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Water Spirit

I heard knocking on my door between my dreams. I opened my eyes looking at the ceiling, the door was slightly illuminated by the rising sun coming from my window, I raised on my bed, tired from the work of last night. I heard more knocks on my door.

"Wake up, son, we're leaving in an hour," the deep voice of Urabach heard from the wooden door.

I stood up and realised I slept with the Equalist uniforms, I messed my hair to finish waking, the wooden floor felt very cold as I walked towards the closet. I opened the closet's doors and searched for my black silk pants in the drawers, and a red velvet shirt. I left the Equalist uniform on the ground as I changed clothes.

I left my room and walked to the rear yard, Azula, Urabach and the Equalist were waiting for me, they turned around and walked into the woods, I followed them. My Grandma was walking next to Urabach and wondered what kind of connection they had. The journey was silent, just the sound of the birds in the morning. We walked about 3 miles in the woods, the sound of the tide was slowly up to my ears. We reached a cliff and far away we could see there was a metal ship hidden in the fog on the sea. The Lieutenant pointed down to the cliff and two small motorboats were near to the rocks, the drivers of each boat fired ropes to the rocks and attached to the edge of the cliff. The Lieutenant and the Equalist pulled out hooks and descended to the vehicles, Azula and Urabach descended by making Firebending. I was the last one to take a place on the boats.

I recognized the ship as we were getting near to it, It was one of the United Forces ships from General Iroh, my cousin so to speak. We went on the stern of the ship; the Equalist members helped us out to get in the ship, an elevator came down and Equalist members and welcomed us. We were walking to the quarter-decks,

"Lieutenant, start teaching the chi-blocking technique to Azulon, he will be more helpful if no one notices he is a Firebender," Urabach said as he laid his hand on my grandma's shoulder and left us behind.

I felt something is going wrong, that I'm just becoming a tool to accomplish the dreams of Urabach and not a person.

"Come here kid, there's a training field on the upper-deck," the Lieutenant said as he walked.

We went upstairs and saw some wooden dolls and children no more than 15 or 17 years old trying to hitting the dummies where the Chi gets blocked if you pressed the right spot...

Avatar Korra

After opening the portals of the Spirit Realm the world started to change, I felt a lot of energy flowing in the southern air, the spirits were dancing on the sky, lighting it up with beautiful colors. We headed to the Southern Water Tribe compound to visit Katara and have some news of Jinora. Luckily, Jinora's spirit returned to her body, but it was weak because of the long time she was separated from it. Tenzin was going to stay in the Southern Water Tribe until Jinora felt better, I was going back to Republic City on Varrick's battleship with my father and Team Avatar. We were enjoying some five-flavour soup along with mango juice, we were laughing and enjoying the time together, claiming that it's going to be peace in the world for the humans and spirits if we learn to live together. At some point, I noticed that Asami and Mako were exchanging glances and I realised that they were attracted each other again. I felt my heart being destroyed in a lot of pieces. I excused me and walked outside the dinner area and headed to the bow.

I sat on the edge of the ship, looking down to the sea feeling so empty, like if I was alone, and had no one to talk to. Suddenly, I felt Naga's tongue on my hair, I turned around and saw her big brown eyes, I hugged her and started to cry in silent.

"Naga... I guess you know how I really feel, it's that since Vaatu destroyed my connection of my past lives I've been feeling lonely and worthless, I know I've been the worst Avatar, I barely saved Republic City from Amon and I started a war between both Water Tribes and Jinora almost died because of me!" I kept crying on Naga's body as she started to howl in the darkness of the night.

Don't be sad little Korra by sixtine d-d4yr5pg

Korra and Naga

Several minutes later, I was in my room trying to sleep; there was a candle on the floor and the flame was flickering when suddenly Raava's voice filled up the room.

"Don't worry for your connection with the past Avatars, Korra. When I got harmed by Vaatu, he destroyed part of me, soon I'll recover and your connection with them will be restored, but darkness is growing in the world. I'd never thought that the Elemental Spirits were going to awaken from their slumber with Harmonic Convergence. Just be ready and try to heal your spirit, Iroh's spirit may guide you on that journey," Raava said and the flame from the candle turned it off like if someone blew on it.

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