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January 31, 2014

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Two hardly seemed two months had passed from how much has been going on. The pigs were really ignoring the commandments almost entirely. For starters, they all were on two legs instead of four. They wear articles of clothing, usually hats or accessories. The trading between the farm and the outside world still continued like nothing had happened. Although the eggs were a bit less (due to the execution), the production still didn't slow, and without any risk of another rebellion. The original song had almost been forgotten, since no one was aloud to sing it anymore.

Spring had now officially arrived, and it almost seemed like a completely different farm. It was close to an entire year since the animals had taken over the farm, almost to the anniversary. Now the farm work is more productive, back to farming labor. Now though, the pigs didn't take part in ANY work, the animals knowing now what to do. However since Henry is now gone, there was some trouble in the plowing, but that was about it. The strangest thing though is the overall irony. The main idea for the rebellion is to remove man and be it hardly seemed any different.

On the night before the anniversary, Horn was unable to sleep. among most of the animals, Horn was taking it the worst and the oddest. Him being a pig himself, he was the only one who remained unchanged compared to the other pigs. So much had happened over the course of one single year, too much. Unable to sleep, he decided on a late night walk around the farm.

The warmer weather made it slightly better, as the full moon made it easy to see. As usual, the pigs were up late, drinking merry. This had became a nightly ordeal, which is extremely worrying.

"Oh boy...They really have to know at least one commandment," Horn thought as he can hear the merry drunken singing. He decided to go over by the commandments, a regular habit to see what "Changes" were made. He didn't want to bother them, since it's bad enough they don't fallow the original commandments anyway. He walked over to the barnhouse, where the commandments were written...but he was shocked to see they were gone!

He looked around, didn't see anything at first, until the very commandments for all to follow...

"All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others."

The words froze and were stamped in Horn's mind as he ran back to wake the others. They all saw this and couldn't believe it. Tyler and Red the most displeased with this turn of events.

"I don't believe it," Tyler said, starring at the only commandment on the barnhouse. Now it all made sense. The pigs are now more "Equal" than all the other animals. The only exception ever was Horn, whom never entirely followed Spike. Red and Tyler now for sure they have to leave but Spike had already scheduled a special celebration over their victory that he expected everyone to attend, or sentenced to death (which is a dire thought in itself). They have to attend, regardless of them wanting to leave, so they agreed to leave after the meeting. They have to.


The next morning, everyone was awaken to Shawn's walkabouts. Shawn was making sure everyone is to attend the meeting before worktime, as they all were to meet over by the barn. They all did, and a raised platform was made for this event, as flags were hanged around. Even a statue of Spike was made in his honer. Everyone got quiet as they saw Spike raise his hoof. many of the animals didn't show it, but they were terrified by what they saw.

There. Standing on the platform. Was the Boar-q-pine leader. However he was perfectly balance on two legs, wearing a full suit of human cloths, similar to that a mayor would wear. He surely was a sight, the only thing looking normal at all on his now is his boar face. All the other pigs were about the same thing. They all were silent as Spike began.

"Attention animals! I dedicate this farm to the making of weapons! To the building of walls! For the protection of ourselves and our way of life, our revolution is over...ALL ANIMALS ARE NOW FREE!!!"

That made most of the crowd uproar in approval...except for Tyler. The fire ferret was seeing a nightmarish vision in front of him...a was too much for his heart to take. He back up only a little bit before the light-headed animal finally fell, faint...

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