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Ex Uno, Plures
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War



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June 5, 2011

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The Cycle Renews

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Ex Uno, Plures is the third chapter of Darksome Knights: Resurrection and the third chapter of Book 1: After the Battle, Before the War.


A hooded figure sat alone on a small, black boulder. Ebony waves washed up on ashen sands. An icy moon hung low in a murky sky, casting long shadows on sooty hills. Stygian trees stood like inky sentinels, waiting for some unknown threat to show its face. The hooded figure took another long look at the realm and cursed himself once again.

So, the man thought. this is the mighty Xehanort's reward.

How he came to this realm was no mystery to him. It was his own greed, plain and simple, his own lack of control that landed him in this land of black and gray. And through his contemplation of this knowledge, he was filled with pain and guilt. His world, his ONE world, was shattered into a hundred pieces. And he was solely responsible.

He replayed in his mind how it came to be. He had spent years, planning, exploring, waiting to strike and claim the throne. He had found his minions in a dark corner of the world, jailed for centuries by the king. Now, they were about to be set free.

He marched to the castle and the siege began. Knights came forward to stop the horde. But outnumbered one hundred to one, their efforts were in vain. Then, HE came. A young boy, with hair like gold and eyes like sapphires, came to stop him. The man had smirked and laughed at the thought of a child defeating his army, but the boy was a cyclone, cutting down every one of his enemies with his keyblade. At last, only he and the man remained. Filled with hate and rage, the man summoned the powers of darkness and prepared to duel. But the boy would have none of it. He took his keyblade and thrust it point down into the earth.

Instantly, the world became covered in streaks of light. They encircled the world, covering it in light. The man grew even more furious at the boy, and shot a blast of pure dark energy at him.

It hit, and the boy flew back, dragging his keyblade with him. The darkness was drawn into the earth and the darkness formed deep cracks in the ground. These cracks fragmented pieces of the world, and they began to float away from each other. One crack ran right underneath the man's feet, and he fell into a realm of darkness.

Enough of this. the man thought. He took one of the few things that he had found in this realm, a small dagger with a crescent moon hilt, and rammed it into his chest.

Immediately, darkness and blood jetted out from his body and floated through the air and out of this realm. He fell on his back and watched as a red crystal heart left his body and shattered.

"Now," he said through the intense pain. "It is time for someone else to feel the power of the Darksome Knight."

And with those prophetic words, he closed his eyes for the last time.

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