Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Fates and Vows in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Fates and Vows
Dreams And Reality Don't Coincide
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Romance, Suspense




The Snowbold



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August 2013- Present


The Snowbold


The Snowbold


The Rise of Lirin


Storms of the Future Cycle

Fates and Vows is an ongoing short romantic fanon dealing with the relationships and factors around the Journey of Tala before, during and after the conflict of the Fifth Nation War. Characters who were important to the war while not necessarily close to Avatar Tala will be explored.


Life in the Fire Nation's Royal Family is comfortable, but it's not a picnic either. Crown-Princess Ma-Tin learns this lesson at sixteen years old when her father dies and she must become Fire Lord. Little 'Tin has a lot to learn and needs help of her cousin, Rishu. Along the journey to learn what it is to be a ruler, she finds love. Unfortunately, this love could never be allowed to grow.

Crown Prince Kuir has had a life of proving himself. He now must learn from a Fire Nation elite about more than fighting and finds more than war. As the tip of the spear in the coming war, The Snowbold has to weigh his own feelings over the need of his Kingdom.

The Night Spirit of the infamous Spirits mercenaries has been captured by the brutal face of bending oppression. Broken and defeated, she has no hope of escape, yet her tormenter persists in taking everything from her, even her sanity. For all her hatred for him, she can't help but feel something for this brutal man who outmatched her.

Lya is the mother of a great prodigy, but at what cost? Her forgotten journals have been recently found, showing a new leaf in what made the Black Dragon.


Ma-Tin: The young Princess who inherited the throne from a father who died too soon.

Kuir: Crown-Prince and warrior. This blunt man is at a cross-roads for personal needs and the needs of a nation.

Rishu: The Enigmatic Apex of Fire is both a teacher and a master of things that make him dangerous to all, even his students.

The Night Spirit: The chief assassin of the Southlands of the Spirits company.

Lya: The mother of Rishu is long gone, but her words will have a profound impact on her son.


Chapter 1: An Untimely End - The Fire Lord has passed and now his heiress must take his place.

Chapter 2: Disrespect and Disregard - Ma-Tin calls for the help of a man who is like a brother.

Chapter 3: Birth in Fire, Death in Water - Prince The Snowbold comes to learn the ways of war and philosophy under the Fire Nation's Regent.

Chapter 4: Conflict - The War presents curious opportunities to a Prince and the Fire Lord.

Chapter 5: Hold - An assassin is captured and thinks nothing can get worse for her when life presents a new chapter to her. 

Chapter 6: Collisions of the Mind - Ma-Tin and The Snowbold's differences crash and it takes all their control to keep it from spilling onto the war. 

Chapter 7: Ilera- The Snowbold sees a new face in an old prisoner. (50%)

Chapter 8: Solace Fade- Ma-Tin is distraught with the choices made for the good of the people, but not for her.

Chapter 9: Scions- The future of the world rests in the hands of the old and the new. (1%)

Chapter 10: Sovereign- The Heads of State reflect on how they reached this road, whether they wanted it or not.



  • Fates and Vows will start before The Journey of Tala, and will end after it. It concerns itself with what affected the start of this fanon and how things begin in The Rise of Lirin.
  • Romance and its affect on decisions will be shown much more prominently than in Journey of Tala as we see the lives of Ma-Tin and The Snowbold a little closer. This will be a romance of sorts.
  • The author will try to put a self-drawn title-card for each chapter. So far, I have it done.

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