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Going North Part 1
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The Future of Korra





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March 20, 2015

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Korra woke up the next morning; she found herself in a messy room, with some clothes dumped on the floor. She was laying down on the bed with the sheets on top of her with Sokka sleeping on the other side of the bed. She looked under the sheets and she knew that Mako wasn't going to be happy about this, as she nor Sokka were sleeping in clothes and Korra was ashamed of what happened last night. "It's okay with Mako, but random people?" She said in her head. "This is going to be my fifth," she also said in her head. "So maybe this could be my first male waterbender. Between now and when I gave birth had to be less than a month."

"It is currently late summer, early fall 175 AG," Korra said to herself as she jumped up so she was sitting rather than laying.

Sokka, the man who was sleeping beside her, was waking up. "Korra? Sweetie?"

"Yes," Korra said as she was laying back down.

"Make me breakfast... Please?" Sokka asked.

Korra got up from the bed and put on her clothes. Then she exited the room and entered a small room that had a kitchen in the back, the living room to the front, and some doors leading to a washroom and the bedroom that she was just in.

Korra grabbed some eggs and started cooking it on the firewood stove. She made scrambled eggs for both herself and Sokka.

"Wake up, sleepyhead!" she said to Sokka.

Sokka walked out of the room fully dressed and looking very handsome just for Korra.

Korra fell in love with Sokka instantly again.

They sat down at the counter that divided the kitchen from the rest of the small room.

"So, you live here by yourself?"

"Yeah, small... But nice, don't you think?"

"Sure. So I got this idea, Sokka."

"What is it?" He spoke while he was eating.

Korra giggled. "How about we meet your mother?"

Sokka looked at Korra. "Okay, but I'm not going to move there. I like living here."

"I understand your decision; I just thought that maybe you would like to meet your mother, as it seems you have been taken away from here when you were only four."

"I do want to see her, I just don't want a one way trip."

"Don't worry, we won't be there for long, maybe a few hours. All we need it some hyper speed travelling."

"Hyperspeed travelling?" Sokka asked, confused.

"I just go very fast, so we can get there faster. Also, finish up soon, I'm already done. We have to leave soon!"


Minutes later, Sokka finished up his meal and was ready to leave. The two get onto Korra's glider and headed North.

"Korra, you're amazing at this, this is the best experience I ever had!"

"Really?" Korra asked. "You said the same last night."

"Whatever, don't stress about it," Sokka replied.

The two kept flying nonstop over the sea.


Hours later, they finally spotted the North Pole.

"Look, is that the North Pole Korra?"

"Yes, yes, it is," Korra responded.

The two landed safely on the snow and ice mixture.

"Wow, I can't believe it."

"Can't believe what?" Korra asked.

"How cold it is here."

"Oh, come on," Korra said, not feeling sorry for Sokka.

"You know, we still have to walk from here," Korra mentioned.

"Oh no! I don't want to walk!"

"Let's go!" Korra said, not caring what Sokka thought.

Later, they finally reached the large capital of the Northern Water Tribe.

"Sokka, I think it's getting late," Korra pointed out. "We should find an inn."

"Good idea! Look, there is one over there."

Korra and Sokka walked over to the inn. A woman with a similar age as Kya greeted them.

"Hi, do you have a room for two?" Sokka asked.

"Oh, of course," she giggled.

Korra and Sokka looked at each other.

"Here are the keys! Just go to the second floor and look for room 106," the woman directed.

Korra and Sokka walked towards the elevator. She noticed something peculiar about the boy, Sokka.

Korra and Sokka went to the second floor and found room 106; when opening the door, they discovered that the bed was a queen sized bed.

Korra and Sokka looked at each other once again and Sokka kissed Korra, and then Korra kissed Sokka back.

"I guess we're staying here for the night Sokka," Korra said to Sokka.

Sokka didn't say anything.

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