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FOK: Book 2 - Secrets: Chapter 1 - Zutara's Descendants
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The Future of Korra





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March 16, 2015

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FOK: Book 2 - Secrets: Chapter 1 - Zutara's Descendants

Korra was flying on her glider across the ocean, trying to break a world record. Approaching a small uncharted island owned by the Fire Nation that no one cares about because nothing happens there, Korra noticed something, something that appears to be a disagreement between some firebenders and some waterbenders.

"What's going on down there? Why are there waterbenders, it isn't Aang's time when the Hundred Year War happened," Korra said to herself. "I'll go check out what is going on down there myself."

Korra started to plummet down to the island to see what was going on down there. Korra landed safely thanks to her airbending. All of a sudden, a strange man that appeared to be older than Bumi shot out between the two sides of firebenders and waterbenders. Korra noticed how he moved away the two elements without the use of airbending, the only way this way of moving the elements and firing them in the opposite direction is if the man was both a firebender and a waterbender.

"Everyone calm down, we have been living in peace for 20 years now, and now you want to start a war?" the man said to the crowd of firebenders and waterbenders, shaming them.

Korra, feeling a wave of disbelief, said in an upset tone, "I'm the Avatar! And who are you?"

"Avatar Korra," the man bowed. "It is such an honor to be in your presence. What can I do for you?" the man replied as he walked towards Korra, dismissing the other civilians.

Korra replied, "Who are you and did I just see you bending two elements?"

"My name is Arrluk, and I am both a firebender and a waterbender."

"Arrluk, isn't that a Southern Water Tribe name?" Korra said, infuriated, as if she was being treated as a joke. "A fire- and waterbender? Is this some sort of mockery or game, or are you trying to be me, because only me can be me?"

"Korra, please calm down, I know you think that I am impossible person, but I am a real person. As you saw I can firebend as well as waterbend."

Korra sat down on the ground with her hands rubbing her temples; she developed a headache. "I'm just having a hard time processing this. I'm sorry that I was rude to you. I get hotheaded when I'm frustrated."

"How about we have some tea together at my house?"

Later in Arrluk's house Korra notices a fair amount of relics from the Southern Water Tribe as well as the Fire Nation. She spots one that is a picture of Aang and Katara with Bumi and Kya as small children, and Tenzin as a little baby. Korra remembers that Katara gave her children the very same picture back at the South Pole.

"Where did you get this photograph?" Korra asked.

"My mother gave it to me," Arrluk replied from the kitchen as he was preparing the tea.

"Why would his mother give him this? He clearly has some Fire Nation ethnicity in him, so he can't be Aang and Katara's son, and Aang only had three children," Korra thought in her head.

Arrluk joins Korra in the living room and signals her to sit down.

"So Korra, what is on your mind?" Arrluk asked.

"How did you end up on this small quiet, isolated from the world, island?"

"Well, I actually founded this settlement. Zuko transferred me as soon as I was born, as one of my parents was a Fire Nation citizen."

"Where where you transferred from?" Korra asked.

"The South Pole, that's where I was born. My mother was a great waterbending master, and my father was an excellent firebender master. Together with the help of the Avatar, they heroically ended the Hundred Year War," Arrluk answered.

Korra was putting the pieces together. "Waterbending Master", "Firebending Master", "ended the Hundred Year War," the only thing Korra could not understand is, "who was the Waterbending master? Katara always loved Aang, didn't she?" Korra thought. She knew that Arrluk was Zuko's son, she could see it right through him.

"Arrluk, who was your mother?" Korra asked.

Reluctant to answer Arrluk replied, "Do you really want to know?"

Korra nodded.

Arrluk sighed and took a deep breath. "My mother is.... Ka.. - Katara"

Feeling a wave of disbelief, Korra responded, "Really? How could that be? After the war, Katara was with Aang, and had Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin."

"I always wanted to meet my half-brothers and sister. But as the Fire Nation rejected me, so would they. Korra, you are the only person I could vent out to about this; except for my wife Hikari, no one else listens or cares. I feel like I am imprisoned on this island by my father."

"I know exactly how you feel, you see, Aang requested that I was to be trained in a safe environment, safe from all the outside distractions, that left me being trained in what felt like a prison in the South Pole. I was always jealous of Aang because he got to travel the world, he has gone pretty much everywhere when he was an Avatar-in-training, and look at me, I was trapped in the South Pole, and now that I am a fully realized Avatar I still haven't visited all the little villages and landmarks that Aang did when he was a kid."

"But Korra, you are something, I am not. Zuko chose to have Izumi as the Firelord because she was pure Fire Nation and I was not. And to answer your question on how my birth was possible. Zuko told me that after the Ember Island play, Katara agreed with the play that she loved Aang as a brother. At that time, my mother had a secret crush on my father. On some night Zuko and Katara already knew about each other's love, and Zuko told Katara that he was afraid if he died and Azula became Firelord, and he told Katara that he needs her to do something very important for him. He told Katara that he wants to have a kid with her so that if he doesn't make it, Azula would only be in power for a short period until the child which is me and that I would be raised by Katara and replace Azula when I am old enough." Arrluk sighed. "Zuko did make it, but unfortunately he married Mai, and had a family with her and I was just left to rot here almost like If I was banished, which I'm not."

"So what happened when you were born? How did Aang not know about you, because you had to be born when Aang and Katara were together."

"Katara made a cover up. She convinced Aang somehow to have a child with her and when I was born in winter of 100 AG, Zuko smuggled me to the Fire Nation. When Aang arrived home, Katara made a big scene saying that the baby didn't make it and when he asked to see me, she said I was already buried." Arrluk started feeling sad and angry. "I'm sorry, Korra, but that is all that I will say today, if you want, you can stay for a night," Arrluk offered.

"Thanks, that is very kind of you Arrluk."


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