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Is your story invisible? Do you put hours and hours of time and effort into creating your world, but you just don't seem to have any fans? Well, what do you do when that happens? Contact a Fanonbender, and see if we can't advertise it!

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The basis

This is based off the oldest fanon advertising system. The concept is very simple. Basically, you just have to add the link to your fanon. The story and its main image will then be added to the "Gallery of Fanon Stories" section at the bottom of this page. These advertisements are permanent and, unlike the fanon promotions, there are no requirements for an ad – any fanon can sign up. We will use the image on the fanon's main page if you do not specify an image, if you do want something else, just put down the name of the image you'd like.

Want to add your story to our gallery? Don't be shy, just put your fanon here!

Gallery of Fanon Stories:

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The Legend of Kano

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