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The Future of Korra





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March 25, 2015

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Book 2 - Chapter 5

Korra and Sokka landed back onto the island.

Arrluk noticed them landing. "Korra, where were you? I was worried sick!" Arrluk said to Korra.

"Hehe, I guess I should've told you," Korra said.

"You should've!" Arrluk snapped.

Arrluk walked away.

"Anyways, Korra, I have a job to get back to," Sokka said, dismissing himself. "See you soon, Korra!" Sokka said.

"Bye!" Korra replied while waving at the walking away Sokka.

Korra quickly caught up with Arrluk.

"May I stay at your house again?" Korra asked. "You still have my laundry," Korra pointed out.

Arrluk sighed, "Yes, Korra, but this time, try not to make a fuss with the cleaning lady."


Later, in Arrluk's house, Korra was swirling a spoon around in her tea as Arrluk was having a boring conversation with his wife.

"Do you have any children?" Korra inquired.

"Why yes, of course, every good man should have someone to build on his legacy for the next generation," Arrluk replied.

"Do you wish you could see your mother again?" Korra asked, continuing to draw circles in her tea with a spoon.

"Of course. That would mean so much to me, all those years gone by, I wonder what she's like? I'm so old now, that I could be considered part of the same generation as my mother. She was only fourteen!"

"Why are you so... so 'dramatic' lately?" Korra asked gently.

"Oh, I've been taking drama classes lately! What do you think?"

"I think that you should just be yourself."

"Bla, bla, bla, I hear that all the time," Arrluk said, sweeping Korra's advice off his shoulders. "Anyways, it is getting late, I'm going to bed and you should too, Korra."

Korra was unsatisfied with Arrluk's wish.

After a short period of time, Korra was in bed, about to go to sleep. She thought to herself how she was going to get Arrluk and Katara reunited again. Korra had come up with a master plan: just borrow one of the bison that live on Air Temple Island.

Korra had waited until she knew that Arrluk was asleep, then she snuck out of the building. Outside, Korra got on her glider and glided herself to Air Temple Island in Republic City. She was quite nervous in case someone back at the island had noticed that she was gone, but she knew that that would not be an issue. Finally, Korra arrived at the island and landed as stealthily as possible. She did not want to get caught by anyone. As she was walking, she noticed Mako, walking with Asami. Korra quickly hid herself in a bush next to the building. She tried her best to eavesdrop into Mako and Asami's conversation. Korra only heard them giggle as they walked away from the bush Korra was hiding in. Mako's voice sounded like mumbling due to the distance. No matter what was going on, Korra didn't like this, as her relationship with Asami became rough around the edges after their one week trip to the Spirit World. Nonetheless, Korra finally got hold of a bison that was in its sizeable room. Korra hopped on to the bison.

"Yip Yip," Korra said to the bison. The bison was not Oogi, obviously. Korra took off flying back to the island, hoping to surprise Arrluk with something he always wanted to do for a long time.

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