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On the following morning, the farmers of Limber farm all found Mel's body back in the barn, dead. The animals of the farm went back to find that the hippo cow had vanished, taken away. All of the animals still took the old cow's words in perspective though. Especially the more clever animals. However, it was Tyler the fire ferret whom found out the main fate of old Mel.

It was just a few hours after sunrise when Tyler's owner came out, calling him in for his morning meal. The fire ferret loved to have leftover bones from ether the farmers or from the Goat Dog, yet today that was about to change. At first, it was rather normal enough, Tyler waking up from his barrel outside and his owner whistling him to his food. Tyler raised his tail as he walked over. The owner had a good piece of raw meat for him, but as soon as the scent hit the ferret's nostrils, his tail immediately fell back in worry... He knew who that used to be.

The farmer encouraged him to have a bite but all Tyler could think and do was run. That's exactly what he did.

"Oh Raava! Mel's been slaughtered!" The fire ferret thought as he ran to the barn, as far as he could from his monstrous owner. He felt faint at the thought of such a good creature like Mel, just being turned into food, just like that. Tyler found Red over by the barn house entrance. Red saw the fear in Tyler's face as he got near.

"What's the matter Tyler? You look like you saw a spirit," the fox antelope said.

"No...but it's just as horrible," the fire ferret said in complete disbelief. Before Tyler can tell Red what he saw, they both looked into the barn, the other animals inside. All that left of Mel now was the dent in the earth, and the faint scent of the old animal. One of the Hybrid pigs, the rooster pig named Crow, looked up to everyone else.

"Mel had a peaceful passage to the Spirit World...but there are no rewards after death. There's only now. We all must work to make the life Mel spoke of, into a reality," Crow said. Spike the Boar-q-pine then stepped in.

"We all must remember that Mel had died for everyone of us. He had a duty to us. And now, we each have a duty to him...REVOLUTION!!"

Spikes saying raised up to the farmer's ears, Mr. Limber especially. However he flat out ignored it. He didn't care what the animals think, as long as they are useful, that's all that matters to him.


It had been awhile but late in the day, Tyler and Red both noticed Mr. Limber and the farmers going away on them without feeding them!

"We need food..." One of the hippo cows groaned.

"You just have to wait," Henry assured. Unlike most of the animals, Henry didn't have that big of a grudge over humans so quickly, although he hadn't yet to see what real cruelty between humans and animals. Tyler and Red both were worried over this as they looked at each other. Tyler and Red both snuck off from the crowd 10 minutes after they left.

"This is getting a bit suspicious don't you think?" Tyler started.

"Yeah I know. I thought he left later for his uh...oh what's it called?"

"Drinking. At least he gives us some food before leaving." Both animals were thinking it over. They both had the same amount of in intelligence so there wasn't any argument among the two.

"Speaking of which, you were a bit spooked. Care to share?" Red asked. Tyler felt rather rough on the subject, not exactly in a sharing mood over his discovery. Red got the idea so he dropped it. There was one idea he wanted to share though. Mr. Limber had been looking down on them for a while now, and it became worse due to the drinking he had done. Aside from that, the village hadn't been a very good home overall...

"Do you think we should leave? Red?"

"Leave? You mean run away?"

"Something like that. This isn't a very good home really. And besides, isn't the idea of what Mel said to not be with man?"

"He said to not resemble man. I don't really think he meant to leave the village." Red had a slight point. Old Mel did say that but he also put in to remove man from the village. So they were both right to say the least. As far as they knew anyway.

However, the other animals were finding the situation a bit hard to deal with. None of them were fed, and weren't having any of it. Crow looked around the village after seeing the pig troth completely empty. The pigs looked around but it was a cow pig whom found their food. All the grains, fruits, and vegetables they can eat are inside a shed. It was locked up tight, a lock and key type of deal. The cow pig, named Horn, tried knocking the door down with his bulk, but it's not working. Crow moved Horn out of the way and gave a signal to the strongest animals on the farm, and it only took one powerful ram from Henry to shatter the door, knocking it to the floor. It wasn't until after this that Tyler and Red came back. Immediately they ran over, up to Horn and Crow whom we're waiting for the others to get their share.

"What's going on?" Red asked.

"We're helping ourselves. Thanks to horn here, we found the food storage. Here have a look," Crow said. Almost immediately they were amazed at all the food inside. Grain, corn, apples, berries, and who knows what else?!

"I can't believe It! Mr. Limber was holding out on us!" Tyler gasped. Since he and red we're hungry, they went on in to enjoy the smorgasbord. Crow and Horn joined in later on to the feast. However the cat outside, not wanting her paws dirty, was cleaning herself up when she saw that the humans returned early! Mr. Limber left in such a rush he forgot to get some extra money for the drinks. The cat acted like she wasn't a part of the raid by being as far away as possible to the didn't take long for them all to notice. One of the turtle ducks saw the humans back so early and gave a warning call to the other animals before she went off. Mr. Limber came in with a whip in his hand, the other farmers grabbed a weapon, as the benders brought in their bending.

Suddenly a blast from the Limber whip struck one of the pigs. All the animals panicked as a fire flame threatened to roast them. The creatures all were scared witless. Red and Tyler were the only ones to sneak out right under the humans noses. They don't want to fight by any means. However only one of them wasn't deterred by the threat. The fire bender took one step forward before Spike launched at him, sinking his teeth into the humans hands. All the other animals in the shed also charged out at them! As soon as this started, Tyler and Red both his under one of the houses.

Suddenly the village was turned into a war zone! Animals vs. humans. All the animals were starting the rebellion now! The battle was very tough and hard to do, especially since none of the animals can use weapons or bending. Crow saw Mr. Limber fighting off the animals and started to him. Mr. Limber saw Crow running to him in anger and vengeance and used his whip at Crow. It collapsed the rooster pig, disabling one of the front hooves. Henry quickly rammed Mr. Limber to the ground as Crow got up again. It didn't take long after seeing that before all the other humans started to fall back. Mr. Limber was the last to run as the animals made sure they left. Crow, although a leg wounded, chased them the farthest off before stopping.

After all of the excitement, Tyler and Red both got out of their hiding place to see Crow hobble back into the village. Spike snorted in the direction of the humans and fallowed Crow. Even before they realized it, they had won. Tyler and Red both walked out onto the exit where the humans left. It was a lot more quieter now all of the humans ran off, the footprints still in the dirt.

"They left...they all left." Tyler started.

"Yeah. Now the village is removed of humans..." Red replied. They both turned to the village, now only occupied by the animals. They both looked to each other. They both had only one thought.

"This is gonna be big..."

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