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This page is about the fanonbending status. For the usergroup, see Avatar Wiki:Fanonbenders.

There are over one thousand stories on the fanon portal, and sometimes the deserving ones don't receive all the attention they are due. Fanonbending is a way to help users acknowledge the best of fanons that they believe should have more publicity, and encourage others to check them out.


  • If you want to nominate, please place the fanon in alphabetical order relative to others. Nomination will open voting on the fanon to everyone. To nominate a story, start a new section for the fanon you consider to be worthy of fanonbending status. Nominations for own work are not allowed.
    • To nominate or support a fanon in the "A" range, go here.
    • To nominate or support a fanon in the "B-F" range, go here.
    • To nominate or support a fanon in the "G-O" range, go here.
    • To nominate or support a fanon in the "P-Z" range, go here.
  • To support an existing nomination, simply add your name with a corresponding support template to the given fanon's section. If the fanon gets a total of five supports, the author will receive a Fanonbending award, noting the fanon and the original nominator. Stories can be renominated up to four times. If the author receives five Fanonbending awards, meaning support from twenty-five users in total, they will be considered fanonbending masters.
  • In order to vote or nominate, you must have made a minimum of fifty edits and be an active contributor for a month. It is also encouraged, though not mandatory, to provide explanation for your votes. This does not apply to votes cast before June 9, 2013.
  • If an obviously low-quality fanon gets multiple backings by clearly spam-users, arrangements may be made to revoke its status. If you feel a fanon is not deserving of this title but has been nominated, feel free to leave a message on the administrator noticeboard with your reasoning.

The templates

Here are two random examples as to how they look.

Ransom letter This user is a Fanonbender, for his/her Eyes of Katara. Nominated by AvatarRokusGhost.

{{Fanonbending|<nominator>|<fanon title>}}

Add 2, 3, and 4 when you're double/triple/quadruple fanonbender.

Characters This user is a Fanonbending Master, for his/her When Air Nomads Walked the Earth.

Nominated by Skybender101

{{Fanonbending Master|<nominator>|<fanon title>}}

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