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The Unknown



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Jack Cross

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September 7th, 2012

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The Orb

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"So you made us land just to check out a small monument?" asked Sokka tiredly. Lee shot him a look as he studied the rock formation.

"Its got fans in it so its probably activated by Airbending," said Aang as he spun a small fan on his side of the formation. Lee looked over the one on his side as well. Then the two of them thrust out their palms, Airbending into the fans. Almost instantly, the rock formation crumbled into the ground, taking Aang and Lee with it. Down they fell, plummeting into the earth. Then, suddenly, Lee crashed into a few metal rings while Aang landed several feet below. Lee cried out as some of the metal made contact with his side.

"You all right Lee?" came the call from somewhere below in the darkness.

"Yeah," came the reply as he felt over the rings around him. They seemed to be suspended into the air by a few chains. Reaching into his pack, Lee brought out flare and lit it. The flickering red light suddenly sprang up in the inky darkness around him.

"What's that you're on?" asked Aang from below. Lee looked down; he could barely make out Aang in the inky shadows.

"Looks like a chandler," came the reply. Reaching around, he used the flare to light the candles on the metal object before he tossed the flare to the side and leapt down next to Aang.

"Where are we?" asked Aang as he looked around the now lit up room. Gold and various seals lined the ceiling and a nearby stage.

"It's a theatre," said Lee with amazement. They slowly approached the stage, where on a pedestal sat a single orb. Aang reached out to touch it, but stopped when Lee placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Did your trip to the Sun Warrior's compound teach you nothing?" he asked. Aang sighed as he lowered his arms. Lee around the small pedestal, studying it in great length before he stood up straight again.

"Run program!" he called in a commanding tone. Instantly, a see through image of a woman appeared on the edge of the stage. Lee walked up to her, anger and confusion in his eyes.

"Why are you here? Your kind was only suppose to be in the Fifth Universe!" he shouted. The woman looked down upon him like she was looking at a child.

"We once ruled all universes, young human, but the twelve Avatars viewed us as hostile and warlike, so they destroyed us," she said. Lee clenched his jaw as he looked up at her.

"Are there any traps set around the orb?" he asked. The woman shook her head, but did not speak. Lee sighed before he ran his fingers though his hair.

"Program terminated," he said before the woman disappeared. Walking back over to the orb, Lee picked it up gently using both hands. Instantly, the orb seamed to glow a little brighter, its golden light shooting out like spotlights to light up the dark corners of the room.

"Aang, get us out of here," he said. Aang opened his glider and jumped off stage with Lee right behind him. With Lee clinging to his leg, they shot back up the shaft and out into the night air.

"That was amazing!" cried Aang as they landed. But Lee kept his cool as he looked over the orb. Finally, he had. Finally, he had a way to save his love. A single metallic click sounded in the cool night air as Lee brought out his device.

"What are you doing?" asked Katara. Lee shoulders sunk as he sighed.

"I really hate goodbyes," he said. Everyone, even Appa rushed to give him and hug and flattened him on the ground.

"You can't leave yet," said Toph.

"I'm not going away permanently, I'm just going back to bring someone back to life and set things straight is all." Everyone stepped back slightly.

"When will you be back?" asked Aang. Lee shrugged.

"Time moves differently from world to world, but I shall return as soon as I can, I promise," he said. A soft glowing green line sprang up above the object.

"We're holding you to that promise," said Katara as he turned away. Lee knelt down and clutched the object before a blinding green flash sprang up. When it cleared: Lee and the object had vanished.

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