Welcome to the Sixth Fanon Awards ceremony!

The Fanon Awards are an awards ceremony in Avatar Wiki meant to honor excellence in the field of fanon works and publications. There are several award categories based on the different story aspects that an author can excel in, and the nominees for each are chosen by both an Awards Council of five and the greater community. Those who win awards are recognized for being among the finest in their respective categories. Please note, however, that the awards do not indicate whatsoever that any given story is of greater quality than another. Remember that these awards are run by a community and that your chance to be nominated or win depends entirely on the judgment of your fellow users and Fanon Awards Council, by vote; it is best to take the fanon awards not as a personal statement about your writing, but a group celebration seeking to recognize each year's special authors for who they are.
The Sixth Fanon Awards officially begin on December 2nd, 2015.

The following process is to be followed in all award ceremonies;

  1. There will be a maximum of five fanon nominations per category.
    • The Council lists three of the five nominations for all story categories and "Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Author".
    • For all other categories, including characters and chapters, four nominees are already chosen and one nominee remains to be selected by the community.
  2. The nominees must be eligible for the category they are nominated for, according to the date of eligibility.
    • If an author has published work during or since the month of the last ceremony, all of their work is eligible for any award as long as it otherwise fits the parameters of the category. This is the case even if what they are being nominated for was published over more than two years ago.
    • Stories will be considered "new" if they were created during or after August 2013. Authors will be considered "new" if they made their debut on to the fanon portal during or after August 2013.
    • Previous winners of a given category may not be nominated again.
  3. After the announcement of the Council nominations, the community has five days to propose other nominations on the current ceremony's talk page, until December 7th, 2015.
    • Community may not nominate a fanon that is already nominated by the Council for the same category.
    • Nominations of own work are not allowed.
    • The community may nominate multiple fanon pages of the same author, even of the same series for a category, but note that only the best of these "double nominations" will proceed to the official nomination stage.
  4. After this, another five day period will start in which voting on the community nominations will be opened. A Council member will close voting on December 7th, 2015.
  5. The nominees for each category with the most community support will be added on the official nomination page with the Council's suggestions.
    • No fanon may be officially nominated twice, so if the top two voted fanons are of the same fanon, the one with the fewest votes will be replaced by the first runner up of another fanon.
    • If there is a tie between fanons for the second nomination spot, the Council will decide which one proceeds to the official nomination stage.
  6. Once voting is opened, the community has a seven days per category to support one of the suggested fanons in each category.
  7. After voting is closed, the winner(s) will be announced.
  8. Winners receive the corresponding templates for their awards on their fanon pages.


  • The voting process will take place through commenting. Parentheses mark the dates that each category will open for voting.
  • Users must have registered on Avatar Wiki at least one month prior to the Awards and have a minimum of 50 contributions in order for their votes to be counted.

*The final round of voting to decide the official winners of each category is currently taking place, and users have until December 25th, 2015 to cast their vote. Happy Holidays!


Since the last Fanon Awards, the Council has made the following changes:

  1. Making its debut for the first time ever will be the Best Animal Character category. No hero could ever succeed without a trusty animal companion, after all!
  2. A Short Fanon refers to any fanon story with 10,000 words or fewer. This applies to the total word count of any completed series and includes both one-shot and multi-chapter fanons.
  3. The Outstanding Editor category has been omitted in this awards ceremony. The council defines candidates for this category ideally from a writing standpoint, with their editorship tying in with their skills as an author and perhaps more similar to the role of an active story beta. Due to a lack of said editors in addition to a lack of altruistic editors in the fanon portal in general, we unfortunately are not awarding this title this round.

Any other changes, both in regards to awards policy and eligibility, are stated above.

Award Categories

Outstanding Fanon Series

(December 17th-25th)

Outstanding New Series

(December 17th-25th)

Outstanding Romance Series

(December 17th-25th)

Outstanding Short Fanon

*NOTE: A short fanon is any fanon with 10,000 words or less.
(December 17th-25th)

Outstanding Writing in a Fanon Series

(December 17th-25th)

Outstanding Writing in a New Series

(December 17th-25th)

Best Female Main Character

(December 17th-25th)

Best Male Main Character

(December 17th-25th)

Best Female Supporting Character

(December 17th-25th)

Best Male Supporting Character

(December 17th-25th)

Best Villain

(December 17th-25th)

Best Animal Character

(December 17th-25th)

Winner - Nightmare - Crossfire

Single Achievement Award - Outstanding Author

(December 17th-25th)

Winner - Lady Lostris

Single Achievement Award - Outstanding New Author

(December 17th-25th)

Outstanding Illustrator

(December 17th-25th)

Winner, TIED - AvatarKya and DaiLaiHeping

Honorable Mention

By Council vote, the 2015 6th Fanon Awards Honorable Mention goes to Lady Lostris! An unfortunate shortage of candidates has eliminated the Outstanding Editor award in regards to the fanon portal, but Lostris has shown true dedication to this community over the years and remains to this day our most active editor. She is the author most of us will meet first, because she's the author who will likely correct your first fanon page slip-ups - along with the subsequent ones if you're still making them. She'll be the quickest to respond and point new authors in the right direction, classy and consistently, and her ongoing work makes her invaluable to our fanon portal. Be sure to send some virtual applause her way. Thanks and congratulations, Lostris!