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"Anger dwells only within the hearts of fools. You're anger only continues to give me strength as your mind begins to turn."
— Fann to Bagguk
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Vaatu, Bagguk, Paladins, Shah, Ogon


Bagguk (formerly), Aia

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Spirit of anger and rage
Paladin spirit (alongside the other Paladin spirits)

Fann is the spirit of anger and rage and, after merging and finally fusing with Bagguk in 190 AG, became one of the six Paladin spirits alongside Shah, Ogon, Aia, Annan.

Before his fuse with Bagguk, he remained a loyal servant of Vaatu.


As a follower of Vaatu, Fann was by Vaatu's side for many thousands of years. During the Harminic convergence of 9829 AG, he, along with Vaatu's other followers were too late to stop Wan from imprisoning Vaatu, and stayed hidden, knowing the same fate would await them. For thousands of years, Fann began losing hope Vaatu would ever defeat Raava, but Vaatu assured him that one day he would find a human to beat Raava at her own game. Eventually Vaatu ordered Fann to seek out Unalaq, a prince of the Northern Water Tribe. Fann told Unalaq that Harmonic Convergence was near, leading Unalaq on the path to becoming the Dark Avatar.

Fusing with Bagguk

During the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG, Fann, along with Vaatu's other servants; Shah and Ogon, the spirits of sadness and fear, were tasked with tracking down Aia, Annan, and the spirits of happiness, hope, and love. They tracked down the spirits, and chased them through the Frozen Tundra of the Southern Water Tribe. They then heard screams for help coming a mile away, and halted their search for the other spirits, deciding instead to go after the humans. They found six humans running straight towards the spirit portal, and gave chase. The group split into two, with three of them eventually falling down a crevice. The three who hadn't were now at the mercy of the three dark spirits, and with only a second to spare, the three light spirits came to their aid, fighting Fann, Shah and Ogon. However, as the humans and the spirits came too close to the portal, a stream of energy burst out, caused by Unalaq's merging with Vaatu. Aia, Annan and were pulled into the three humans near the portal, and, using their waterbending, made Fann and the other two spirits away, leading them straight to the crevice where they found the other humans. Knowing Harmonic Convergence was almost over, they decided to merge with the three humans; Fann merging with Bagguk. For the next few weeks, Fann and the now trapped spirits kept their hosts alive in the Frozen Tundra until they were found by scouting parties.

Meeting Fann

Bagguk woke up a few days later in the night, hearing a voice in his head. Over the following week, the voice became louder and more distinguishable. Bagguk was soon able to communicate with the spirit inside of him. For many nights, Bagguk sought help from Southern tribe's healers, even Katara. However, hearing about Katara's abilities and connection with the previous Avatar, Fann locked himself away, causing the healers and Katara to recommend Bagguk and later his friends (who had also begun hearing voices) to a mental health facility. Bagguk and his friends spent weeks living in this facility, leaving them and them to losing hope for their own lives. With the unstable spirits trapped inside them, they began to feel their own life force thinning.

Allowing his own fear to take over, Bagguk was taken over by Fann one night, the first of the Paladin's to enter the Paladin State. Fann used his power to leave the faculty trapped within their own worse fears, allowing him to reach the others. Reaching into the minds of both Massak and Cannaq, he was able to reach Ogon and Shah, enabling the spirits to take over their host bodies. However, all three realized that while they were Paladin Spirits, they would need to stay with Aia, Kua and Annan, forcing them to bring Urrana, Hallaq and Hoddo with them.

Fann made sure that all three of them were tied up.

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