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The Waterbenders of the Island Part 1
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The Future of Korra





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March 20, 2015

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Korra woke up the next morning. One of the three maids that Arrluk had noticed that Korra was up, so she knocked on the door.

"Good morning, Avatar Korra, are you awake?" The maid asked in a good, energized mood.

Korra yawned, "Yes, I am up."

"May I come in?" The maid asked a question once again.

Korra looked around. "I guess."

The maid opened the door. She noticed that there was water spilled on the floor as Korra had somehow knocked over the cup of water while asleep.

"What a mess," the maid said as she surveyed the spill. Then she used her waterbending to transfer the water from the floor into the cup.

"You're a waterbender!" Korra said in excitement.

"Oh come on, you knew there were waterbenders here on this island. Didn't you see what happened yesterday?" The maid replied.

Korra felt dumb and awkward. "Oh yeah, I guess I forgot, you know being in the Fire Nation and all."

"Uh huh," the maid said unsatisfied with Korra's answer.

"Where was your positive attitude that you had before you came in here?" Korra asked.

"I left it out of this room," the maid replied as she was dusting the furniture in the room.

Korra grabbed her clothes and went to the guest bathroom. Inside the bathroom, she changed her clothes from her pajamas to her regular Southern Water Tribe clothes. She exited the washroom and asked the maid if she could wash her pajamas. Korra left her room. She walked down the narrow hall that felt long as if she was walking in a very large, one story mansion, which she was practically in. She walked through the archway and entered a red painted room that appeared to be the living room. Arrluk and his wife Hikari were in the room sitting on the couch; Arrluk was drinking coffee and Hikari was reading some sort of Fire Nation fashion magazine.

"Korra, what can I do for you today?" Arrluk asked.

Korra sat down on the loveseat that was against the wall to the left of Arrluk. "So how exactly did you manage to get all these waterbenders onto your island and how did you convince the Fire Lord," Korra fake coughs "your half sister," Korra fake coughs "to allow you to keep them?"

"Well, twenty years ago, it was 155 AG, so my father, Zuko was still the Fire Lord and so it was easy to deal with him. He respected my decision. I told him I could use extra hands and I knew he couldn't afford to transfer any other citizens, so he decided to let these waterbenders immigrate to my island if I wished. So now you see them living here, being as productive as the Firebenders here."

"So where did they come from?" Korra asked.

"I'm pretty sure that the waterbenders are from the Northern Water Tribe. It couldn't have been from the army, because it was a mix of both genders and age. I don't know the full story, you would have to ask them yourself."

Korra nodded, "I'm going to go outside to get some fresh air."

Arrluk gestured that she may go, as he took another sip of his coffee.

Korra left the room and entered the narrow hallway that she came from before. She kept wandering around the house for a few more minutes before she found the front door. She exited the building and was overwhelmed by the exceptional weather. She walked off Arrluk's property and started walking on the street. She walked down the street until she had to turn left or right onto the main street that contained some businesses, but it was nothing compared to the businesses of Republic City. She walked around looking at all the little shops on the side of the street. A small shop that sold cooked soups caught her attention, as a young man, about Korra's age, who was for an older woman and he was waterbending the hot soups into the bowls as the old woman was warming and cooking with her firebending to be cheap. Korra noticed then that the man that she was developing a crush for was starting his break, so Korra went over to see him.

"Hi, I...I'm Korra," she said to the man.

"Korra? As in 'Avatar Korra'?" The man asked.

"Yup, that's me, the Avatar, wherever I go, everyone identifies me."

"Korra, it's such an honor to be in your presence."

"Why does everyone treat me like I'm supreme ruler?" Korra asked as she sat down beside the man.

"Umm, because you're the Avatar."

"Great answer," Korra said sarcastically.

"Look, I always had this secret crush on you and I'm wondering if you would go out with me?" The man said awkwardly to Korra.

Korra thought in her head, "Well, I'm already going out with Mako, but he could maybe tell me where the waterbenders are from and why they left?"

"Deal," Korra said.

"See you at 9," the man replied romantically.

As Korra walked away, he realized that he forgot to tell Korra his name, but then realized that he should wait until the date before he told her.

Korra continued to walk down the street, witnessing more people using their bending to help their business. Korra stopped at a restaurant and had some lunch by herself. After lunch, she went back to Arrluk's house, as that is where she was staying over and waited out the rest of her day playing board games.

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