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The next day after the battle, which is now known as the Battle of Share, the animals are awoken to a new feeling of less restriction. The humans now gone, they aren't forced up like they used to. They all got up for the brand new day ahead.

"Wow. That was the best night ever," Tyler said, waking up from his barrel. Never before had he slept so soundly before. That's because his owner would usually wake him up beforehand. Now he felt fresh and happy. He walked out and stretched his limbs, in a way a cat would. Red woke up from the pen and went over to see him.

"Morning Tyler. Sleep well?" Red asked.

"Like a kitten," Tyler said after stretching. Red and Tyler then notice Horn walk by with a bucket of white stuff in his mouth.

"Morning Horn. I didn't know you knew how to milk the hippo cows," Red said. Horn set down the bucket.

"Milk? No no, this is paint. Crow needs it. You all will figure it out when he's done. He'll call you in but now though, Spike instructed the animals on an exploration."

"Exploration? Of what?" Tyler asked.

"Of the homes. The human homes. You better get going before they start." After that, Horn walked away with his bucket for Crow.


Horn was right. Most of the animals are by the home village, normally somewhere none of them were aloud to go to. Now the farm was there's though, so there wasn't any restrictions. Spike took the lead in for going into the first house. The first house belonged to Mr. Limber himself.

The house Mr. Limber owned was an average one for its time. To the animals though it was completely alien. Spike took a walk about among the place. He gave a rough groan as he past through.

"Those creatures. They live in tranquility while we live in squall," Spike growled as he kept passing these items...then he suddenly stopped when he heard the radio. The sheep pig saw it too.

"What's that?" Spike asked.

"It's a box, where humans hear humans. A bit popular among them," The Sheep pig said. Spike looked over to the other animals, which listened to the gibberish on the radio. Spike decided to test something.

"Animals! I propose that this house will be reserved as a museum. All those in favor?" Spike announced. Yet no reply came, as the radio got most of the animals attention already. Spike and the sheep pig chuckled and continued.

Some time past and through the day, the animals kept looking through the houses, each one overall the same. During this, they found the cat grooming herself in one of the houses, sitting on one of the beds. Also Henry found the many boxes of drinks that made Mr. Limber so violent. It didn't take long for that to be destroyed...then it came to the final house.

It had the similar structure to the other houses...until Henry propped open a back door. The sudden smell filled the air as the animals took it in...they finally discovered what happened to Mel's body! That horror got all the animals running out. Even Spike was a bit rattled, but not as much as the other animals. To most of the animals now, the houses were completely off limits.

After the exploration of these houses, Crow had called everyone over to the barn house. The reason for the paint was now self-explanatory. With a bit of trial and error, Crow had managed to write up a number of commandments, rules, that they must follow.

"These are Mel's thoughts! If we are to make this life better, we all must follow these!" Crow stated. All the animals understood as Horn read them out.

"One: No animal shall live in a human house. Two: no animal shall drink the whiskey. Three: Four legs good, two legs bad." The birds, those who stood on twos, started to get angry until Crow said, "Wings count as legs." After they calmed down, Horn continued.

"Five: no animal shall engage in trade. Six: no animal shall kill another animal. Seven: all animals are equal." All the animals understood these rules and accepted them right away. The only trouble was the cat, whom practically been raised in a house, in which she debated over the first rule. It took a lot of talk but eventually the spoiled feline agreed anyway.

When the commandments were brought out, and that was done, Spike took the time to go back to the village by himself. Without anyone looking, he went back in one of the houses. He marched around the house until he heard a too similar sound...meowing. He heard meowing when he first got in but he had to wait until they were done before he opened the door. Inside he found were three small kittens, but something about them made Spike feel curious...yet optimistic. Without anyone knowing, he took each kitten to a private coop, one none of the animals would bother to go to. Spike had his own plans for the village that he had to wait upon.

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