Ba Sing Se
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9th March 2012

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Umuzaki strolled down the murky paths of Ba Sing Se, unaware of the significance the day would prove to condemn him. As any sensible man would be, he was hesitant over meeting the council. Did Fire Lord Chinora really have to negotiate peace with the 31st Earth King Zhen? What was she thinking? Umuzaki was no relative of the royalty, but he knew Chinora was up to something. Umazaki himself knew better than to negotiate with Zhen.

"You aren't welcome here" A voice muttered from the darkness.

"What did you s-"

He stopped abruptly. Maybe this man had something to say.

"Go on" Umuzkai exclaimed. He was bemused at the very sight of an arrogant sounding 3rd class tramp telling a relatively well-known firebender if he was welcome or not over here.

"Didn't you hear? Our Beloved Earth Avatar, Humak, has passed away.

This was news for Umuzaki, who was a active supporter of Humak and his general principles.

"Sorry about your loss" Umuzaki exclaimed.

The old man slammed his face onto his palm. "Don't you get it?" YOU are the Avatar! Fire Lord Chinora issued the statement yesterday that the Fire Sages confirmed that YOU are the Avatar, and that YOU are an outcast everywhere!

Umuzaki's face turned pale. "Why am I banished?!"

"Chinora knows your power is unlimited, and that you may depose her. She wants to rule the world. You are her only obstacle."

This was all to sudden for Umuzaki. "But How do you know I am the av-"

The old man held up a wanted poster with Umuzaki's face on it.

Umuzaki didn't know what to do.

........... ........... .............

As quick as a flash, Umuzaki ran away, tears welling up in his eyes. He was the Avatar.

He was exiled.

After 25 minutes of strenuous sprinting, he stopped to take a break. Looking at his detailed map, he could deduce he was 3 miles from the outer ring of Ba Sing Se.

The Northern Air Temple.

That was the ideal place for Umuzaki to start his quest.

Or so he thought...

Soon after, he realized he had completely miscalculated.

The Northern Air Temple was not 30 miles away as he had thought.

It was 300.

He uttered about his stupidity, and knew he would be the ultimate Avatar failure.

He passed out...

When he woke up, he wasn't in Earth Kingdom wilderness.

Suddenly, Umuzaki heard someone call his name.

Umuzaki turned around, and saw her face-to-face with a gigantic woman.

"W-Who...are you?" Umuzaki trembled. It was clear that he was intimidated by the womans size. Avatar....Kyoshi.

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