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Fauna Ch.2

Although not best for impossible. Once again, springtime had come. Among the many lands of the Earth Kingdom, it was unable to hide the misery that is the farm. Known as Limber Farm.

Limber was named after a once successful farmer, whom was named Mr. Limber. He is a very successful man when the farm was first made years ago, between the time of Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra. Despite the name, it's not just one farm. But actually it's more of a farm village, after the workers Mr. Limber hired were given permission to build their own homes by the original barn.

This barn had a fair share of different animals from not only the Earth Kingdom, but in other regions too. The farm had a good amount of Koala sheep, Buffalo Yak, Gemsbok Bull, and a variety of hybrid pigs as large livestock. The farm also had a good amount of poultry too, including Turkey Ducks and Turtle Ducks. All these animals may first appear as a prosperous farmland, but the truth is that the farm was having trouble.

It began off well, but due to "evil days" as the farmers put it, the profit wasn't going so well. Economy among Ba Sing Se didn't rely on the limber farm much so it was hard to keep up trade. Due to this kind of depression, Mr. L had turned to, dare I say it, drink. It didn't help the farm profit, the animals, or the depression going on.

On the night it begins, it was later than usual when Mr. Limber came back from his drinking. Usually he'll leave in the afternoon and come back around dusk (at 5:00 or 6:00). However it was late at night, more around 10 when he returned to make his rounds. Mr. Limber's drink addiction didn't help his behavior all much, which was bad enough already. To the animals at least. He only kept the animals for the profit they give him. Like the Turkey Duck eggs, the wool off the Koala Sheep, and milk from the hippo cows. Their use for the farmers is the only thing keeping them from getting thrown into the dirt. Besides that, Mr. L didn't care much after them.

Since it was his original farm, he was mainly the one checking on the pens and the animals. The animals could only watch as Mr. Limber staggered, waddled, and overall tried to walk as he examined the pens through his lantern. The groaning, mumbling, and murmuring past through his drunken mouth as he began to walk to the Duck coop. Mr. Limber groaned out some unknown anger before slamming the coop door shut! The Turkey Ducks inside freaked out and were especially startled. As the drunken tyrant walked past the other pens, the animals tried acting asleep so they won't get hurt, and it worked. One animal though, a Buffalo Yak named Henry, peered out from his door.

"Darn beasts...beat their heads off!" Mr Limber groaned as he slammed the top door nearly on Henry's face. The one who got the worse of it was the Goat Dog whom just so happened to be laying in front of Mr. Limber's door. The goat dog whimpered and tried walking away quietly. It wasn't enough though. Mr. Limber marched over, grabbing a board from beside his house, and whacked the dog away, good and hard! The goat dog whined and yelped as it ran away, tail between his legs. Mr. Limber glanced aside by one of the barrels and seen a young Fire Ferret inside, named Tyler. Mr. Limber growled and tossed the board at him. Tyler bolted away to a hole under the house. Being too drunk to care, the tyrant staggered into his home.

Tyler is one of the few pets on the farm, ones the other farmers wanted to keep. Mr. Limber would NEVER have a pet unless there's some value he can get off it, which means nothing of the sort. Tyler waited until another animal, a Fox antelope named red, gave him the cue that it was safe to come out.

It was a few minutes after the houses all had their lights out when it started. Red and Tyler both saw the chimeric pigs took off a board of their pen, to get out. The farm had different sorts of hybrid pigs. Cow pigs, sheep pigs, even a rooster pig were among the group. It wasn't until after the pigs when Red and Tyler started to fallow them. Henry then opened his door and began to fallow them alongside the other Fox Antelope. Then came the Gemsbok bulls, the Koala sheep, the Turtle ducks and Turkey ducks, and so on. They all were trying to get to the main barn.

The main reason for this is because the old Hippo cow, Mel, had called upon a meeting in the barn. There were a few Hippo Cows among the barn, but Mel was the oldest among them all. Due to this, he was also the wisest among all the animals in the farming village. Mel had been thinking for a while now and came upon a revelation, and thus called the animals in on a meeting, which was never held before.

It did take awhile, but eventually the animals all were at their seats. There isn't really any particular seating arrangement, but the chimeric pigs were always at front of the platform. Among them was Spike, a sly yet rough Boar-Q-Pine. He was the last you'd expect anything polite from, and showed example by poking one of the pigs with his spurs to get a good view. The only animals in front of the platform aside of the pigs were the Goat dog, Tyler and the farm's tabby cat. When everyone was settled, the old Hippo cow began. He spoke in his slow, wise voice so they all can understand.

"My dear friends...Ive been in this world for a long won't be long before I go to the Spirit World...and before I die, there's something I have to tell you...few of us will ever know the blessings of a peaceful old age. (turns to Henry) Henry. You're the strongest among the working livestock here. When you've given the last of your great strength, you are dead." Henry gave it some thought and immediately gave it in anger, thinking of all he had done for the farm. Mel continued on saying "Whatever we have created has been stolen from us. And sold without our word involved. (referring mainly to the duck eggs and hippo cow milk sold).. Our children. They are born to cold. And hunger...look at them while you have the chance." a baby Gemsbok bull wailed afterwards, quickly silenced by a snort from Spike. This made Mel add in "you pigs. Do you know what the future hold for you?" the pigs, being the more clever of the animals, didn't take to long to think of themselves on a silver platter. Mel stood up on his now weak legs to look among the crowd.

"Is this farm too poor to support us all?, comrades. When the village is rich, we will never get our rightful share from any of the out these evil creatures, and we shall be rich, and free!" the animals in the crowd were getting excited.

"Commence...REBEL!!!!" this caused a ginormous uproar of cheers among the whole crowd, liberated by Mel's speech. The hippo cow raised his hoof to quiet the crowd so he can finish.

"But remember...when you've got rid of these tyrants. Do not come to resemble man in any way. We animals are brothers. Large or small. Clever or simple. Fur or feathers. Now and forever...all animals are equal!" another uproar came out on the crowd from the motivation the wise one has given them.

The old cow then began a theme to fallow them. This was to signify the rebellion and freedom of this new cause. It had a similar tune to "soldiers coming home", from the time of the Hundred Year War. The Hippo Cow Mel took the first verse as the other animals start to take the song in in their own way, and while the more simple animals were learning as they go, the more clever took the song at heart right away. The full chorus lasted a good five minutes total. Mel was proud, and gave a smile to the whole crowd. Tyler and the Goat Dog kept going but stopped abruptly when they saw old Mel...Mel's eyes closed at a point before a wail passed his large mouth. Both the fire ferret and goat dog rushed back as the old cow finally fell forward in defeat. It was enough to catch every single animals attention as the sudden tremor made everyone stop all together...there was silence for was almost seemed like forever...he's gone.

Everything was silent until the goat dog began to howl sadly. Then came the pigs squealing in sorrow, and soon all the animals were sadly howling in grief over their loss. Their wails reached the homes and one of the farmers, whom was a firebender, shot out a loud fire blast into the air. The loud noise caused all the animals to run out in panic, back into their pens...the only thing left in there was the body of old Mel. His soul now off to the Spirit World...forever...

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