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It had been a full month since Crow was banished, but however the mill was started after all. A bit ironic, given that Spike went against it in the first place, but no one argued with him over the matter. The exact type of mill Spike had in mind was for a windmill, to harness the energy from the wind.

It was a long and slow process. All the animals, except for the pigs, were pulling large stones over to the construction site. Even the small animals, including Tyler and Red, carried and placed small rocks to fill in the holes between the large stones so it wouldn't collapse so soon after built. However the structure was very obscure, as Spike didn't understand the plans too well himself. But he improvised and just worked off what he seen. The animals all worked long shifts, often lasting all day, before being let back in the barnhouse for resting. Early in the morning, by the sound of the calling birds, it's back to work again. They didn't get as much to eat ether, and they didn't get any treats at all (in their case, fruit and milk).

Although the pigs were giving the orders, their true inspiration came from Henry. Unlike the other animals, he woke up earlier than all the other animals to start working on the windmill, and didn't stop until much later after the others were let back in. Many of his closer friends keep telling him to not push himself, he will always reply in a steady and calm voice "I'll work harder." This little reply turned into his main motto.

One day though, one of the animals made a rather strange discovery. As the goat dog left for work, he noticed the pigs (except for horn of course), actually were going into the houses. This of course, got the canine confused, and the word soon spread fast. Isn't living in a house against the rules? Some of the animals went to the main commandments and read the one that said "No animal shall live in a human house"... However, it said now "No animal shall live in a human house with humans". The letters weren't exactly right, some pointing backwards, but there it was in black and white on the barn. Shawn, Spike's second-hand and messenger, found them and explained that this was an original commandment against the humans themselves, not the houses. It didn't make much sense at first but they can assume it was apart of the rules anyway. Horn was the last to leave, most confused. He remembered well what the commandment was originally, but in the end, it did have a lot of sense to it. The houses weren't the cause of their troubles after all, it was the humans that used to live in them... But still, this is rather peculiar to him...

Despite this new rule change and explanation, the animals went on as normal, trying to handle the windmill. One rough, cloudy day though, a flying in messenger hawk told the animals the news. This new hawk was new to arrive, and became an regular updater to the outside world. Today though, the news will change the farm work for good... The message?... the humans are coming!

It wasn't long before they all noticed. A group of firebenders, 15 strong, were coming to rid the farm of these rebellious animals. Tyler was the one that found Spike and told him the news personally.

"WHAT?! The humans are back?!" Spike said, sounding urgent.

"Yes sir. we just got the news, and what's worse, they're all firebenders!"

"Firebenders?... well they chose a bad day to raid. the clouds will weaken the firebending, since it blocked out the sun. Shawn, alert the troops! Were about to get some action." And Shawn immediately went out and told the instructions to the animals.

By the time the firebenders arrived at their "front door", they couldn't see any animals anywhere. The first original firebender, whom now had rather deformed hands thanks to Spike, was also there. The main plan really was a full scale charge, straight at them as soon as they got to the barnhouse. Tyler and Red both considered hiding out again but Spike forbade it. They need everyone's support this time.

The firebenders patrolled the area, searching for any sign of an animal to dispose of. Each bender looked around until the group got close to the barn... then Spike gave the signal.

All of a sudden, the strongest animals of the farm charged forward, followed by the other animals. Oddly though, Spike didn't come out of the house this time, watching from the window. Unlike before, this one was much more dangerous. The blasts of fire shown from miles around as the animals ran helter skelter to both avoid the flames and attack the humans. The humans are going on harder and harder than before. Spike was seeing things aren't going in his favour so he called out his guards. The pygmy pumas!

Immediately the felines attacked three of the benders, slashing them like mad. The extra attack power was making it rather vague towards the benders. More and more were being beaten, until finally, after an entire hour of abuse... the humans retreated.

All the animals cheered in approval, and Spike looked down in pride. the farm was safe once more. His smile beamed across the barn... but then the unspeakable... Everyone stopped cold and turned in the same direction... as the windmill was suddenly exploded...

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