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"The Story of Love, Drama,
and Realizing Oneself"

Hello, my name is Katorra12 and I created this page so you can advertise your own fanons. Feel free to advertise your fanon. If you want to be the "Fanon of The Day" you can sign up on the list below. Every two days it will rotate down the list. Make sure you put your fanon and a pic with your name next to it. Being the "Fanon of The Day" means that your fanon will be advertised at the top of this page near the updates sign. People will come to this page and your fanon will be the first one they see! When you make a simple ad you can write your name the title and provide a picture. Make sure you have a summary as well. Here are the rules. In other words be creative and have fun!
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  1. The Story of Kai Leu, This a world and like all things it isn't perfect. It's the Avatar's responsibly to save it. It's the Avatar's story.
  2. TLAT Book 2, Air is the ingredient to all life. What happen when you remove it? The mind needs it, the flesh needs it, but does the heart need it?


Ad: Brotherhood

Gingalover here to advertise my fanon, Brotherhood.



For many years, no matter who it was, or which nation they came from, the Avatars had one main thing in common...they were an only child. Only one was supposed to become the Avatar, chosen by the spirits. But 100 years after Korra's rein, something happens that changes everything everyone knew about the there're two Avatars in the human world! Not only that, these two are framed and the law is after them!

Follow the brothers, Leo and Alex, as they try to make their own way in the world, all the while being hunted down by the hands of the enemy. Will the enemy be stopped or will the Avatar's legacy end behind bars?

Ad:The Legend of Song

My name is Katorra12 and I have a fanon that I will advertise The Legend of Song.

Omashu layout
Song's Omashu Home

Legend of Song

A 12 year old female named Song lives in the peaceful city of Omashu. She's a powerful earthbender and everyone that's a 'somebody' knows it. Her earthbending teacher wants to turn her into a prodigy, though little does Song know that there's more to her than just earth......

Follow the feminine and girly, but fearless Song as she encounters bending masters, danger, and friends on her journey to bring peace and prosperity back to the world. Balance will be restored while Song pursues her destiny as........the Avatar!

"My name is Song, I'm an earth bender. But, I'm also the Avatar. I didn't know that until my private earth bending teacher tried to turn me into a prodigy. I thought my destiny was to be the best earth bender in the world. Well, at least as good as the renounced Toph Beifong. Now I know that my destiny is to the world. I am the Avatar and my story........"- Song

Ad: Legend of Korra: Journey to Realization

I'm Katorra12 and here is another fanon I want to advertise: Legend of Korra Season 2:Journey to Realization

Avatar Korra waterbending

Journey to Realization is the continuation of Korra's adventures.

Korra tries to master the Avatar State and airbending as hope arises. However, problems seem to find a way into her life once again.

Korra's journey to becoming a Fully Realized Avatar has officially begun. The war against the Equalists is over and a new threat arrives. A mysterious figure that begins to haunt Korra with well thought out letters and plans causes her to loose focus on her airbending. On top of that, more relationships are arising. Can Korra make it through the tough times, or will an event involving her parents change her life?

Korra and her parents hug

"The Story of Love, Drama, and Realizing Oneself"- Me

Ad: The Story of Kai Leu

By: Sequoya89 The Story of Kai Leu

September 21 263AG

I was born the same moment Korra died. She was 99 years old. My governess told me the stories of how she and all her past lives saved the world and done their duties as the Avatar. I wanted to be like the Avatar; maybe not be one. When I was at age of nine I soon realized my ability to fire bend. I haven't got to learn much of it of cause of my parents. They said I would start when I was sixteen. They brought me to an academy to start earth bending and metal bending. I never learned the other elements. I've always lived as a rich family in Omashu. My family was not king or queen though my father and mother were very important to the political basis. We lived like royalty. My mother got me a governess I was told to call Mam, but when I was alone I called her Jane Lei. We'd laugh and have fun .She gave me this diary to write in. She taught me proper etiquette and never expected anything of me as the Avatar. She has been on of my greatest friends in my eleven years. I had many other friends come over in Omashu. Most of them came from around the Earth Kingdom to visit. I did have a few that live here come though. I don't like to think about it, but I know that this is a world and like all things it isn't perfect. This is a world and it's my responsibility to save it.

Fanon:Avatar: The Legacy of Fireobles.png]]

This tale involves a rich young girl named Kai Leu who is discovered to be the Avatar. Jane Lei has always said it was and adult matter, but when she hears about recent spirit attacks this young girl decides it's time to stop hiding the truth. With her friends theis talented earth bender sets off to find a fire bending teacher. Kai Leu joins up with Kyalin, Kaino, and Dianle to help save the world. Join them on there story to help bring back there balance.

This tale proves that friendship is more than just a word...

Kai Leu Age:11

Kai Leu discovered she was the Avatar at age 9. Now at age 11 her governess still keeps it away from her. Kai Leu has a major crush on Kaino which she is hiding from dianle who has some same love interests. Kai Leu is mothering Kyalin who she just wants her to grow up normally like any other little girl.

Kaino Age:13

Kaino is Kai Leu's love interest. He is a master water bender, he doesn't teach Kai Leu just yet since it is not in order. Kaino gave Kai Leu the fake name of Aijou which is old time Fire Nation for love. Kaino is surrounded by a group of girls and doesn't like to talk about the past. He is in charge of the eel hound.

Kyalin Age:8

Kyalin is an inventor and the optimist of the group. She thinks of the bright side and thinks of present times. Kyalin has no ability to water bend like his brother. People say it is because she got very ill when she was born like her parents who didn't recover from the illness. Kyalin did once go to school so she is very bright.

Dianle Age:13

Dianle is not meaning it but is competing with Kai Leu for Kaino. She is out going and sometimes awkward. She is a people person which she connects to her fire bending. She joined the group and will continue teaching fire bending. Her parents evacuated the town because of spirits.

Ad: Avatar: Advent of Earth

A fanon by The Faceless One, Avatar: Advent of Earth

Set thirty years after Korra's death, Advent of Earth tells the story of Chen, a young nonbender who must embark on an epic journey to unite the people of our world and of the Avatar world against a force that could destroy them both. Among those accompanying him are Ying, another nonbender with a passion for science, Riko, a hotheaded firebender with a bizarre obsession with lightning generation, as well as his heartless sister Min, and Tara, a beautiful airbender who Chen spends the majority of his free time trying to impress.

Wanna read some? Click the link above!

Ad: True Winds, Flowing Water

A fanon by Lovebender110, True Winds, Flowing Water.

Water sky

As the winds shriek and the water surges around us, we stand strong against the Storm, prepared to fight to our last breath in defense of the ones we love.

The Story So Far...

Taking place approximately three years after the events of Sozin's Comet, True Winds, Flowing Water is a deep, poetic, descriptive story following Team Avatar in their struggle to maintain the peace and love they have fought so long to achieve in the world...and within each other.

Many of the events that unfold bring back memories to the characters, not all of them pleasant, and these memories are interlaced within the storyline. A large portion of the story revolves around the romantic relationship and development between Aang and Katara, revealing their innermost thoughts and emotions towards each other.

Intended to capture every moment in detail, True Winds, Flowing Water has a somewhat slow-moving storyline, allowing it's readers to visualize and immerse themselves in the scene, feeling as the characters feel, rather than simply telling a story.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome, hope you enjoy the story!

Side Note: Point of view changes throughout the story, often multiple times per chapter. Words in italics are the thoughts of the character with the current viewpoint, whom the story is being seen through. There are several exceptions to this where one character quotes the words of another. This is also represented in italics.

Ad:The Chronicles of Avatar: The Freedom Fighters

A fanon by Acer Indonesia, The Chronicles of Avatar: The Freedom Fighters.


A story from zero to HERO The Story So Far...

In 99 AG, the Hundred Year War raged on, and the Avatar was nowhere to be seen. Despite this, a little family managed to thrive peacefully without any indignation and torture. A pair of brothers, Jim and Jerry, made their way through life without the love and guidance of parents. Their father had perished in the war, and their mother had long been kidnapped by a Fire Nation soldier. Jim eventually stepped forward, gathering all of his fellow orphan children and instilling them with his strength and trust. They soon shared his ambition to end the war, without the help of the missing Avatar. And like the cycle of seasons, the cycle of the fighters began anew.

Ad: Avatar: The Legend of Aidan

A Fanon by BenderStatus1998 Fanon:Avatar: Legend of Aiden

Bending emblems

"How on Earth am I suppose to be the Avatar! I can't even tell Laura I like her!" ~Aidan (Expressing his feelings towards becoming the Avatar.)

My name is Avatar Aiden. The year was 1256 B.S.C. and I had just turned 16 years old when my waterbend master, Master Uniki, and the members of the White Lotus announced I would be the new Avatar. To most people, they would believe that being the next Avatar was a dream come true, but definitely not me. I have a life here in the Northern Water Tribe, and by becoming the Avatar, all that means to me is I have to leave everyone I know and everything I am behind, in order to become a fully realized Avatar. Though as much as I love bending, I can't see myself being the all powerful bender that keeps harmony between the four nations. I'm not exactly sure as to what the future has in store for me, but since I'm the Avatar, it certainly will be, interesting.......


Follow the journey of Avatar Aiden and his friends as Aiden masters the four elements. Discover how he attempts to juggle the duties of being the Avatar, and being with his best friend Dominik, and the love of his life, Laura. Watch as Aiden discovers the true meaning of being the Avatar and how love and friendship is the key to happiness.

Questions, comments, and suggestions are all welcome, hope you enjoy the story!

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