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The Waterbenders of the Island Part 2 - The Date
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The Future of Korra





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March 20, 2015

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Book 2 - Chapter 2

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FOK: Book 2 - Secrets: Chapter - 3 The Waterbenders of the Island Part 2 - The Date

Korra left Arrluk's house once again to go on a date with a man, who she only knew to be a waterbender as well as the fact that he had a big crush on Korra. Korra went to the same store where she met the man, and he was there.

"Korra, you look beautiful," the man told Korra.

"Thanks," Korra said as she blushed.

"I forgot to tell you this, but my name is Sokka," Sokka told Korra.

"Sokka? Really? Your parents named you after Katara's brother?" Korra said, unimpressed.

"Well, he was here on this very island and he was dating my mother before I was born."

Korra was shocked and annoyed, she felt like wherever she turned, she learned something that objected what she currently knew.

Trying to change the subject, Korra asked Sokka what happened and how all these waterbenders ended up on the island.

"So, how exactly did all of the waterbenders arrive here?" Korra asked.

"Well, I was told that there was a transfer: all the southerners that had descendants in the north were to be transferred to the South Pole. Unfortunately, my mother wasn't part of the people who were to be transferred. So while going down South, our ship was attacked by some spirit years ago. The ship was running out of supplies and lost course; the crew noticed this island, so they tried their best to move the ship into the harbour."

"But that doesn't explain why everyone stayed," Korra replied.

"Some of the waterbenders got jobs here, some left. The ones that got jobs here stayed here, like me. I personally like this warm weather better than the cold frigid weather in the North or South."

"Okay, and how would you like me to reunite you with your mother?"

"Eh," Sokka tried to avoid the question.

Korra gave him a blank look, then they bursted in laughter.

"Sokka, I haven't had this much fun with a guy in a long time. I have started a mess with Mako."

"Korra, your family isn't a mess," Sokka cut her off.

"Well, I feel I'm being to Avatary and busy lately.... So a transfer, huh?"

Sokka looked at her while sipping his drink. "Yeah, why?"

"So these people decided to stay?"

"Pretty much."

"Including you?"

"Well, for me, it wasn't a choice. I was kind of adopted. As I said, my other was left behind."

"That really must suck that you were only two."

"I was four actually."

"So you are two years older than me."

"Can you believe that for the first two years of my life, Aang was alive!" Sokka said happily.

"Yeah, and when I was conceived, Aang died."

"Why does that sound bad?" Sokka said to himself.

Korra shrugged it off. She finished her dessert. The waiter came and took their plates away.

"Anyways, thanks for the meal, Sokka. I really appreciate your kindness."

"Anytime, Korra."

They packed up their stuff and walked down the street, holding hands.

"Hey, Korra."


"Would you like to sleep over at my house?"

"Sure, I guess."


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