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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Fate's Cold Hands in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Fates Cold Hands
Fate's Cold Hands
There Can Only Be One
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Fate's Cold Hands is a story by Omashu Rocks and Agent Slash.


Long before the Equalist Revolution, The Hundred Year War, Chin the Conqueror, or the Rise of Koh, a boy and a girl were born twins in the Northern Water Tribe. Little did their parents know that fate had played a terrible trick on them. The day the twins turn sixteen, the Order of the White Lotus confirms that both twins were born as the Avatar and that both the physical and spiritual worlds were unbalanced. Their leader, Yansu, decides that both Kembar and Kiama must master the four elements individually and then fight to the death while in the Avatar State to determine which should remain. Now, both teenagers must travel to the four nations, in opposite orders, and make allies as well as enemies, and in a time of chaos in the world, one might just die ahead of schedule.

Main Characters

Team Kiama

Kiama - The female twin is hot-heated and determined to master the elements before her brother, and while she cannot waterbend on the same level as him, she is focused, driven, and will persevere through anything. She travels the nation in the same order as her predecessors.

Palu - Young, non-bending servant to the King and Queen of Omashu. He's the favorite of all the local girls, but he usually is uninterested in any of them. Finally, when Kiama arrives, he immediately begins to flirt and make excuses to spend time with her.

Shan and Yama - The King and Queen of Omashu take Kiama in to their palace and train her after she successfully defeats the Baozha Bombers.

Team Kembar

Kembar - Fun-loving and relaxed, the boy excels at Waterbending and finds his next element, Airbending to be just as easy. This being the case, he is confident that he can defeat his sister when the time comes, but that doesn't keep him from training as he knows that overconfidence can be a man's downfall.

Amai - Like all Air Nomads, she respects the importance of spirituality, but she is also more adventurous and self-willed than the rest of her kind. While she believes in keeping peace, she is prepared to kill to keep it.

Sister Jiyu - The Sister Superior of the Western Air Temple teaches Kembar and Amai Airbending.


Yansu - The elderly, Waterbending leader of the Order of the White Lotus is strict and harsh. He displays his iron-fist by forcing the two twins to fight to the death after becoming fully realized Avatars. He sends them to travel the world without any help from his organization.

Baozha Bombers - This Omashu-based terrorism group that sends explosive packages to unsuspecting civilians via the advanced mail system. Dealing with them is Kiama's first conflict on her adventure.

The Luta Raiders - The nuns of the Western Air Temple, where Kembar is sent, fear the random and frequent attacks of these plunderers who not only steal, but harm the nuns severely.


  • Chapter 1 had great responses, including "I can't wait for the next chapter!" and "*jaw drops*".


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Update: October 21, 2012

Although this fanon has been inactive for a long time, we have decided on a new plan to allow us to move forward! The next chapter is coming soon!

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