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Fables in the world of Avatar have always existed. This was usually the case to describe how something happened that didn't have a description. If no-one knows who the first person on Earth was, someone will probably make something up eventually.

The Three Comrades

Before the waterbenders were divided, before there was an Avatar, there were three waterbending boys from the place which is now called the Southern Water Tribe, who were almost men. Their names were Illanaq, Lokou and Tikaani. Illanaq was the oldest, strongest, but also curious and ignorant and was acknowledged for his icebending. Lokou was very unwise -and that was obvious-, but he had a great sense of travel and always knew where he had to go. If anywhere, he was away from his friends Illanaq and Tikaani, because even though they were friends, if Illanaq and Tikaani were together the were always meaner to Lokou. However, if they were apart Illanaq and Lokou were the best of friends which is also because their parents were close, so they were together more often then with Tikaani. Tikaani was the youngest of the three, probably roughly a year younger than Illanaq. Illanaq and Tikaani were always on different sides and had different opinions, but they always came up with a solution to satisfy both their needs. Tikaani would do everything to protect his family, and once he had even killed a polar bear dog. His father Raku was the leader of the tribe. Raku was seen as the strongest person tribe and he could defeat anyone, or anything that crossed his paths and insulted him. One night Raku told the boys that if they came back home the next morning with five tiger seals, they would be considered men and were allowed to join on hunts. It was a full moon this night. Full moons were considered as bad luck in that century. At around 02:00AM the boys left their camp to hunt. four hours later at 06:00AM they had already killed three tiger seals. Suddenly Illanaq stopped walking. "What is it, Illanaq? Why'd you stop?" Lokou asked. "Can't you feel it?" Tikaani responded. "Feel what?!" Lokou yelled. Illanaq turned around and told Lokou and Tikaani to do so too. They saw different shades of pure turquoise in the sky. "Why is this so special, it's just the Aurora!" Lokou said. "The Aurora Australis is never turquoise, or at least not this kind of turquoise. Never so pure," said Tikaani. "Uh... I think it is, Tikaani. I think I've seen this before". "In you dreams," said Illanaq. Tikaani laughed. "Now you mention it..." Lokou got an intense feeling of déjà vu. "I think I have seen this in a dream. I don't think it actually was real life". "Since when are you so poetic?" Illanaq Saud laughing. The turquoise blur bursted to the ground and became something that took on the form of a human. A female human. "Hello, Illanaq, Lokou and Tikaani," the friends heard. The three were speechless. "My fellow colors in the sky have told me to give you three two orders". Illanaq and Lokou stood perfectly still, while Tikaani took a step back. "Lokou, you must leave your home and never return". How can she... or he... Say this as if this is something regular? Lokou thought. "Illanaq and Tikaani. One of you may stay, but one must be on the exact opposite place on Earth. Once you'll be where you'll have to be, if you move, the other will move into the opposite direction". "Why?! How do you have the right?! How can you even...?!" Tikaani shouted. Illanaq was still speechless, and so was Lokou. Suddenly Lokou said: "I understand," as if he was brain washed by the turquoise shade. The shade exploded into a heavy, bright light. The comrades were blinded. "Illanaq?! Tikaani?!" Lokou shouted desperately. "Lokou?! I can't see anything!" Illanaq responded. "Me neither! What's happening?!" Illanaq didn't react. after a couple of minutes Illanaq and Lokou could see again. "Lokou!" Illanaq ran to Lokou who was already a couple of hills away trying to search for his friends in the brightness by touch. "Illanaq!" "Wait, where is Tikaani?" It only took a couple of seconds for Illanaq to realise what has happened: The turquoise shade had teleported Tikaani to the other side of the world. Without saying a word, Illanaq and Lokou returned to their camp. Everyone was already asleep, so there were no questions asked. The next morning also Lokou was gone, and Illanaq was the last one on the icy crust of the South Pole, while he knew exactly where Tikaani was. Illanaq realised that he wasn't forced to move anywhere, which means Tikaani -who was always the smarter one anyway- was, and had sacrificed his movement for Illanaq. Illanaq decided not to move also, which led to the two comrades not doing anything all day, and sleeping in their puddle of excretion. After a week Illanaq decided to stand up and leave the place where he was after dozens of questions of his parents and other camp-members that he ignored. He decided to go into the water and clean himself up and put on some fresh new clothes. At that same moment, weird people -which the camp-members have never seen before because they haven't seen anyone else in their lives and didn't even know they existed- in red clothing attacked the camp with fire and killed everyone, except Illanaq, of course, because he was getting cleansed away from the camp. When he returned everyone was dead. He cried for days, weeks maybe. After the harsh times of fear, Illanaq decided to leave. Eventually he found another camp, with other people, and as he got older, he married a woman, got two kids, and became the camp's leader. After all this time, Tikaani hasn't moved, not even after fifteen years. Illanaq realised that Tikaani didn't move... He was dead. Illanaq and his water-warriors travelled to the other side of the world to search for Takaani, and Tikaani was dead, but not after five years or so: He got children, and other people joined them, just like Illanaq joined others. Lokou however, was also still alive and well in a swamp somewhere in the Earth Kingdom, and taught others how to waterbend. That's how the three Water Tribes were founded.

Moral of the story: Friends stay friends forever.

The Red Sharkwhales

There have always been sharkwhales, they weren't any special. They may have been dangerous, but not too dangerous for waterbenders, which could easily defeat them or hunt them down. One day at the North Pole, the daughter of the strong Hakatu the Great, Alea, went fishing. When she finally arrived at her weekly fishing spot, she saw a great wave coming her way, a wave so big it could destroy the entire North Pole. When the wave got closer, Alea noticed that the wave wasn't ordinary blue, but it was blood-red. What could it have been? Alea started crying with the thought hundreds of people could have been killed. What else could it be with al that blood? Suddenly a giant sharkwhale came out of the water right in front of Alea, jumping into the air. The sharkwhale got below the surface of the water again. The wave got even closer, so Alea screamed for help, but the village was too far away for them to hear her, so she started doing something about it herself: She started waterbending the wave away, but it was no use. Although she was the daughter of Hakatu the Great, she was a weakling, thus also too weak for bending the wave away. Alea couldn't run to the village (back then, the North Pole had only one village, which was not even a city anymore. It was founded by Tikaani, on of "The Three Comrades") and warn them anymore, because the wave was too close. There was nothing she could do about it: She will die. Because of her ignorance, the whole village will be ruined. If she just started running back to the village when she first saw the wave, everyone could've evacuated or helped waterbending the wave, but no... It was all too late. But when the wave almost hit the ice of the North Pole, the giant sharkwhale -which was abnormally giant, even for a sharkwhale- jumped into the air again, for the second time. The wave hit the sharkwhale, and the sharkwhale got pushed into the ice, but the village was saved. It appeared the wave wasn't red at all, it was just a normal wave, but after the incoming wave a group of giant red sharkwhales came swimming to the almost dead and damaged other sharkwhale that saved the North Pole. The regular sharkwhale was also not regular anymore, it too was red, but because of its blood.. Or was it? Suddenly Alea felt a push coming from behind, and she was eaten by a sharkwhale. She wasn't bit or anything, but she was now in the tummy of a giant red sharkwhale. She was in there so long that she had to eat flesh of his body from the inside for food, drink some salt seawater that came inside of his bodt, and while asleep, use his mucus as a blanket. She was in there so long she got mental health problems. After sixty-six very long years, she saw some light coming from above. "Is this it? Am I finally going to die?" She begged. But no, the light got wider, and the giant red sharkwhale got hunted down by her own village from sixty-four years ago, which she didn't know, because she didn't know if it was night or day. She didn't even know she was around seventy-five years now, because she also didn't have a mirror. When she got out she fainted because of the bright light she hadn't seen in so long. When she woke up, she got asked who she was and what happened to her by a young man she has never seen before. "My name is Alea". "And how old are you?" "I'm fifteen years old," she said. The man started laughing: "Very funny. But this is important: How old are you exactly?" "I mean it, I'm fifteen. What's so funny? Do I look like I'm younger or something?" She asked seriously. The man's smile faded away. "How long have you been in there?" "I don't know... a few days, maybe?" (What up, episode one reference?!). "I think it was more like... a hundred years..." (Here wee go again...) "What?! That's impossible! Do I look like a hundred and fifteen year old woman to you?" (:3) "No, but you may be eighty years old". "Are you joking?!" To prove Alea wrong, the man brought her to the reflecting water and showed her herself. "See?" "What the... I've been in their for sixty-five years?" "I think so Alea..." "What's your name, actually?" Alea asked. "My name is Hakatu," he said. "Wait... are you named after Hakatu the Great?" "Yes, he's my grandfather!" He told her. "My father is Hataku the Great..." "Is your sister named Kalua?" "I don't have any sisters..." "She must've been born before you, why don't I ask her, wait here". Hataku asked his sister and she told him her father told her that she had a sister, but she was lost and never seen again, and he told that story to Alea again. Alea was surprised and ran to her unknown sister and explained what happened, and they hugged each other. With tears in her eyes Kalua explained: "These giant red sharkwhales have terrorised us for sixty-four years now, and they have eaten so many people after you". "Then... All these people may be very well still alive in the stomachs of these sharkwhales!" And so the hunters hunted more and more red sharkwhales, and more and more people were rescued. 

Moral of the story: If someone's lost, they're not lost completely.

The First Bloodbender

Usually only boys are allowed to be a warrior and hunt, but once a generation there is a female who is so strong she can oubeat anyone, including boys (usually) and is able to serve as a warrior just like a man. A century before the hundred-year war against the Fire Nation, there was a woman called Miki. She was very strong and muscular for a woman about twenty-five years old. She was seen as this generation's female warrior, but still wasn't allowed to be a warrior. Even when she defeated the tribe's leader the elderly were against the idea of a girl as a warrior. After a year of sexism she finally got to join the warriors on a hunt to prove herself. The hunt begun at sunset, when most animals are asleep. The full moon was already visible. Everyone knows that at night, waterbenders are stronger, but only a few realise that when there is a full moon, waterbenders are at their strongest point, and are able to do what they're not able to day at day. Nobody liked Miki because she would go as far as beating the leader for being a warrior. It won't make anything any better. Just when they started hunting there was a big, dark stormcloud covering the moonlight, making the waterbender weaker. It started raining and thunder broke some ice. After three hours of hunting the stormcloud finally drifted away, and at the exact moment the moonlight shined on Miki, she felt the intense feeling of strength and power. She was ready to take on anything. Moonlight is a drug for waterbenders, and Miki was having an overdose. Miki stood still for a moment to feel the intensity for a couple of seconds. "Hey! Why are you just standing there? You're supposed to be proving yourself, woman," a random someone said. Miki's face swapped emotions, "What did you say?" "That you shoul be hunting, not letting the men do all the work. D'you think you're so special, just because you're girl?" "But then, what are you doing? You're talking to me right now, thinking about me, that's not hunting either, is it?" "Do you know what Miki stands for, Miki? Miki means 'small', because compared to me, and all the others, you're a small female." Miki felt a huge rush and adrenaline floated all through her body. She knew. She knew she was able to do something so regularly couldn't. She could bend... "Blood". "What d'you say?" "Blood..." The man didn't get it. Out of the blue, he couldn't do anything anymore: He was paralyzed but didn't fall on the ground. He was being bloodbended. He started floating in the air. "What're you doing? Since when can you airbend?" Another man asked. "Help," the bloodbended man tried to say, but didn't get any oxygen. "I can rip you entire body apart. I'm stronger than you. A lot stronger!" "What are you doing Miki?! How?" Someone from the group asked loudly. "I'm bending his fluid blood. I can kill him with ease. Some people are able to do this, but only during a full moon. I knew I could do this for a long time now, and I was planning to put it in to practice on someone who can't stand it that I'm a woman. He can't," Miki told him. "Put him down now!" Someone else said. "What are you going to do?! All my life I've been told I'm weak, but look at me now, I can kill you all at this moment, right here!" Miki heard a voice behind her saying: "If you don't put him down, now... You won't be accepted as warrior, let alone as someone from the North Pole. You'll be banished". Miki's rage quadrupled. She stopped hurting the first man, and now had all the others in her bloodbending grip. "I don't even want to live with you people if you won't accept me. One day you may need a strong person to save you all, but even with that thought, you'd rather be dead than be saved by a woman? You guys are pathetic!" Miki pushed them all to the ground and ran away, and she was never seen again. Later on, other women started trying to bloodbend during a full moon, and so bloodbending was born.

Moral of the story: Don't disrespect the honorable, even if it's a woman.

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