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Weeks went on by since the battle of share was taken place on the Limber farm, and much of the animals were doing much better than they used to. During this time though, the animals were taking in on human chores (such as tending the fields, milking the hippo cows, and so on). Crow gave the animals the instructions and they sort it out for themselves. Only Tyler was a bit worried on the matter. If he remembered correctly, Old Mel said that they mustn't come to resemble man in ANY way. Is working like man a bit close on that? He kept that thought in the back of his mind though, as Crow told him that this is for themselves instead for someone else. Plus it is distributed among everyone, which humans only done with other humans so Tyler kept that out of his mind.

The thought of running away thought still stuck to him and Red, and one day they sat down and looked at the entrance to the farm.

"Still considering running away Tyler?" Red asked at one point.

"Well it's tempting. But now I'm not so sure. The humans are gone now, and we can roam around the farm village," Tyler said, looking out to the farm.

"Yeah, I know...How about this? We can stay around here a bit longer but if things go a bit bad, then you and I can run away. Deal?" Red extended a paw to the fire ferret as Tyler shook it. A deal's a deal, and it's been made.

Meanwhile, inside the barn, Crow and Horn were going over a special work plan. The pigs had taught themselves to read and write soon after the humans left, and now Crow and Horn had took it upon themselves to draw out special plans for the future of the Limber farm. Crow had liked working with Horn. Not only are hey close friends, but they have many of the same ideas they both agree on. In fact, Crow already made plans for Horn to be his successor if something were to happen to him, and the news spread fast over that. The plan, as strange and shocking as it sounds, is to build a mill, to harness electrical power to the farm. This surely is a big step for fauna but Crow is sure that it can help out the animals here.

Although Crow had been thinking on power, Spike too had been considering...but not the power Crow had in mind. The Boar-q-pine had been taking care of the kittens ever since he explored the houses, and now they had grown up, enough to be weaned of milk anyway. Just as Spike had thought, the kittens were Pygmy pumas, a type of feral cat, and vicious hunter. But since Spike raised them, they see him as a caretaker, and master. Spike looked through a hole in the coop, keeping the pumas quiet. The coop connected to the farm where Crow is working, and now he was just finished with the plans. Just like Tyler, Spike too thought this was a rather big step but he can use it to his advantage.


That same day, a meeting was called into the barn. There had been a few meetings lately over the past few weeks, often the more clever animals making any announcements. Crow and Horn both got to their platform so they can see all the animals on the farm. Everyone seemingly arrived, except for Spike. The plans were rolled out and shown to the animals. None of them except for the pigs made sense of it at all, all the crazy lines, curves and zig zags messed around with them. Only crow truly knew the plan inside and out, him making them after all.

"Animals! I propose a new project, and improvement, to Limber farm," Crow started. The animals agreed to keep the original name to the farm, as reminding them of nature more than Mr. Limber. Crow stepped aside so everyone can see.

"I propose the start of the project for our new mill to be built. Yes it is a lot of work to do, but I assure you it would be a great improvement to our lives. It would mean warmth during winter, more time to rest and less time of work. I promise you comrades, when were done with our mill, it would promise a three day week!" The animals applauded the explanation, and the thought of a better life got to all of them until suddenly, Spike walked in, hearing the cheering. He stopped the applause with a blunt "Liar!" Crow felt insulted.

"A two day week!"


"A ONE-DAY WEEK!" Crow announced crossly. Spike knew he can't top that so well and the animals agree with him...there was only one thing left to do...Spike gave a snort of disapproval as he turned around.

What happened next was unspeakable. Out of nowhere Spike gave a loud squeal, in a high pitch no one heard him do before. He kept doing it for a full 3 seconds. The squeal reached the pumas' ears and they ran out, right into the barn! The deadly felines scared the heck out of everyone, but they all only were after one target: Crow. In panic and total shock, The rooster pig jumped up and out of the way, only getting his tail feathers slashed at by a puma's claws. Crow quickly bolted out a notch in the barn as the pumas fallowed in full flight. The chase was watched with horrified eyes as they saw Crow run out of Limber farm, the pumas still running after him...he was out of sight after about 20 minutes, as Spike watched with an oddly satisfied look. the pumas didn't come back until 30 minutes later. One of the pumas turned to Spike and gave a slow nod, as if something had been done. Spike walked past the other animals and sat down where Crow used to be, fallowed by the Sheep pig, whom was named Shawn. In just under an hour, the power has been shifted, now Spike took over the leader post. Tyler and Red both looked at each other in dismay.

"Crow is a traitor! What was he really planning? bring back the humans," Spike stated, to get the reason out of the way.

"But wasn't he who fought during the battle of share?" One of the animals asked. Spike honestly didn't expect a question like that so soon. But lucky for him, Shawn already was over there.

"He may have fought during that battle, but since then, he has been giving messages back to the humans to plan a second attack! Have you all noticed how these past few weeks Crow hardly ever leaves the barn house?" Shawn asked. Although Spike didn't show it, he was relieved that Shawn had an alibi strait away. Then Tyler looked to the plans and asked, "And the plans?"

"The great Spike had helped in making these plans. In fact, it was his own idea. Crow stole his plans to fool you animals to keeping him around. Now I know what you're all thinking. And yes, this is a bit of a step from not resembling the humans, but if this mill wasn't built. We all would be frozen during the winter. Now I'm sure you don't want Spike's brilliant plan to go to waste do you? Do you really want Crow back and risk the humans to return, and wipe us all out?" Shawn had single-handedly made Spike from bad to good in just 5 minutes. Spike was VERY impressed with Shawn, and he hardly had any relations with the sheep pig. Tyler and Red were still rather vague but they didn't want the humans back anymore than everyone else do so they didn't say anymore. None of them question why Spike went against the plans.

Spike happily invited Shawn up with him as he went on saying "Now. Here's my plan."


After the plans were explained, Spike got the animals off to start right away. He looked to Shawn and whispered "Hey. Thanks for the support."

"No problem Leader."

"Leader...I like the sound of that." The two now head hogs walked off as Tyler and Red looked at each other again. They now have some thinking over to do...

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