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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

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General Ezan was a former brigadier general in the Fire Nation Army, and was a member of the Meteorologists, making him one the lead antagonists in The Weatherbenders.


The War

Ezan's background is unknown. What is known is that he was called to military service in 80 AG. At the time he was a Firebending master.

For seven years, he served in the Southern Raiders, but with the bulk of activity done there prior to this entrance, Ezan remained mostly inactive, spending time doing training and drills. In 85 AG, he was promoted to a commander.

In 87 AG, with his skills enhancing, Yon Rha dismissed Ezan from the Southern Raiders, believing his talents were being wasted there. Ezan was assigned to the Earth Kingdom. There, he helped maintain Fire Nation occupations and stopped rebellions. During this time, he befriended Zorro.

Ezan distinguished himself to a point where be became a lieutenant general in 94 AG. He served in the 600-day Siege of Ba Sing Se later that year, serving through its end.

Ezan was promoted to general in 96 AG. His brigade helped take Ba Sing Se four years later to complete the coup of the city. However, his brigade suffered a huge defeat on the Day of Sozin's Comet, when the city was liberated by the Order of the White Lotus.

Ezan, who believed in Fire Nation supremacy, left the Army after Zuko became Fire Lord.


Ezan wanted no part in Zuko's plan for peace, so he left the Fire Nation all together, moving to the Earth Kingdom. He decided that he would not stage any revolt, but would gladly participate in one if the situation presented itself. However, he missed that chance in 101 AG, when a small revolt attempted to overthrow Zuko, but it was quelled within two days.

The Meteorologists

In 102 AG, Ezan was invited by Zorro to join his group. After Zorro explained the situation with Weatherbending, Ezan gladly joined in. He was replacing Reeaki, who had deserted the group weeks prior.

Ezan quickly mastered the art of Weatherbending, becoming a serious threat.

For a third time, he made his way to Ba Sing Se, this time on his inaugural mission as a member of the Meteorologists. He greatly enhanced the heat, making it downright uncomfortable in the Earth Kingdom capital. This helped to draw Team Avatar out of the various homes, setting up for their encounter with the Meteorologists.

This encounter came in chapter five. Ezan initially started against Toph and Mai, but the latter abandoned the fight to stand in for Zuko. Ezan defeated Toph with powerful Firebending, then combined with Zorro to deal with Mai and Aang. Later, the generals defeated Team Avatar using heat manipulation. Ezan and the Meteorologists proceeded to make their next move at the Fire Nation Capital.

Ezan and the group took the Capital in the Capture of the Fire Nation, and he became the closest adviser to Zorro, who became the Fire Lord, and would replace him in the event of disaster.

During Zorro's short reign, Ezan helped him draft the plans that would eventually lead to The Tri-National Showdown. He also helped in planning to stave off the Rebellion Against the New Reign's first attempt to take the nation back.

On 14 September, the Fire Nation Rebel Army returned to the shores of the Capital, setting off a larger and more long-lasting battle. After the Rebels were humiliated on their first attempt, they proved more worthy this time around. After fighting to a draw on day one, the tides changed to the Rebels in day two, mostly thanks to the influence of Aang and Zuko. Noticing the disturbing change in the tide, Zorro and Ezan made their way to the battlefield.

Final fight

The two encountered the Avatar and deposed Fire Lord and engaged in a duel. It was an up-and-down fight on each side, with neither of the four gaining an advantage. At one point, Ezan and Zorro almost finished off their opposition, but Aang was able to pull Zuko away from a firebomb, turning the battle into a chase around the Capital.

Ezan and Zorro, along with a few domestic soldiers, later surrounded their opponents. However, Aang and Zuko unleashed a devastating cross-move of Firebending and Weatherbending. When Ezan and Zorro tried to react, they failed to get a significant blow in as Aang had used the Avatar State to force an air shield over him and Zuko during the blow.

Ezan found himself slammed into a nearby building. Zorro was killed, along with a few other soldiers. The Rebels, who had continued their tear even without Aang and Zuko, later took the Capital, thus re-gaining control of the Fire Nation. Ezan was later retrieved and did survive the attack, but was imprisoned.


With Zuko restored to his throne, he began a trial for all of the overthrowing forces. Ezan was convicted of high treason, and thus, in April of 103 AG, he was executed. In addition, his other allies did not survive. Baktan and Kianna tried to end the Siege of the South in their favor, but Baktan was killed by Sokka, and Kianna lost to Katara. When the siege was ended in favor of the Water Tribes, Kianna also was imprisoned and later executed.


Ezan was strong-minded, and not easily bossed around. Occasionally, he conflicted with General Zorro, but he worked quite well with him most of the time, strengthening the group.

Like Zorro, Ezan dreamed of a Fire Nation-ruled world, and was a strong dissenter of Fire Lord Zuko. He refused to work for peace, and hoped to join Zorro in a return the Fire Nation's old days.


Ezan was a master Firebender and Weatherbender. He could pull off any move in these arts in a matter of seconds. Also, he was an expert in agility, able to duck any elemental attacks and other moves quickly, making himself difficult to defeat. He wore opponents down before going for a finishing blow.

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