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January 23, 2015

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"Exodus" is the second episode of Book Five: Connections of The Legend of Korra and the 54th of the overall series. It was released on the Avatar Fanon Wiki on January 23, 2015.


Circumstances lead Tenzin and Lin to rekindle their friendship. Korra begins her journey to reconnect to her past lives in the Northern Water Tribe for Avatar Kuruk where she will 'face' an ancient enemy of the Avatar.


That night, Korra slept with hope in her dreams and when she woke up the next morning, she was in the best mood possible. At breakfast, she couldn't hold in Raava's news. Tenzin was the one to notice Korra's abnormally large smile. "What is it, Korra?"

  Korra continued to smile as she sighed. "I thought you would never ask!"

  Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan leaned in slightly with expectations neither high nor low.

  As she delivered the news, Korra keep back her smile. "Raava told me a way that may be able to reconnect me to my past lives!" 

  Tenzin's eyes widened. "Korra, are you serious?"

  Korra nodded. "Yes!"

  "That's wonderful!" Tenzin exclaimed. 

  "I know! I can't wait to go on the journey!"

  Tenzin's expression dropped. "Journey?"

  "Yes!" Korra's enthusiasm slowly died down. "Tenzin, is there a problem?"

  Tenzin sighed. "I'm afraid there is, Korra. Come outside with me."


  Korra and Tenzin walked through the gardens on Air Temple Island.

  "What is it then?" Korra asked. "I'm sure I can fix it."

  "Korra, I don't like the idea of you going out on a journey alone."

  "I didn't say I was going alone," Korra pointed out.

  "You implied it," Tenzin explained.

  "I did not imply it one bit!" Korra defended.

  Tenzin sighed. "Korra, you are not going on that journey alone or with a group. It isn't safe. Don't you remember the last time you went on a journey? You disappeared without a trace."

  "I wasn't in a good place then," Korra admitted, "but now I'm better than ever!"

  "I'm sorry, Korra, but no means no," Tenzin said firmly.

  Korra sighed and walked off. Tenzin could do nothing but watch as she walked away.


  Avatar Korra Park was beaming with life, but not who it was named for. Korra sat alone on the bench, looking at her feet. She had a chance to reconnect to her past lives and prevent Vaatu's imminent return, but, of course, Tenzin wouldn't allow it. 

  Korra sighed and looked at the pond. A baby turtle duck wandered to the edge of the pond. Korra noticed this and smiled slightly. "Hello there, little guy."

  Another turtle duck, which Korra assumed was the mother, waddled towards her child, picked him up with her beak and waddled back to the pond. Korra sighed. This sight was familiar.


  Korra looked to her right to see Asami looking fabulous as usual. Korra's eyes widened in glee. "Asami! I'm so glad you could come." Korra stood up and hugged Asami, closing her eyes. "Sit down."

  Korra made some space on the bench and they both sat down. Asami smiled at Korra. "You said you wanted to talk?"

  Korra nodded. "I have a way to reconnect to my past lives."

  Asami's face lit up with excitement. "Korra, that's great. Why do you look so upset?"

  Korra sighed. "You didn't let me finish."

  Asami waited with a faint smile.

  Korra tried to hold back tears. "I have a way to reconnect to my past lives...but Tenzin won't allow me to go."

  Asami frowned in confusion. "Why wouldn't he allow you to do that?"

  Korra rolled her eyes. "Because I have to visit each nation that my past life was in. He says it's too dangerous."

  Asami sighed. "Maybe it's for the best?"

  Korra frowned at Asami. "Are you on his side now?"

  Asami looked at Korra in alarm. "No, of course not! I just...maybe going alone isn't the safest thing to do. The Earth Empire is still out there and who knows what else."

  Korra looked away from Asami. "I can't believe this."

  "Korra, please." Asami placed her hand on Korra's shoulder, but she shrugged it off.

  "Please, just leave me alone," Korra said. "I just need some time alone."

  Asami looked away from Korra, tears welling in her eyes and her teeth pressing against the bottom of her trembling lips. She stood up from the bench and walked away. She suddenly stopped and looked over her shoulder. Korra hadn't moved her position. "Tenzin told me to tell you that he's announcing something at noon at City Hall."

  Korra let her tears drip down her cheeks.


  Noon arrived sooner than expected. Korra had spent an hour at the park before she decided to get up and go to City Hall. When she arrived, a stage had been set and a large crowd had arrived. On the stage stood Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and the rest of the Air Nomads.

  With a microphone before him, Tenzin was ready to speak. "Thank-you everyone for coming to this very important announcement. As some of you know, yesterday the world leaders were held hostage by a band of renegades of the Earth Empire. All members of the Air Nation have pledged their lives to stopping the remnants of the Earth Empire. Avatar Korra will also be joining us, but first she must reconnect to her past lives in order to be strong enough to finally subdue the Earth a Empire. Today, we make a move towards peace."

  The crowd cheered as Korra stood in the crowd, stunned by Tenzin's announcement. A wide smile was spread across her face as she took in everything.


  "Today, we make a move towards peace."

  The Earth Empire soldier looked up to the leader. "Shall I turn off the radio, General Anju?"

  The feminine leader, Anju, nodded and pulled off her mask, revealing a head of curly black hair that could not be manipulated. "Switch it off. Now."

  The masculine leader entered the room. Anju slightly smiled. "Kanan, have you heard the news?"

  The masculine leader, Kanan, nodded. "We have definite arch-nemeses."

  "The Air Nomads."

  "And don't forget the Avatar."

  "How could I?"

  Anju and Kanan held each other hand in hand. They waited a few seconds and then leaned in for a kiss. It was long an passionate, much like their relationship; They had met in Zaofu when they were younger, introduced by Su. How ironic: Su had introduced her worst enemies who were now after her. 

  Their lips parted and they smiled and looked lovingly into each other's eyes. 

  Anju was the first to speak. "We need to make another move before they can even begin to plot theirs."

  Kanan cunningly smiled, though love was still visible on his face. "Word is Tenzin is hosting a farewell party for the Avatar on Air Temple Island."

  Anju smiled back with just as much cunning, if not more. She moved her body closer to Kanan's body and pressed her finger against his chest. "Shall we go to that party?"

  "Only if you pick out a nice dress."

  "That's hardly a challenge."

  "You're right, the real challenge is picking out a suit for me."

  Anju chuckled. "Hush." She rested her head against his chest. "I feel safe with you."

  Kanan placed his head on top of Anju's and kissed her head. 

  "Do you think we'll ever get what we want?" Anju asked, looking up.

  Kanan waited a few seconds to come up with a reply. He sighed and let it out. "Yes."

  Anju smiled and closed her eyes in the company of one of the only people she trusted and loved.


  In her bedroom, Korra freshened up before her farewell party. She put on her necklace and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw was very different from the girl she saw just a few short months ago. 

  There was a knock on the door and Korra turned her head and her attention towards it. "Come in," she yelled so her voice would he heard.

  The door clicked open and standing in the doorway, looking as glamorous as ever, was Asami with a small smile, questioning Korra's current view of her. Korra smiled, giving Asami her answer.

  "Hey, Korra," Asami greeted quietly.

  "Hey, Asami," Korra said, her smile still on her face. "You look...gorgeous."

  Asami chuckled and looked at her dress. It was scarlet, a favourite colour of hers. "Oh, you mean this old thing?"

  Korra laughed and then she sighed. 

  Asami decided to speak up. "I just want to say I'm sorry about earlier."

  Korra put on an expression that displayed the pain and anguish she felt at that moment. "No, Asami. It's me who should be apologising. And I am. I'm sorry, Asami."

  Asami smiled at Korra. "Don't be. We all have our days. Obviously, this wasn't one of yours."

  Korra remained silent.

  "Come on, Korra. We have to get out there. The party's already started."


  The atmosphere was overwhelming. Korra was not expecting a lot of attendance, but apparently all of Republic City had gone out of they way to arrive. Korra didn't think Air Temple Island would be able to host such large numbers.

  Tenzin was the first to notice Korra's arrival. "Korra! We have people who want to meet you!"

  Korra and Asami walked over to Tenzin to find a Fire Nation couple. Korra waved at the couple. "Hello-?"

  "Akane," the woman introduced herself, holding her hand out for Korra. Korra shook it and so did Asami. 

  "And my name is Kohaku," the man said. 

  "It's such a pleasure to meet you," Korra said with a smile. "I'm Korra."

  "And my name is Asami Sato."

  "Yasuko's daughter," Akane said. "We are so very sorry for your loss. Your mother and I were great friends as children, but we drifted apart due to our aspirations. You are he spitting image of your mother."

  Asami smiled. "Thank-you. You have no idea how much that means to me."

  Akane smiled back at Asami.

  "Kohaku and Akane are one of the richest citizens of the Fire Nation," Tenzin explained. "They have contributed much of their money to defending their nation."

  "Oh, you're too kind, Tenzin," Akane said, flattered. 

  "I guess, we just want the world to be a safe and peaceful environment for everyone," Kohaku explained.

  "We just want the best for our nation and all of the rest," Akane said with a nod. Akane craned her neck to look behind Korra and Asami. "Is Fire Lord Izumi attending?"

  "Yes, she is," Tenzin replied. "I think I saw her last at the large table."

  Kohaku nodded. "It was nice to meet you, Avatar."

  "An honour," Akane added. "Goodbye, Asami, Tenzin."

  Kohaku and Akane walked off and disappeared into the crowd of attendants. 

  Korra smiled. "They're nice."

  Tenzin nodded. "They sure are. If everyone in the world was like them, there would be no wars, no conflict, just peace and harmony." He looked off into the distance. He jolted suddenly. "Rohan!" He ran off towards Rohan, leaving Korra and Asami alone.

  "I can't believe she knew my mother," Asami said. "I feel reconnected to her more than ever now."

  "That's sweet, Asami," Korra said as she rested her head on Asami's shoulder.

  "Hm," Asami replied.

  An unusual smell found it's way up Korra's nostrils and she immediately identified it. "Smoke."

  "What?" Asami asked with confusion.

  "I smell smoke."

  "But that means-"

  An explosion rang out across Air Temple Island, leaving everyone crouching and blocking their ears to prevent the harsh sound penetrating their eardrums. Smoke rose from where no one could see. Panic enveloped all of the attendants on Air Temple Island. 

  Tenzin rushed through the crowd towards Korra. Tenzin mouthed words that Korra couldn't translate. She suddenly figured out that he was mouthing "Go". Korra turned to Asami and kissed her on the cheek. "Run, Asami, run."

  Asami hesitated. "Korra, I don't want to leave you!"

  "I have to go the Northern Water Tribe to reconnect with Avatar Kuruk!" Korra explained. "I have to leave, and you have to get to safety."

  Meelo and Ikki landed beside either side of Asami and hooked their arms around hers and they were off the ground before Asami could realise what was going on. "Korra!"

  Korra watched Asami for a few seconds, until she turned away and headed for the small Water Tribe boat. Korra was only a few metres from the boat, but ten Earth Empire soldiers stood in her way. Korra accepted this 'challenge'.

  The first soldier was flung off the island and into the water by a disruption in the ground below him. The second and third were pulled into the water by a wave behind them. The fourth, fifth and sixth were hit by three consecutive fireballs. And the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth were smacked by a line of air.

  And then the path was clear.

  Korra sprinted towards the boat and leaped into the air with the help of her airbending. She landed on the boat on her feet and immediately turned one-hundred and eighty degrees. She pushed her arms forwards, sending the boat away from Air Temple Island and towards the North Pole. After a few seconds, the boat was travelling at a constant speed and Korra had turned her head away from the disaster. Unable to resist her intrigue, Korra looked back towards the island to see a blazing ember in the distance. Tears dripped down her cheeks and Korra let them fall from her cheeks to the wooden floorboards. As the ember shrunk, Korra didn't turn away. She let it fuel her. Some day she would return to Republic City and she would make those criminals pay. Some day.


  The next morning smelt of smoke and ash. The Police Force had arrived minutes after the disaster began, but they were unable to catch any of the Earth Empire soldiers. This was the worst defeat the Air Nation had ever faced besides the Air Nomad Genocide almost two-hundred years earlier. 

  Mako was assigned as the detective for the act with Lin as the supervisor. Together, they searched for clues under the rubble, though no leads had been found just yet. Mako had given up, though Lin was sure she could find at least something to discover what started the inferno.

  Tenzin knelt in remorse as he faced the sunrise. "I have failed you, father." Tears fell from Tenzin's eyes. "This is all my fault."

  Lin turned her head to Tenzin. "How is any of this your fault?"

  Tenzin paused. "Would you allow me to grieve in peace?"

  Lin shrugged. "It doesn't look like sobbing about it is helping."

  Mako looked up to Lin. "Chief, come on."

  "What, Mako?" Lin asked. "Sobbing about the past doesn't get you anywhere."

  "And you would know?" Tenzin snapped.

  "Mako, take five. Maybe go an interview Pema and the rest of the Air Nation." 

  Mako nodded and left their presence.

  Lin walked towards Tenzin and knelt beside him to his left. She closed her eyes as she sighed. "I haven't told you this before, but..." Lin paused for a few seconds. Was she ready to let Tenzin know the embarrassing truth? She had to tell him someday...or did she? She didn't. But she needed to. For Tenzin. "Do you remember the day you broke up with me?"

  Tenzin didn't reply for a few seconds. "You mean the day Air Temple Island became an island?"

  Lin quietly chuckled. "Yes."

  Tenzin waited.

  "Well, that night I...didn't get over it..." Lin admitted. "I locked myself in my bedroom and bawled my eyes out that night...and the night after that...and the night after that...and, maybe, the night after that."

  Tenzin turned his gaze towards Lin. "What?"

  "The truth is, I have never, ever gotten over you, Tenzin," Lin said. The subject was not one she wanted to ever talk about it, but now it was necessary. It was easier to talk to a Tenzin about her problems than it was to talk about them with her mother, the great Toph Beifong who wouldn't accept the fact that her daughter was going out with 'Twinkle-Toes''s kid. "And the truth is you will never, ever get over this disaster. What I'm trying to say is that reflecting on the past is not always the best option. My past wasn't the best, so reflecting, and in theory reliving, my past is a nightmare."

  Tenzin didn't know how to respond. "Wow, Lin. I have never seen this soft side of you, not even when we were dating. It looks like you really do have wisdom...and a heart."

  Lin punched Tenzin's arms. 

  "Ow!" Tenzin reacted as he rubbed his arm. 

  Lin rested her head against Tenzin's shoulders. "The truth is I haven't stopped loving you...and I don't think I ever will."

  Silence fell over them for a few moments. Tenzin broke it. "I heard that's how your mother conveys affection."

  "You've heard right."


  The moment Korra fell under sleep was the moment she awoke.

  The whole boat jolted as it collided with a large iceberg. Korra got to her feet as she guided her boat away from the icebergs. She brought the boat to a halt as she saw the Northern Portal in the distance. 

  Raava appeared beside Korra. "Avatar Kuruk lived in a time of utter peace, but he did face a conflict against one particular spirit."

  Though Korra was slightly startled by Raava's sudden appearance, she had gotten used to them. "Koh," she replied.


  "What do I have to do?"

  "Face him."


  "Step inside. You'll know what to do."


  Though City Hall was still under reconstruction, the Council room was still available for use. Because of the destruction of Air Temple Island, Tenzin had decided to use the room for a mission briefing for only the best of the Air Nation and other prodigious benders.

  Standing in front of Tenzin were the elite of the Air Nation: Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Bumi, Opal and Kai. Amongst the crowd of the Air Nation were the other prodigious benders like Wei, Wing, Huan, Eska, Desna and Iroh. Beside Tenzin was Lin, Suyin, Mako and Bolin, the leaders of the mission. All of their efforts would be needed to ensure success of the execution and conclusion of the mission.

  Tenzin cleared his throat. "You have all been called here today because you are the best of the best. Only you can stop the remnants of the Earth Empire and only you can execute the plan perfectly without fault."

  Then it was Lin's turn to speak. "Our sources tell us that the Earth Empire activity has been high in the industrial sector of our city. You will need to enter a specific warehouse through the underground tunnel network in Republic City."

  Suyin spoke next. "Only then can we really execute our plan. Once inside the warehouse, we will work in stealth until we are discovered. If and when we are discovered, you should stay calm and stay with your group, unless commanded otherwise."

  "For this mission to succeed, we must split ourselves into four smaller groups consisting of three followers and one leader," Mako explained. "The four leaders are us." Mako referred to himself, as well as Bolin, Lin and Suyin.

  "And the followers are you," Bolin added. 

  Mako turned his head to Bolin. "I think they knew that."

  "Really?" Bolin asked. "Okay." He turned his head to the group. "Ignore that then. Well, don't ignore it because otherwise the mission can't be a success, but-you know what, I'll just stop talking."

  "Thank-you, Bolin," Tenzin said. He turned his attention back to the crowd. "Be prepared. The mission begins at midnight.


  Before she had fallen asleep, Korra had changed her clothes into something warmer. She trudged through the snow due to the tough and harsh conditions. Her hood continued to be blown off by the wind and she had been forced to lift her scarf over her mouth and nose. 

  After more minutes than it should have taken her, Korra arrived at the spirit portal and let the mesmerising lights envelope her body and transport her to the Spirit World. When she arrived in the Spirit World, Korra immediately turned her attention to the new spirit portal directly in-between the Northern and Southern portals. This was the new spirit portal in Republic City, created by the high spiritual energy produced by Kuvira's spirit cannon. 

  "Where do I go now?" Korra asked. No reply came.

  At least for a few seconds. 

  In an instant, Koh the Face Stealer jumped into Korra's view and stared directly into Korra's eyes. Korra was as frightened as she ever thought she was going to be in her life, but she didn't dare show it.

  "Can I be of any assistance?" Koh asked menacingly.

Production notes

Series continuity

  • Koh makes his first appearance since "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters" where he appeared in a flashback.

Character revelations

  • The names of the Earth Empire leaders are Anju and Kanan.


  • This chapter was previously titled 'Korra's Odyssey' before it was changed fo 'Exodus'. 'Korra's Odyssey' has been pushed forward to the title of Chapter Three.

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