Chapter Twelve
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February 4, 2014

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Fauna Ch.11

So much time had passed... Too long to exactly count. Horn the cow pig, Red the Fox antelope, and Tyler the fire ferret, had finally left Limber Farm ages ago. Leaving most of who won't in the hands of Spike, the evil tyrant. The trio hadn't lost too much, having found the banished turtle ducks weeks after running away. Only one turtle duck, with two of her chicks, had survived their ordeal. They have yet to, or never will, find Crow. It was a long time since they have ventured back to their farm... until that night...

... It was a storm of judgement. The spring rains had returned, and now the caravan sense that it is now time to return from once they came.

The caravan was made of the following: 1 cow pig, one fox antelope, one fire ferret, one gemsbok bull, two koala sheep, and one family of turtle ducks. It was all they could save from Spike's grasp. Tyler had grown mature now, and now he felt it was time to return. He got up from his den, which had been his home for a while now. Red too had grown up, and they both know its time.

"You ready Red?" Tyler asked.

"Yes. Let's go," Red replied. The rain and storm raged on as the two lifelong friends gathered the rest of the caravan. They all began to move on back... back to the farming village.

Limber farm's name was no more. The caravan made it to a rise in the path and saw what they expected. Questions began going through their mind as they drew near. Had any of their friends survived? was it really safe to return? or worse... had Spike survived?... all those questions answered once they saw what remained.

The farm windmill, now hardly finished. The village, abandoned. The farm, wiped off the earth. A battle took place here. What exactly happened was unclear. One thing that was clear is that the animals were gone. All the mutant pigs had vanished. The caravan scanned out the area at the damage that was caused. The village was empty of all life now. The statue of Spike had already collapsed. "Just like everything built on the wrong foundation I suppose," Tyler sighed. The commandment on the barn wall had washed away. The commandments were no more, as the white paint dripped to the ground below. The gemsbok bull saw the farming fields, once full of life and prosperity, now abandoned and full of weeds. Horn had found the main house, the one all of his fellow pigs had lived, now nothing more than collapsed wood. Horn removed some wood to find Shawn's wool clumped in one area. He can only assume the worst for him as he continued. Red went over to the duck coop, now empty. His nose smelt deceased duck eggs, rotten... just like Spike used to be. He disposed of those right away, in a burial. The turtle ducks found that the barnhouse inside was destroyed. The pens collapsed, but they also saw many boulders and potholes inside. A sign that earthbenders were in here fighting. The koala sheep looked around the unfinished windmill. The two found a single skull of one of their own laying by the rock wall, thus began to mourn. They all knew now... they were never free...


Years had passed. And now the farm had changed. Everything as prosperous as before the dark days. The caravan decided to stay, as the humans came back to take back what was theirs. The village was human populated now, new animals too. But the main caravan promised to each other, no matter what. That they would make sure they wouldn't make the same mistakes as Mr. Limber did so long ago...

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