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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Senlin Taofan
Former General Senlin
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Earth Kingdom



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Dark Grey

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Haoke, Baotu the Crime Boss, Dufan the Fencer, Qian Zei, Dixia gang, Hei Shichang gang, Ling-Ling, Palartok, Water Tribe rebels, Kimaru


Rong Yan, Yong Ten, Unaraq, Tanaraq, Ku Tei, 41st Earth King Ta Po, Water Tribe rebels(formerly)

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General of the Council of Five (formerly), Earth Kingdom's #1 Most Wanted Criminal


Former General of the Council of Five, Wanted Criminal


Earth Kingdom army (formerly), Council of Five (formerly)

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Book 1: Air Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter ??: ???

Ex-General Senlin is the main antagonist in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Ex-General Senlin is also one of the antagonists of the fanon Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei. He is a former general of the Earth Kingdom Army, and a traitor of the Earth Kingdom, and makes his debut in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan within one of the first chapters that is only about him, Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity.


Senlin since childhood always dreamed of joining the army, and fight alongside the Avatar. He always dreamed of one day becoming a highly respected, and high ranked general in the army of the Earth Kingdom. At the age of six, Senlin had discovered he was an earthbender, his parents being non-benders and his late grandfather being an earthbender, was not there to teach him of his newly found abilities. Senlin's parents had sent him off into an earthbending academy where he trained hard day and night. Senlin at the age of nineteen had mastered earthbending.

Thirty Year War

Senlin being older than the age it was least required to join the army, signed up right after his graduation at the academy. They sent Senlin into war, at the time there was a war between the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom.

Years went by as Senlin was fighting in the war as soldier. More years passed by and the war did not end, ten years had passed by and Senlin had ranked up to Sergeant. Senlin being friends with Ku Tei, they did not really talk, only during war meetings.

The Avatar was a general in the Earth Kingdom, but he was part of all four nation therefore, he really didn't side with either of the nations. Though he kept the plans of the Water Tribe to himself, Ku Tei had planned tactics for his people a certain way.


After five years, of finally ranking up to general. Senlin was still jealous of Ku Tei. General Senlin accused and assaulted Avatar Ku Tei, Ku Tei did not attack him back he chose to be passive about the assault and ignored it.

General Senlin, took plans from the war room and traveled to the Southern Water Tribe, pleading with the guards to let him see the chief, they finally let him pass by but were on close watch on him. He begged the Southern Chief if he can ally with him, in return General Senlin gave the chief the battle plans of the Earth Kingdom.

One day, Avatar Ku Tei came to do peace talks with the Northern and Southern Water Tribe chiefs, on behalf of the Earth Kingdom. War raged on, as the Water Tribes had devastated the Earth Kingdom squadrons.

Two years have passed, and the Northern chief had sent General Senlin to the front lines, to destroy the remaining armies. To a surprise he saw the other generals, and the Avatar on the other side of the front lines.

The Avatar accused him of treason, due to the Southern chief notifying the Avatar. Avatar Ku Tei fought in a large battle with General Senlin, at the end the Avatar prevailed. Instead, of killing him on the battlefield Avatar Ku Tei decided for his betrayal to the Earth Kingdom, he was sent to prison for life.

The imprisonment of General Senlin, was the end of the thirty year war between the Water Tribes, and the Earth Kingdom.

In Rong Yan's Life

Learning about the death of Avatar Ku Tei, ex-General Senlin searches for the Avatar, as the Avatar searches for him. They rarely encounter each other, and go two separate ways but they both lead to an unknown Fire Nation island with live volcanoes. That is where the final showdown happens.

The Escape

Senlin escapes from the prison within Ba Sing Se's Upper Ring, due to accidentally a child throwing a rock within himself, using the rock to break the chains. And sticking his head out the window, he bended the rocks with his head, forming the rocks together making a large earth fist that began to pound against the metal door.

He escapes by using his instincts, and stealth. He sneaks into the middle ring and is found by an old woman named Haoke. Who does not know who he is the confused hospitable old woman takes the stranger in and makes him take a bath, gives him new clothing, cooks him dinner, and who helps him escape Ba Sing Se secretly. Knowingly, Haoke reveals her true identity, as an old woman who helps escaped prisoners and/or criminals out by leading them out of the city, to begin life anew.

Encounter with Baotu

Haoke, introduces "Taofan" to Baotu the crime boss of an unknown gang, who later is revealed called the Dixia gang, an infamous gang that's territory is the south east lower ring. Baotu, accepts his request of leaving the city, with a new identity, if he does a crime spree.

Meeting the Hei Shichang gang (The Black Market gang)

On one of the contracts, Taofan is tasked to find a fencer within the Hei Shichang gang, an ally with the Dixia gang in their territory in the heart of the southern lower ring.

He finds the man named Dufan, who is the fencer of the drugs that are produced by the Dixia herbalists, he has to sell 95 pounds of the new popular drug called "sheng chang", and deliver back the money back to Baotu.

Back to the Prison

Baotu, tasks Taofan and Haoke to go back to the prison in stealth, and find and rescue Baotu's finance man, he was thrown into prison for robbing a lower ring back in north lower ring.

Senlin and Haoke go back to the prison, and rescue the man named Qian Zei, all in one night. They do not alarm any guards as they do it in secret.

The Assassination

Baotu, grants him his request, but before he leaves the city, he proposes another contract, one with Haoke. He makes a promise to Haoke, that justice will be served, not knowing what he meant, Haoke agreed, and Senlin described the mission.

Baotu, called him crazy, telling him its high risk contract, it could get them both killed, but he liked the way he thinks. Senlin and Haoke, are requested the contract to murder the forty first Earth King.

It is midnight at this time, where Senlin and Haoke, make their way to Upper Ring, by a series of tunnels that the Dixia have built and placed green crystals to light the way.

The tunnel leads to the upper ring, just a couple yards away from the palace, Senlin and Haoke enter the palace with caution, sneaking past guards, eventually arriving at the Earth King's quarters, where just down the hallway Haoke and Senlin are in stealth.

The two men grow suspicious and they both walk into the dark hallway, nothing is heard but a snapped neck, and slicing of a sword going through flesh. They sneak into his room, where Ta Po is asleep. Haoke kills the Earth King, by slicing his throat with a small dagger.

They jump out the window, into a large bush that breaks their fall, and they head back to the south east lower ring where the Dixia gang call home. Returning to Baotu, he gives Senlin what he came for.

Leaving the city

Dufan from the Hei Shichang gang, is outside waiting of the headquarters, and is disguised as a herbalist. He carries Senlin in his undercover cart and walks out the city with him. Arriving at a small village and dropping him off there.


In chapter nine, Senlin gets flashbacks of the past, and about Avatar Ku Tei. Leading to the fact that he learned that Ku Tei had passed, in results of arriving at a nearby village he talks to one of the vendors who tells him that Rong Yan is the Avatar.

Defending the Hill Village

After collapsing on the ground after arriving at an unnamed village in the Earth Kingdom. Senlin was taken in by a woman named Ling-Ling, for three days. During those three days he rested, until he was nursed back to health. On the last day of his stay, three Water Tribe rebels attacked the village.

Using Ling-Ling's late husband's earthbending weapons, he defended the village with ease. Taking out the warriors first, and breaking the second warrior's leg. He went one on one with the waterbender, who showed no weakness and was a little more harder to fight.

Eventually, he defeated the waterbender, as they retreated. Taking what he needed he left the village afterwards. Upon leaving he learns that Avatar Ku Tei had died, eighteen years ago. He begins the search of the new Avatar.

Platoon Reunion

After traveling for days, even weeks, with the ostrich horse carrying Senlin's weight around the northwestern Earth Kingdom. He stumbles upon his old rebel squad's camp. Meeting with the squad leader and/or head scout, and an old friend of his. Palartok, was the scout that was spying on Avatar Rong Yan back in Taku.

He had returned to his camp, and awaited Senlin for his report on Rong Yan's location. Telling him that the Avatar was in Xi Tong Village, and on his way to the Southern Air Temple to master airbending.

Senlin, and Palartok, with the rest of his old squad reunite and leave to find Rong Yan. Days away that they will travel, they are right now still in the grasslands where the camp is located.

The Newborn Baby


The child that General Senlin and Admiral Palartok had found.

While Ex-General Senlin and Admiral Palartok, were invading the village they were attacking, Palartok found a newborn baby crying next to its mother's corpse.

Deciding not to kill the newborn child, Palartok and Senlin decide to not invade the next village and leave the child at a random doorstep. As they move south towards the Southern Air Temple.

The Courier

While at the village that the rebels were invading, the last man standing was a courier. Palartok and Senlin, had requested the courier to run towards the Southern Air Temple, and give Avatar Rong Yan the message.

Ba Sing Se student

The courier that General Senlin and Admiral Palartok found.

If he did so, the courier was spared, and left to live his life in peace. So with that the courier ran towards the Southern Air Temple.

As smart as General Senlin is, when the courier had passed by toward Taku. General Senlin had knew what the Air Nomads had done due to their pacifistic lifestyle. The general had whispered into the ear of an archer, who had shot Xinshi the courier dead.

Invasion at the Southern Air Temple

The fourth invasion, and last recorded invasion that the Earth Kingdom knows about was at the Southern Air Temple. General Senlin, and Palartok, and Palartok's squad invade the Southern Air Temple. With the deaths of four monks, after one monk was struck dead, the airbenders knew they were going to be killed.

Breaking their cultural pacifism, they began to retaliate and defend their temple from the former general, and Water Tribe rebels. After a while, they had killed one of the Avatar's friends, the result had triggered the Avatar State.

The invaders were in trouble, when instead of seeing the Fire Avatar in the Avatar State. The airbenders bowed to the presence of the Air Avatar that had taken form from the Avatar's body. It was Avatar Kwan Chun, who ended the invasion at the Southern Air Temple, and blew General Senlin and Palartok along with their men off the temple mountain.

The Air Nomads saw it, as Avatar Kwan Chun growing furious as he learned that someone had invaded the home he grew up in. He had taken possession of Rong Yan's body, and defended his home from the invaders.

Falling to their deaths, General Senlin reacted quickly by encasing Palartok and himself in earth to break their falls. Location of the Avatar was unknown to them soon after they had come out of the earth.


General Senlin and Admiral Palartok, had survived the fall, when Senlin had encased both of them into earth. They head off to a town where the bar there maybe they would learn some new information about the Avatar.

Senlin and the Earth Kingdom soldiers

Arriving in a town that they had saved, killing the bandits that had ravaged it. General Senlin, was now trying to hide and no longer invade towns like a mad man. He wants to lay low and make sure the Earth Kingdom will stop searching.

A bounty hunter and a guard captain had arrived at the unknown town and had looked at their target and the wanted poster. Persuading the general to follow him, he was later captured when Senlin's friend had left to enjoy themselves at a bar.

After being arrested, they began to escort him back to the capital of the Earth Kingdom. Along the way he had dropped clues for his comrades to find, they caught up to what was occurring.

By following what their friend had left behind, they had found Senlin surrounded by Earth Kingdom troops and the bounty hunter. The guard captain was going to break Senlin's hands to prevent him from earthbending.

But he was quickly stopped when water had split the large boulder in half, giving Senlin time to break lose from the chains and help his friends Palartok and Kimaru defeat the soldiers.

In the end Shang Jin the bounty hunter was injured, he fled and left Captain Wei to be killed by General Senlin himself.

Eventually, a courier in the next few chapters brings Laobing an old comrade and grandfather a Wei a message from Shang Jin. Claiming that Wei was killed by Senlin. Now, Senlin is being hunted by "Lucky" Laobing the grandfather of Captain Wei. Although, he does not know it.

Xuen the Fencer

After Senlin and his henchmen kill and rob merchants of their caravan, they ride the caravan to a house in the country. The house belongs to an old friend of Senlin's and the man runs a black market shop.

Senlin sells him whatever is in the caravan in exchange for three tickets heading to the Northern Water Tribe. After doing so, Xuen gives his friend three tickets for an immigration ship. And also clothes his friend in the latest Northern style fashion.

Resparking the War

Senlin had planned to have his friend Kimaru go into the dock town just a few miles away. The task was to kill any Earth Kingdom man, and leave a dagger styled like that of the Northern Water Tribe.

Although, what Senlin, Palartok, and Kimaru did not know is that the random citizen that Kimaru slew was in fact cousin of the Earth King. Later, towards the end of Book Two does news reach Earth King Qiang Zhen, that his cousin was murdered by a Northern Water Tribesman.

Furious about this, he explains that there was treaty involved and now that this treaty was broken. The bells of war have tolled, and Qiang Zhen instructs his adviser to create and bring together a meeting where he and the Council of Five must direct further action towards the Northern Water Tribe.

The Northern Water Tribe

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Senlin was born an earthbender, and discovered his abilities at the age of six. With no one in his family able to teach him, he was sent to an earthbending academy.

At the age of nineteen, Senlin had mastered earthbending and joined the Earth Kingdom army. After years of not only ranking up, Senlin also became an experienced, powerful earthbender.

In the episode of the Kira-Bi, Senlin defends the hill village, using not only earthbending but hammers as well. So it is known that General Senlin has a skill in hammers. It is likely in the past when he was in the war, he used hammers to enhance his earthbending.

Seismic Sense

Toph's seismic sense

The little girl in the closet. As seen by General Senlin's seismic sense.

In Chapter 15, it is discovered that Ex-General Senlin, was able to see with Seismic sense. He used the unique ability to find any hidden persons in the mayor's home.

He found the mayor's daughter through the use of seismic sense, then forming spike formations out of the bare earth to slay the six-year-old girl. Using it once more, and seeing no one else in the home he moves on.


Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei


Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book 1: Air

Book 2: Water


  • Senlin is Chinese for "forest".
  • Senlin's alternative undercover name Taofan is Chinese for "escaped prisoner".
  • General Senlin, happens to be the main antagonist of both series.
  • Instead of being the Avatar's friend, he becomes the enemy.
  • General Senlin, was planned out to be Avatar Rong Yan's earthbending teacher.
  • Just recently as of 10/30/12 my cousin told me that his title should be "Former General" since "Ex-General" isn't really a title. So his character profile name changed to that. But on his profile and that of others he is mentioned in the name will stay as Ex-General Senlin. New profiles mentioning his name will now be named "Former General Senlin".

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