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Zuko, my love, please listen to me. Everything I have done I have done to protect you," Ursa said to her ten-year-old son. "Remember this, Zuko. No matter how things may seem to change, never forget who you are," she said before putting on her hood and vanishing into the darkness of night.

Zuko remembered that night so well; but he never knew why his mother had left until Banhen revealed it to him. Now I will be reunited with you again, my mother. The former Fire Lord thought as he and his friends flew to Yu Dao.

"You must be really excited to see your mom, Zuko." Katara spoke.

"More than you know." Zuko replied.

Hey, before we get inside Yu Dao, I want you guys to drop me off outside the city." Toph requested.

"Why, Toph?" Aang wondered.

"My Metalbending class was transferred right outside the town and I just want to stop by and check up on my students." Toph answered.

"Alright, Toph, we will let you off as soon as we get outside Yu Dao." Aang agreed.

Kato had regained consciousness and had moved over next to Toph. "Hey, Toph, I wanted to talk to you about something," he said.

"Sure, Kato." Toph said.

"I just want you to know that the reason I took that hit for you was because I really care about you, Toph. I really like how you are so stubborn and headstrong and confident about yourself." Kato confessed.

Toph felt very pleased at Kato's comments because she had been feeling the same way about him and now that he had just admitted his feelings, she could tell him the same. "I really like you too, Kato," She spoke up. "I don't usually like guys like you but I just really love how you are so nice and charming and brave, and I know you will always be there for me."

"You bet I will." Kato said.

"Aw, that is so sweet," Sokka said, teary-eyed. "Don't you think so, Momo?"

Momo responded with several chirping sounds.

"I know right?" Sokka said to the lemur.

"Well, what are you two waiting for?" Ai asked.

Kato leaned in towards Toph and she prepared for what was surely the most romantic moment she had ever experienced. Her lips met with Kato's and the couple shared a deep, passionate kiss. "Congratulations, you two." Katara said, cheerfully.

Team Avatar was flying through a vast mountain range when they finally saw it. "There it is, the Fire Nation Colony of Yu Dao." Mai said. Aang landed Appa and Toph dismounted.

"I will see you guys later. Good luck, Zuko." Toph exchanged parting words.

"Bye, Toph." Aang replied. Appa once again flew away into Yu Dao. The sky bison landed inside the city near the gate and everyone onboard hopped off.

Everyone noticed the streets were rather empty. The whole town seemed abandoned. "Does anyone else get the feeling that it's too quiet?" Suki asked.

"Yeah, it's like this place is deserted." Zuko concurred.

"Hello? Where is everyone?" Aang called out. The team walked the streets and saw nobody. Then, they rounded a corner and saw four people, one of them was being held hostage.

"Well, look who is here. It's our favorite Avatar." Jun remarked.

"And his little friends too!" said Azula.

Three adolescents were sitting inside the Bei Fong Metalbending Academy, having a good time. They heard the door open and assumed it was someone they were expecting. "Ah, finally, it's the roast duck delivery, we have been wondering when you would show--" The teenager was interrupted after he and his friends were thrust into the air by a large earth pillar. The three of them hit the ground and saw who had entered through the door. "Sifu Toph!" The teenager known as Ho-Tun shouted, alarmed.

"What are you lily livers doing just sitting around?!" Toph yelled.

"Uh, we were just waiting for you to get back!" The little girl known as Penga lied.

"I hate waiting," said a rather downcast boy.

"Well your wait is over! Get up and practice your forms now!" Toph ordered.

"Yes, Sifu Toph!" Ho-Tun and Penga responded, simultaneously.

"I hate practicing my forms," said the downcast boy known as The Dark One.

"Release her now!" Zuko commanded.

"What makes you think we would just give her to you without getting something in return?" Zhao retorted.

"What are you doing here, Zhao?" Zuko asked. "Aang, I thought you said you took care of him back in the Spirit World!"

"When that Xian fellow was dragged back there, he created a portal to allow him to come find you, so I followed him out of that portal and set out to find Jun so that I may join him and have my revenge." Zhao elaborated.

"Zuko, don't listen to anything they say!" Ursa shouted.

"What do you want for my mother?" Zuko demanded.

Jun smiled behind his masked face. "I want you to turn Aang over to me." He replied.

Everyone's eyes widened at Jun's request. "Zuko, you would never--" Katara started.

"No, Katara, I would not." Zuko assured her.

"You will turn the Avatar over to us, or I will have to deal with you myself, Zu-zu!" Azula threatened.

"Go ahead; I will take you on, sis." Zuko replied, bitterly. Azula shot a bolt of lightning at Zuko's center but he was able to redirect it and aimed it at Azula's feet. The former Princess bombarded her brother with multiple streaks of blue fire all of which Zuko countered. Zhao had engaged Ai and Kato in combat and was currently dodging Kato's swords. Ai pulled the water out of her water skin and threw it up in the air, freezing it and turning it into several large ice spikes. She sent the ice spikes back down at Zhao but the Firebender blasted towards the sky and melted the ice spikes. Meanwhile, Aang, Katara, Zuko, Mai, Sokka, and Suki were fixated on Jun. Aang lashed out with a large earth pillar which caught Jun off guard and sent him flying into the air and on top of one of the surrounding buildings. Jun then leapt off of the building and shot multiple fire streams at Aang and his friends. Aang and Zuko neutralized the attack and both created fire whips, swinging them at Jun. Katara noticed two barrels of water near her and created a wave using the water inside. Jun was washed back further down one of the town's streets.

"Azula, how could you hold your own mother hostage like this?" Zuko asked, bewildered at this. "She raised you, she loved you!"

Azula was panting very heavily. "She did not love me!! Our mother hated me! She thought I was a monster!!" Azula spat, furiously.

"You are wrong, Azula, I do love you!" Ursa called out to her daughter.

Azula paused and took in what her mother just said. "Really?" She whispered.

"Yes, Azula, I do love you with all my heart! Now is your chance to end your path of darkness and begin anew!" Ursa urged.

Azula was frozen, she had never heard her mother say those words; however, they caught Jun's attention as well. "Do not listen to her, Azula! She is lying!" Jun insisted.

"No, Azula, no, you must believe me!" Ursa begged.

"Even if she is right, what is more important to you? Re-uniting with your mother or having revenge on your brother and Katara?" Jun reminded her.

Azula stood still, deciding on what to do. Eventually the time came and she chose her next move. Zuko redirected the lightning bolt that was hurled at him. It just barely missed Azula.

Suki ran at Jun and swung her katana at him with deadly strength. Jun evaded Suki's attacks and swung at her. Suki was too quick, however, and leapt onto Jun's head. Aang took advantage of the moment and Waterbent Jun into a wall which Mai pinned him against with her daggers. "Now that's what I call teamwork." Katara said.

"Why, Azula? Why?" Ursa pleaded.

Azula began to tear up. "Forgive me, mother," she said.

Aang approached Jun and touched his hand to his forehead. Aang prepared to Energybend but was forced to sidestep a burst of fire from Zhao. "Come on, let's go!" He shouted.

"Do not forget your place, Admiral." Jun spoke. Zhao unpinned the man and with that, the two jet propelled themselves into the sky and flew over the gates of Yu Dao. "Farewell, Aang. Our paths will cross again." Jun said. Azula followed her companions outside the city and the three escaped together.

"Mom!" Zuko shouted with such joy he had not felt in such a long time. "Finally, I have you back in my life!" Zuko said as tear began falling down his face.

"Zuko, my love, I am so happy you have found me. You have no idea how much I missed you." Ursa said.

"Alright, now let's go get Toph and go to Ba Sing Se." Sokka said. Team Avatar and Ursa climbed aboard Appa and prepared to take off.

"I am afraid I have never ridden one of these before. Is it frightening?" Ursa inquired.

"It is if you are blind." Ai joked.

"Do it again!" Toph barked. "Again!"

"Sifu Toph, we have been practicing this same form ever since you got here!" Penga whined.

"Suck it up, you lily livers!" Toph said, harshly.

"Sifu Toph, can I take a break?" Ho-Tun begged.

Toph was about to give Ho-Tun the biggest beat down anyone had ever seen but then she stopped and formulated another idea. "Sure, but if you do you might be doomed." Toph said, casually.

"Wh- what do you mean, 'doomed?'" Ho-Tun asked, nervously.

"They say that if you slack off during Metalbending practice then you will be doomed forever!" Toph lied.

"D-d-doomed?!" Ho-Tun screamed, panicked. "But I have already been slacking off! What if that makes everything else lead to doom?! Oh no! I'm going to be doomed! Everybody is going to be doomed!" Ho-Tun was screaming like a little girl now. Toph could not help but smile at what she had just done to her pupil. She heard the roar of Appa and knew it was time to leave. "You lily livers keep practicing or else!" Toph warned.

"I'm going to be doomed!" Ho-Tun continued to scream.

"I don't wanna practice!" Penga whined.

"I hate doom and practicing." The Dark One complained.

Toph left her Metalbending academy and listened to where Appa was in the air. Once she could tell, she launched herself up onto the sky bison. "Hey guys, did you find Zuko's mom?" She asked.

"Yep!" Aang replied, cheerfully.

"Sweet!" Toph said.

"Now it's smooth sailing to Ba Sing Se!" Sokka said.

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