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Warning: This page contains spoilers to Next Generations fanon story. Chapter 5 in particular.

Fall of Plains Village


Escape from the Boiling Rock (Zhao's escape)


Establishment of Zuang


Rise of the Old Glory Gang


104 AG


Plains Village


  • Plains Village fell in the hands of the Old Glory Gang
  • Old Glory Gang got a base and a fighting crew
  • Rise of the Old Glory Gang started


Old Glory Gang

Plains Village




Forces involved

  • Jong Kong
  • Assasin Hiku Indiku
  • Assasin Fu Gan
  • One airship
  • Gow's earthbender crew
  • Some village civilians


  • Hideout to the north of Omashu was lost
  • Five earthbenders badly injured
  • Two civilians badly injured
  • The village fell into Zhao's hands


Fall of Plains Village is the name given to the short-time battle which happened at Plains Village, resulting in Old Glory Gang capturing the village, and furthermore, beginning in the conflict which Old Glory Gang rose in it.

The battle was OGG's first ever operation, which was hugely successful due to getting a fighting crew. The operation was opposed by Gow's earthbending crew and later, by civilians of the village, which weren't any threat to OGG, in a little time, OGG captured the whole village.


At The Boiling Rock, Ozai ordered Zhao to escape prison and regain glory to Ozai's allies. Zhao, Ozai and the other prisoners helped in Zhao's sneak out, then he defeated two guards, captured an airship, and destroyed three airships all by himself.

Afterwards, Zhao traveled to Omashu to meet his son, who was later revealed to be a master firebender, Jong Kong. He asked his son to collect his friends, which were Hiku and Fu Gan, and both of the friends accepted to help regaining glory, despite Fu Gan being an Earth Kingdom man and an earthbender. Fu Gan came up with the name Old Glory Gang, Zhao found a hideout to the north of Omashu for the gang. There, the foursome planned to capture the village.

The Battle

The OGG flew with their captured Fire Nation airship, then they stopped in the air over Plains Village, Hiku hopped to the heart of the village so earthbenders came all around him, Zhao and Jong Kong started to blow fireballs on the earthbenders' heads while civilians came to fight as well. Fu Gan began taking rocks from the earth and throwing them at civilians and earthbenders, after a little time, five of fifteen earthbenders were injured badly as well as two civilians, This marked the end of the battle as the village's leadership surrendered.


The village surrendered and the leader of the village, Gow, who was not defeated after the war but was still in his place, gave the leadership of the village to Zhao, he and his earthbenders crew joined the OGG. Citizens of the village were asked to join the gang, the ones who did not accept were imprisoned.

The battle resulted in the start of the rise of the Old Glory Gang, which was brought later to Zuko and Aang's total awareness, as well as the Earth King's awareness. Furthermore details are yet to be announced with the releases of next chapters of the story.


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