Explaining My True Love
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Chapter 4: Explaining my True Love

Aang spoke first.

"Well, when I was freed from the iceberg, Katara was the very first person I saw. I genuinely began to like her but after seeing her in a necklace I designed, I immediately fell in love with her. In fact, when I was training to master the Avatar State with Guru Pathik, I had to let go of my earthly attachment to unblock my final chakra. My earthly attachment was Katara and I just couldn't let go. Also, her touch is so powerful, it brings me out of the Avatar State," Aang explained. The group looked shocked.

"What about you Katara?" Sokka asked.

"At first, Aang was like a brother to me for the first few weeks after freeing him, but when I went to Aunt Wu's place and got my love life predicted, she predicted that I would marry a powerful bender. Then, when Sokka commented on how powerful of a bender Aang was, I realized that I would marry Aang. Then, once I got to know him really well, I began to fall in love. When we were in Ba Sing Se in the Jasmine Dragon, Aang and I went outside on the balcony where we shared a romantic kiss. It was the sweetest moment ever," I explained.

"I'll never forget that moment on our vacation in Ember Island," Toph said.

"You said it," Suki agreed.

On Ember Island, we had all gone to a better play about ourselves which was more accurate and the dialogue was less cheesy. After the play was done, Aang and I were sharing a kiss outside the theatre. When we had finished, we saw Sokka, Suki, Zuko, Mai, Toph and Ty Lee standing there looking shocked.

"Thanks for telling us," Sokka said.

Author's Note

So sorry for the length

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