Chapter eleven
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February 4, 2014

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It was later on that night when Tyler came to. He still couldn't believe what had happened earlier today, but he was lucky to remember too much, good thing for him. Horn and Red were both alongside him.

"Wha?... what happened?"

"Well Tyler, you passed out after the meeting," Horn said, feeling sorry for him. Tyler got up from the hay bed he was in. He, horn and red were the only ones in at the moment, so they are free to talk.

"I did?... where am I?"

"Still at the barn. You all right, Tyler?"

"No, I'm not... The barn... it's too much. The pigs have now taken over, and they act just like man! Isn't Mel's main reason to not resemble man?" Now it was out.

"To not resemble man?... I guess we forgot about that for a while."

"You think? Mel's original rule is to not resemble man. And here you are working like man, thinking like man, heck you're even looking like man!" For once, Tyler had a very good point. Now Horn felt terrible. He was acting like man and he never knew it. Tyler walked off past him and to outside. It was dark now, everyone was now asleep. Horn and Red followed him to outside. They all knew what was coming next.

"Ready to go?" Red asked. Tyler merely nodded. Tyler waited though for some reply telling him to stay awhile longer, but nothing... they were letting him go. Tyler, Horn and Red walked to the entrance, looking out beyond the gate. They all were just about to leave when...

"What are you doing?"

That all too familiar voice rattled the fire ferret's bones as he turned around. Hardly surprising, Spike had woken up and caught them. His pumas were right behind him. Tyler tried to calm down but it was rather worrying for him to talk to a mutant like him.

"What does it look like? I'm leaving," Tyler managed to say. Spike was unamused by this statement.

"It's far too late to continue your work, but if you may-"

"No!... no... I'm not leaving because of that..." Spike was a bit puzzled and annoyed.

"Then what?" Tyler didn't even look at him, let along reply at first. He wasn't sure how to put it. Then spike, not wanting to wait yelled "Out with it!" That, added to the growls made by the pumas, made him snap.

"YOU'RE JUST AS BAD AS THE HUMANS!!!" Spike froze in shock as Tyler continued saying "Look at you! You walk, talk, and act just like Mr. Limber used to be! You continue to trade, steal the eggs from the ducks, and you even killed them! You even changed the commandments! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? Had you even forgotten the original reason behind all this?!... old Mel once said, 'all animals are equal'... YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ANY HUMAN!!!" His words echoed through the barn as all the animals were awake now. Spike just stood there, looking down at the fire ferret. He didn't care for his pity, he is in charge now, and he can do whatever he wants. Without saying another word, Tyler turned and began walking away, past the gate. Horn and Red followed afterward, leaving Spike alone...

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