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The team were imitating Cheng after a fight, when A fire ball almost hit Ashley. The team prepare to fight, But The two girls were already at it. Ashley attacking and Tamara deflecting most of the attacks with her metal cuff lings. But then Ashley hid some shurikens behind a fire blast which caught There attacker off guard. After that they escaped the cave, and the gang set out to rescue Cheng. Cong returned with some supplies which Ken considered an exaggeration, and told Cong that it was not necessary. They discovered the Camp and Ashley courageously went out and freed Cheng. Ken came in, and they escaped unscaved from the enemy camp. Cong returned with some supplies which Ken considered an exaggeration, and told Cong that it was not necessary

The dock

The team just got from the mainland to the next Fire Nation island. They need to make a stop in Fire fountain city for supplies, and are only a day's journey away. But they are also very tired not only because of the Long distances, but also the boat ride here. The cabbage merchant who gave them the ride was not an experienced sailor, and the waves only made it worse.

"My spirits, that guy was weird," said Cong to the others.

"Yeah he was so paranoid, As if his cabbages were going to explode at any..."Said Ashley before being cut off by an explosion.

"It came from the dock!" Let's go see what happened," said Ken

They ran to the dock only to find the man that gave them passage surrounded by fire. It was a plain old dock made of wood, but the pier was made of stone therefore fireproof. The man has a burnt out black cabbage in his hand, and was yelling: "My cabbages!"

"What happened, old man?" asked Ken.

"She blew up my cabbages!" The merchant answered.

"Who?" asked Ken.

"That would be me," answered the woman that attacked them before. She was out of uniform this time, instead of the usual black leather suit. She wore a Plain Fire Nation Shirt and pants.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" asked Ashley.

"My name is Tamara, Elite fire bender. Also supervisor of the little village that -he ran away from" She said pointing at Ken.

"Now be a good Energy bender and come with me," she continued.

"He's not going anywhere," answered Ashley.

"And neither are we!" continued Cheng.

"Oh well, the hard way it is," Tamara stated.

"Its three versus one, this should be easy," mocked Cheng.

"Yes, it should," Tamara bragged sending a fire whip towards Ashley

Ashley blocked the whip with a wall of fire, and then sent the wall towards Tamara. Tamara moved aside swiftly and sent two fire balls towards Ashley. Ashley then Jumped high in the air to dodge it and threw two shurikens. Cheng sent a fire arc towards Tamara But she somehow changed its trajectory slightly so it would head towards Ashley. Ashley surprised Jumped aside in an attempt to dodge the arc but found two fire balls heading towards her. Cheng stopped the fire balls with fire balls of his own then sent one towards Tamara; she deflected them with her metal couplings, But Ashley had sent a shuriken which cut her left arm. She then knew that this wasn't going to be as easy as she thought.

Cong was helping the merchant, but he had injured his leg with a cart, so needed help walking. While Cong was helping him get away from the fight, Tamara took advantage of the situation and sent a fire arc in there direction.

Cong saw the fire but there was no way he could move in time, but he didn't have to. Ken had come to try to absorb the energy with his energy bending, but there was something different about the fire. The fire was too powerful, it knocked him back and burnt his arms.

"Ken!" Screamed Ashley in distress, then angrily threw a ninja star at Tamara. But She had gone, She must have Ran into the forest. Ashley then ran to Ken, were Cheng was already looking at his burns.

"Is he okay?" asked Ashley in distress.

"He hit his head when he was blown back, He must have hit it so hard he went into a coma in a few days He will be okay.," answered Cheng, very professionally.

The Ashley turned her angry eyes toward Cong but bit her tong before yelling, She saw Cong must also fell bad.

"He must know that this is his fault..."thought Ashley

Ashley decided not to yell at him but simply help the cabbage man with his remaining cabbage.

The forest


"Cheng how's Ken?"

"Haha, I told you five minutes ago he's fine," said Cheng in a good mood.

"Sorry I am just worried..." stated Ashley shyly.

"Its okay we all are, aren't we Cong?" said Cheng comforting Ashley then calling Cong apparently still sleeping.

"Cong get up! I am going to go to Fire fountain city for some supplies wanna come?" Cheng asked Cong's motionless sleeping bag.

"Are we that close?" asked Ashley.

"Yeah less than two miles away," stated Cheng.

"Well, why don't we take Ken there?" asked Ashley.

"He's better here. If Tamara sees how much she hurt him, she might take the opportunity to attack.," answered Cheng.

"Well okay Cong can stay here," said Ashley staring at Ken behind Cheng.

"Great, bye!" said Cheng, starting the Walk to Fire fountain city.

"Bye!" yelled Ashley in return


Ken was beginning to regain his senses, he could hear, feel, and smell. But he still couldn't move or open his eyes. He remembered that Ashley and Cheng were fighting the fire bender woman and Cong was helping The old man. He was trying to read the woman's energy from the side rounds but he couldn't, her energy was way to complex. all he saw was her chi, whenever she fire bent it turned dark red. And then suddenly she turned towards Cong and then... It all went dark. He could hear Ashley's voice now. She had been telling him a story about her and Cong. "So yeah after that, I guess me and Cong just became friends."

"What's taking Cheng so long?" Ashley asked herself thinking out loud.

"Cong I know your awake, no one sleeps this late," hollered Ashley.

"If you don't come out right now, I'm going to throw a rock at you," said Ashley in a teasing tone.

"I really will do it," said Ashley with a small rock in her hand.

"Don't believe me?" asked Ashley then Ken heard the sound of a pan hitting something.


"I always thought you were made of metal but this is ridiculous..."

"I guess I'm all alone," stated Ashley in a depressed tone.

"Well I'm not alone am I? You're here with me Ken right?"

"Good night."

Then she kissed Ken. Ken didn't know if he was blushing but he felt heat all over his face did Ashley like him? Did he actually like Ashley, What will Cheng think? During all these racing thoughts he fell unconscious yet again.

"Thank spirits he's asleep" sighed Ashley


  1. I took a while because the original version I wrote was terrible I had to rewrite the whole thing. And because I just couldn't come up with a name for it until a friend helped me.

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