appeared to be missing, probably blown off. His one working eye fixated to the animals hovering over him before his eyes closed. Even though they don't like him, it was still rather hard to watch him go. They got back to spike a few minutes later, only to hear him say "Crow! The criminal and enemy against Limber Farm! He thinks he can ruin our work so quickly?"

"Wait a minute! What about Mr. Limber?" Horn asked.

"He has nothing to do with this!"

"But he's right over there! Look!" Horn then pointed over to Mr. Limber's dead body. Spike didn't notice that it was Mr. Limber's body there. Lucky for him, Shawn already had an alibi.

"Mr. Limber?... So that's the accomplice to Crow. Crow sent in our old enemy to destroy our windmill so he won't get caught. Impressive. Now Crow has earned a death sentence," Shawn said boldly. Now everyone didn't say anything. They don't know what to think... but one thing is sure... they have a lot of work ahead of them.


Ever since this battle, now known as the Battle of Flames, the animals on the farm were working a lot more than usual for less. 3 months had past through like clockwork, and the autumn was starting to end, and the cold brisk winter begin. Harvest was harder to keep, the weather made everyone more tired, and worst of all, the windmill was still unfinished. Not only the weather, but also during the battle, 5 animals were killed. Two of which were among the gemsbok bulls, and one was a hippo cow. This setback made it even more unbearable.

The food setback didn't help the situation. Due to the shortage of food, all the animals were to eat much less. The pigs though were given plenty of food, much more than the others. Horn, being among the pigs, were invited to the feasts, but he only went to share the food he got to the other animals. He even gave his closest friends an apple and a bit of milk for their support, which was plenty generous of Horn.

The winter also started something far more suspicious, and scary. One winter morning, when Tyler woke up from his sleep. He began hearing odd noises coming from the village. There wasn't any activity except for the pigs, and this didn't sound like any pig he known of. The other animals heard it too, and they all peered around a corner of the barnhouse door... then they saw it.

The strangest thing most of them ever seen. A car. It had a wagon of sorts behind it, jars filled it up. Of course, most of the animals didn't understand this. Not even Horn understood what is going on. An unknown man then exited the vehicle. He looked rather modern, like from Republic City or something. The pygmy pumas at the door hissed until Spike calmed them down... the oddest thing then? He invited the man inside!

"What's Spike doing?" one animal asked.

"I thought mad weren't allowed here," said another animal. The biggest surprise of all, is after a few minutes later, Spike and the man walked out of the house. There were about 5 buckets of milk the other pigs were putting in the wagon as the man gave Spike a crate full of assorted jellies, and even given a bottle of whiskey!... Spike had just made a successful trade with the outside world. They all waited until the man left with the milk to exit the barnhouse. They all almost immediately ran over to the commandments. They were sure Spike broke about two to three commandments just from there. They looked it over to commandments 2 and 5. 2 stated "No animal shall drink the whiskey", but now it stated "No animal shall drink whiskey for pleasure." Then they looked at five, which originally said "No animal shall engage in trade" now saying "No animal shall engage in trade for personal gain."... What's going on? Shawn the sheep pig saw all them and pretty much startled them, coming from behind the crowd.

"Greetings fellow animals. Enjoy your sleep?" he asked, in his usual cocky voice.

"Well sure but what just happened over there? With that man and the car?" Tyler asked, urgent to know.

"So you saw that?... Sorry if I didn't make it clear sooner, but the great leader had proposed to begin trade with the outside world. Now I know what you're thinking, and yes it's a commandment as you can plainly see. However this isn't for personal gain of course. You see, due to the winter coming up, he has figured out that trade will help us gain special resources for Limber Farm. You wouldn't want to go hungry all winter would you?" The animals were confused but they all figured it is a good idea. It's better than frozen grass and rotten vegetables anyway.

"Now speaking of trade," Shawn continued, "The great leader also proposed a special role for both the Turkey duck and Turtle ducks in the form of contribution. All of your eggs. Now I'm sure you're all honoured for such a special contribution." After that was said, Shawn left. All the turkey and turtle ducks were completely sure that Mel said something about their eggs not being taken. And now this happens?! All the animals have a strange sense that something very bad was about to happen...

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