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Fate is the story of how Tui and La became part of the world and their story throughout their times in the Spirit World.


In the Spirit World two spirits, Tui and La, live together in a place called the Spirit Garden.

The spirit garden is located directly north of the Realm of Koh, and south-west of Wan Shi Tong's Library.

Back then, they looked like normal humans, but they are spirits.

2 years after the beginning.

Wan Shi Tong visits the two spirits,

"Tui and La I bid my final farewells tomorrow is the day I will go to the human world and share my knowledge with the humans," said Wan Shi Tong.

"We hope you're safe during your travels to the human world," said Tui.

"Yes, share your knowledge with the human world," said La.

Wan Shi Tong began flapping his wings and a huge gust of wind appeared in front of him. Soon, Wan Shi Tong disappeared.

Tui and La decided to go to the Spirit Lion Turtle. That was where the spirit pool was located.

The Spirit Pool is a pool of spirit energy located in the lion turtle. It serves as a healing hut for the spirits where they could regenerate their energy.

"Ah this is the life," said Tui.

"You said it," replied La.

Soon they were visited by Koh.

"Argh, Koh!" said La.

Koh stole La's face.

Tui and La went to the Mother of Faces.

"Oh, the Mother of Faces, please return La's face," said Tui.

"I shall grant your wish moon spirit" said the Mother of Faces.

The Mother of Faces returned La's face.

"Thank you Mother Spirit," said Tui.

"My pleasure," said the Mother of Faces.

Tui and La decided to visit the Human World.

They could not believe what had happened. The world had fallen to a state without the moon and ocean without control.

Men were too scared to enter the rough seas, huge tsunamis formed.

"How could this happen?"said Tui.

"The ocean is out of control, but why?" said La.

"Ask yourself that, Tui and La," said Koh.

"Koh, what are you doing here?" said La.

"You don't perform the push and pull anymore," said Koh.

"But..." said La.

"It's okay, we'll perform the push and pull again," said Tui.

"It's too late. The only way to return the world back to balance is for you to turn into mortals," said Koh.

"What? We would never..." said La.

"No, La, have we have to do this," said Tui.

So they went to the Southern Gate, one of the living gates in the Spirit World.

"Oh, heavenly gate, I, Tui,"

"And I, La"

"We ask to turn use into living mortals," said Tui.

"What shall you give up for this favour?" asked the spirit.

"Our immortality," said La.

"Very well. You shall assume the form of koi fish, performing the push and pull forever," said the gate.

"Go now, cross over to the mortal world," said the gate.

Tui and La assumed the form of koi fish living in the Northern Water Tribe, performing the push and pull forever.

Laws are defined to govern over Tui and La.

You must not stop the push and pull.

You must circle together to keep balance .

And never leave the Oasis.

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