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Fang Quei
Biographical information

Fire Fountain City


29 (Deceased)

Physical description



137 lbs.

Hair color

Dark black

Eye color

Red (scar on left eye)

Personal information

Sword, Chi blocking, Fire Bending, Lightning


Raon Quei (Father), Saphire Quei (Mother), Pyro Quei (Grandfather) (Main Article:Quei Family and Legacy)

Chronological and political information

10,000 Gold Pieces (no longer effective)

The Earth King is not a leader, he is a coward who can't even fight for himself. He shadows his nation from the light of Sozin's great empire . I kill people like him

-Fang Quei

Fang Quei was a bounty hunter and assassin who lived before and during the events of books one and two. He had the reputation of being feared by anybody throughout the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. He was later killed in an Agni-Kai with Combustion Man.



Fang was born into the Quei family and was an only child. His father, Raon, left home a lot. He stated it was for 'business' and to the great displeasure of Fang he would return very late. At a young age, Raon began teaching Fang basic sword fighting moves (as he was an amazing sword fighter). Fang discovered his ability to fire bend at age 7, but accidentally burned himself on his face and gave him the scar on his eye (a burn line from his eyebrow to his nose).His parents were unfortunately arrested for crimes against the Fire Nation and were sent to the Boiling Rock Prison one year later.

Teenage Years

As a teenager, Fang decided he wanted to learn how to fight so he could one day break his parents out of jail. He then dropped out of school to master his bending ability and his sword ability. After 3 years of hard work, he had become a master fire bender at age 18 and also learned how to create lightning. He decided that simply mastering fire bending wasn't enough of a skill, so he decided to finish what his father started, and trained with Master Piandao by fooling him into thinking he wanted to learn simply because his father wanted him to (which was not a complete lie). After another year of work, he had mastered sword fighting.

Early Adult Years

Fang was traveling to the market one day and he met one of Ty Lee's older sisters, Ta Min (who was named after Avatar Roku's wife). Ta Min took a liking to him and the two became a couple. She liked Fang so much, that she showed him how to block someone's chi, a technique she had only previously shown to Ty Lee. Fang then broke up with Ta Min because of an argument three days later and went in search of information as to the whereabouts of Raon and Saphire. One night when Fang was sleeping, he was kidnapped and brought to an abandoned building and locked in a room with a man. The man never gave his name, but he said his parents were gone and he could help avenge them (this man turned out to be the very man that Fang's father worked for and the son of the man his grandfather worked for). For 9 years, Fang used his skills to assassinate anyone that his master wanted gone, weather it be a Fire Nation gang leader, or wealthy men in small earth villages. His master still never gave his name.


Fang's master one day said that he had an important job for him: kill the Kuei Earth King. Fang accepted and left. When he was about to leave the nation via boat, Fang saw a merchant standing on top of some crates an yelling out to the rest of the harbor: "I saw him! A Bounty hunter with a third eye and metal limbs!". Fang figured the man was probably crazy or he just wanted crowd attention. Despite his thought, Fang decided to investigate anyway for fear this man might get to the Earth King before he did. The next day, he found Combustion Man and foolishly challenged him to an Agni-Kai. Four Seconds after the battle started, Fang was blown up and killed instantly. This was how Combustion Man earned the majority of his reputation (and 10,000 Gold Pieces). Fang died without ever having a child and unknowingly ended the terrible legacy.

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