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Avatar Book 3: The Host





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Spirit Realm

Avatar Korra

After my Father and my Aunt signed the papers for the alliance, I went with Naga to the harbor to pay a visit to General Iroh, hoping that he had some news from the attack of the radio tower. Few ships from the United Forces were on the port as the sunset gave a wonderful view from the coast. I tried to locate the main ship to have a speak with General Iroh but I couldn't see it. I saw one of the admirals boarding one of their ship when I asked.

"Hey, umm, where is General Iroh?" I said as I stopped Naga from running.

The Admiral turned back at me, interrupting his walk to get on his ship.

"Oh, Avatar Korra," he said smiling at me, "Well, General Iroh went back to his land for more ships, we need more of them since the attack from that giant monster, and he also send us a message about of the attack, but nothing to worry about." He walked up to his ship again, giving me his back.

"What? He doesn't know with who is dealing with!" I shouted to the admiral but he did not care.

I grunted and went to search for someone to help me cross the ocean to the air temple. I went to the east of the harbor until I saw one of the boats from the Order of the White Lotus was sailing away.

"Come on Naga, faster!" I told her and she ran faster than before.

The air hit my face, making me to close my eyes for a little as we approached to the border of the harbor. Naga jumped to the water as I raised my arms and waving it to the air to make Waterbending and prompting us to the boat, I could see one of the member crew as we were getting near, looking at us and gave orders to the people. The boat speed dropped and I raised my arms aggressively shooting us at the boat and we landed on it.

"Korra," the captain of the boat said shocked.

"Hey!" I waved back at him. "It's been a long time eh?"

"Yes," he said confused, "What are you doing here? You supposed that you should be in the Southern Water Tribe."

"Well, I came back from my tribe with my father to discuss the alliance between both Water Tribes, and also to see how's doing Pema with her kids." I said, squeezing my hair.

Air Temple Island overview

Air Temple Island 2

After some minutes on the boat, we landed on the Air Temple and as soon as I put one foot on the ground, I heard the kids running down the stairs. I looked up and saw Ikki having some steps ahead from Meelo, they were excited and laughing for knowing that I was there. I opened my arms to receive them, Ikki jumped at me followed by Meelo. I caught them in the air and hugged them so hard. I was happy to see the kids; they looked at me and smiled.

"Hello Korra, how have you been?" Ikki said.

"I've been fine, I've come with my Father and Team Avatar, and how have you been?" I said, looking at their bright faces.

"Fine!," Ikki said excited as always, "We saw you beating up that big monster and how Jinora came to help you out; by the way, How is she doing?, Did she came with you? And Dad?, Where are they?," she said with a big smile looking around for them.

"Yeah, where is Jinora and Dad?," Meelo asked twice.

I didn't know what to say; it's hard to explain to them that her sister is in a bad condition and Tenzin is taking care for her, the best I could do is to talk with Pema, she could understand. I took a deep breath before talking.

"Let's go with your mom, I bet she needs a little help with your little brother," I said avoiding their question.

"I guess it's okay," Ikki said looking down to the ground.

I put them down on the floor and we started to walk upstairs. Their faces looked sad, I bet they are very worried for her sister, they didn't know of her and Tenzin for almost two weeks. I'll try to cheer them up.

"Wow, you are turtles, I bet I can get into the air temple first than you two" I said running having an advantage over them.

"Hey! No fair Korra!" Ikki shouted behind me.

I started laughing when suddenly Meelo passed me over with his Airbending.

"See ya in the Air Temple, turtle!" He said, waving back at me.

I was preparing an air ball to ride on it, when suddenly Ikki appeared from nowhere riding her air ball too, she left me behind laughing. Of course I wouldn't let them beat me. I closed my eyes and gathered my power when suddenly I felt this rush of power flowing through my body, I turned myself into the Avatar State and finished to make the air ball in my hands. I rode on it and went up the stairs at an incredible speed, I left behind the two kids very far away. I reached the top of the stairs and went straight to the temple when I noticed my father at the entrance. I knew I was in trouble. I stopped in front of him and put away the Avatar State.

"Hey ... Dad," I said to him with a big smile.

He looked at me with his eyes, slightly closed.

"Korra..." he said with his deep voice, "How many times we have to tell you to don't use the Avatar State in vain?"

"What? I didn't use it in vain, I won the race versus Ikki and Meelo, I mean, it's not bad to have a little advantage since, you know I'm the Avatar."

My father sighed.

"When are you going to grow up?" He said turning his back on me and entered into the temple.

"What? When I'm going to grow up? I'm sorry but I can take care by myself, maybe you are the one who should grow up, in case you didn't notice, I saved you from your brother and saved the earth from Vaatu, so don't come at me saying that I'm not a grown person!" I yelled on him.

I turned around and noticed that Ikki and Meelo where behind me with Naga, I was so frustrated that didn't know the kids were behind me listening the conversation. I was so embarrassed for showing the kids that scene.

"Hey, umm, Do you want to play more guys?" I said, looking at the ground as I scratched my head.

The kids didn't respond at my question and closed my eyes trying not to think how I screwed it up by yelling at my father, after all we went through in the Southern Water Tribe, and I can't believe I yelled at him for caring at me.

"I think not Korra," Ikki said angrily, "Since you came here all you do is cheat and be angry all the time, we are not going to play with you anymore!" Ikki yelled at me now, and walked into the temple followed by her younger brother.

Her words hurt me and I bet I hurt my father the same way by saying things that I shouldn't say. Well I always get angry when someone tells me what to do, I guess I should start behaving myself in those situations. I walked towards Naga but she rejected me too by walking to the harbor again, and I was there in the middle of the yard all by myself.

Two hours later I was on the guest room in the women's dormitory, lying on the bed trying to get some sleep. The room was exactly as I remembered, with this window which let me have a perfect view of Republic City, a little desk with a chair next to the bed. When I heard someone knocking on the door, I looked at it and the door opened slowly, my father came in the room. He sat on the edge of the bed, I rose from the bed and looked at him, the silence in the room became awkward. My father took a deep breath before starting the conversation.

Women's dormitory

Air temple dormitory

"You know, Korra," he said looking at the ground, "I don't like when we have those kind of fights, it's not healthy for our us. I know you have that explosive reactions, but, what about if you think the words before you say them?" he looked at me with his sad eyes.

"It's like we are back again when we decided when are you going to go to Republic City, and when is your training going to be completed and you used to be like that, angry, desperate, and I bet you think we manipulate you and we do not count you in the decisions of what is or not good for you, but believe me, everything we decide is just because we care about you, and of course it's for your benefit," he said with a broken voice, he looked like he was holding some tears from his inside.

I moved the blankets to reach him, I came closer to him and hugged my father. I was sorry for what happened back there.

"Look," I said holding my tears too, "I know I should not say those words, and it's like you said, I always react that aggressive when someone tries to help me out, I'm sorry for being like that, I wasn't thinking clear and I'm sorry for hurting you in that way."

He put a hand on my shoulder.

"It's okay daughter," he said cheering me up. "Past is past, it's just I don't like the way we fight for little things," he said putting me away my arms and stood up from the bed.

He walked to the door and opened it.

"By the way," he said before leaving the room, "I explained everything to Pema, she'll know how to tell the bad news to her children, don't worry about that."

Somehow I was relieved not to have to explain to Pema about her daughter.

"Good night, Korra," he said smiling at me.

"Good night, Father," I said nodding.

He left the room and closed the door slowly. I lay on the bed trying to get some rest. I closed my eyes and relaxed my body, the sweet caress from the blankets helped me to sleep. Suddenly, I was in an extensive field, with beautiful grass, the sun was shining bright as always, the Hai-Riyo Peak was far away to the east. I realized that I was in the Spirit World; for some reason the peak was covered with black clouds, something told me that I need to be there for some reason. I took a big walk on the field towards the peak to see what was bothering it; an hour later, I was at the bottom of the Hai-Riyo Peak, Iroh was expecting me, he had an old lantern on his right hand.

"I was waiting for you Avatar Korra," he said.

"Hello Iroh." I did a little bow before proceeding. "What's going on with those clouds?"

He didn't seem calm like always.

"Someone else came before you," he sounded worried. "He is fighting versus a spirit right now, but he is not alone, an Elemental Spirit is helping him. I couldn't get closer to see what's going on, there is some kind of force that impedes me to go near it," he said, pretty serious.

I couldn't believe what was he saying, someone from the material world was fighting a spirit? And how he managed to come to the Spirit World? I needed to be there as soon as possible and try to calm down the dispute.

"Can you take me there?" I said to Iroh.

He nodded and turned to his right and began to walk around the bottom.

"Wait," I said interrupting him, "I thought it was on the top of the Peak."

"No, Korra, the fight is deep in a forest behind the Peak, and also the force doesn't allow me to go up the peak," he said, resuming his walk.

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