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Search in the City

It was morning and Suki and her friends had gotten a good night's sleep. Rong emerged from her tent and took in the scenery around her. She had not noticed how beautiful the forest was last night when she had been attacking her new friends. "They're really beautiful, aren't they?" Ling asked, referring to the flowers in bloom.

Rong was surprised to see the Earthbender. "Hi, Ling," she greeted him.

"Hey," Ling casually replied. "I think we are out of food," he added.

"Then we should probably search for something here in the woods," Rong suggested. "It should not take too long; I'm an excellent hunter," she added, smugly.

"Well, I'm no hunter, but I'll tag along anyway," said Ling. He could not help but take pride in the scheme he had concocted. He knew there was nothing to catch anywhere in these woods, seeing as how he had not seen one single sign of any decent-sized wildlife in this forest since he set foot in it. His goal was to spend some time with Rong and to get to know her better.

Rong scaled a tree and stopped on one of the branches. Ling saw her take something from the tree and when Rong returned she had a bow in her hand. There was also a bag of arrows on her back. "My parents enrolled me in the Yu Yan Academy for Girls when I was twelve," Rong explained.

Ling was impressed. "That's awesome," he said.

Rong and Ling had been in the woods for a good hour and had still found nothing. However, this did not bother either of them. The two had been talking ever since they left.

"You know, that's really cool how you took up understudying for the Royal Fire Nation Players; I used to be a bit of an actor myself whenever I wasn't moving to a different home or practicing my Earthbending," said Ling.

"Yeah, and that's really neat how your favorite instrument is the tsungi horn because I think it sounds just beautiful," Rong replied.

"Well, I think we should just head back and get some food after we leave the woods," Ling suggested.

"Agreed; although I'm glad we came out here," Rong responded.

Ling smiled and the two friends started walking back to camp.

Bo was pacing nervously. He had been doing so for the past fifteen minutes and it was beginning to get on Suki's nerves. "Would you please stop?" Suki requested. "I promise they are going to be fine."

"You don't know that!" Bo protested. "They could have been captured by a Zhiming Assassin or maybe they got mauled by a Platypus Bear!"

"There aren't even any Platypus Bears in these woods, and would you stop worrying about the Zhiming Assassins?!"

"Yeah, relax. We're fine," said Ling as he and Rong returned to the camp.

"There you are! We have been worried sick!" Bo shouted.

"He was worried sick," Suki corrected her friend.

"Well, it's nice to see you were worried, Bo," said Rong. "Now how are we going to get out of here? It will take us hours to walk."

"We have no other way," Suki said. Everyone was silent for a moment and Suki could tell none of them were happy. "Come on, guys, look at the bright side. At least we are not under attack." Right after the words escaped Suki's lips, an earth column formed under the group's supplies; sending them into the air. The four friends saw five Earthbender all clad in black armor standing a few yards away. The Earthbenders slid on the ground beneath them and moved towards the team.

"Oh, great," Ling remarked, sarcastically.

Rong lashed out with several fireballs but only one Earthbender was taken down. The remaining four ran at the four friends at full speed. Suki revealed her fans and charged at them. She tripped one by swinging her right arm at his feet. She then got down and quickly beat him with her fists. While another Earthbender came up behind her, Suki performed a backflip and landed behind her. The Kyoshi Warrior unsheathed her katana and impaled the assassin from behind. Meanwhile, Bo was fighting another of the Earthbenders. He bent the water from his pouch and slammed it into his opponent, knocking him against a tree. Bo quickly solidified the ice and trapped the man. The Waterbender bent a little more water, turned it into an ice shard, and sent it through his opponent's skull. Ling had been battling the last Earthbender. He raised a boulder from the ground and forced it against his opponent, who hit a tree and then fell to the ground.

"We'd better get moving," Suki said.

Suki's team was exhausted. They had been walking for what felt like hours and had not yet found a village of any kind. Suki and Rong were having a conversation while Bo and Ling were listening in.

They were about to turn in when they suddenly heard something. It was like the loud sound of feet. "Hey, do you guys hear that?" Suki asked.

"Yeah, it sounds like some kind of animal," said Bo.

The rumbling got louder and now a sort of roar could be heard. The comrades all saw what was making the sound. An Eel Hound had come running out of the woods and now locked eyes with them. Bo and Rong instantly backed away. They had never seen an Eel Hound up close before. "Hey, buddy, are you lost?" Suki asked the beast. The Eel Hound responded with a low growl.

"How can you tell it's lost?" Rong asked.

"Well, for one thing, it has quite a few scratches." Ling answered. "It looks like this guy was tamed by an aggressive owner."

"How do you know those scratches didn't come from some other animal?" Bo questioned.

"Those scratches don't look like they are of that origin," Ling responded.

"Hey, you know, this Eel Hound could get us out of here," Suki said.

"You want us to get on that thing?" Bo inquired as if Suki were crazy.

"Well, I'm sure none of us want to keep walking."

"I'm fine with it," Ling replied.

"Sure, if it is tame then I'm sure it is harmless," said Rong.

There was a few seconds of silence from Bo but then he just shrugged. "Whatever, I'm okay with it."

"Great, let's go," Suki instructed. The group of four mounted the Eel Hound and rode out of the woods.

"They failed again." Tai Kun was not pleased with the recent events. The Zhiming Assassins had conquered Kyoshi Island but still they had not succeeded in eliminating their hope. He had heard talk around the island about Suki and her friends and feared that it may start a revolution. "We must contain this situation," he spoke very seriously.

"I concur, my lord," Shun spoke. "That is why I suggest one of us deals with the Kyoshi Warrior and her friends."

"You mean one of the five High Superiors?" Tai Kun questioned.

"Yes, my lord; and I think you know whom I have in mind."

Tai Kun nodded and Shun left the room. She went outside, twirled her glider and took flight.

Suki and company had finally found a village to take refuge in. It was small and in the middle of the woods but it would have to do for now. "Can you believe how fast this thing can run?" asked Bo.

"Yeah, it would have taken us over an hour to walk here!" Rong chimed in.

"I'm glad we found this Eel Hound. It's certainly a big help," said Ling.

"Feng," Suki stated.

"What?" Ling asked.

"His name is Feng and we are definitely keeping him," Suki declared. "Are there any objections?" Neither Rong nor Ling opposed and although Bo did not look happy about the situation, he knew he would be outvoted and said nothing. "Great, I'm glad we can all agree," Suki said. The Kyoshi Warrior spotted something out of the corner of her eye. She saw a woman flying on a glider. The woman spun her glider shut and landed. Suki recognized her; she was one of the Zhiming Assassins.

Bo was familiar with her as well. "That's one of those filthy Zhimings!" he shouted. "I met her back at Kyoshi Island. Her name is Shun."

"You children have caused my master a great deal of inconvenience," Shun spoke. She observed Rong and was curious as to who she was. "Who is this? Have you picked up a new friend?"

"My name is Rong and you might say I'm acquainted with these guys now so if you have a problem with them then you have a problem with me too."

Suki observed the glider and the Air Nomad attire Shun was wearing and assumed she was some kind of Air Nomad wannabe. "So, since you can fly on that thing, I assume you are one of those people who can glide without using Airbending?" Suki asked.

"Oh, I'm much more than that, dear," Shun responded. She extended her left arm and blew a huge gust of wind in Feng's face, causing the Eel Hound to yelp in frustration.

Suki and her friends were taken aback. "You are an Airbender?!" Suki shouted in disbelief.

"Other than the Avatar, I am the only one left!" Shun replied. She created a mini air tornado and hurled it at her adversaries. "How else do you think I got here so quickly?"

Suki leapt from Feng's back and unsheathed her katana. Running at Shun with lightning speed, she swung her blade upward, aiming for the Airbender's face. Shun evaded the blade and avoided several more swings. "How are you an Airbender?!" Suki questioned. "You are too young to be a survivor of the Air Nomad genocide!"

Shun Airbent herself into the sky and let a burst of air rain down on Suki and her comrades who had joined the battle. She landed on the ground and shot a rather confident, evil glare at her rivals. "My grandmother survived. She was an Airbender who taught my mother who taught me," Shun elaborated.

"I can see you don't follow the Air Nomad code of spiritual discipline," Ling remarked.

"Oh, I am disciplined; I'm just not a weak, freedom-loving, imbecile like the rest of the monks!" Shun retorted. "Now, enough about me; it is time to finish you four off!" Shun was knocked off of her feet by a painful force. Feng was in attack position, growling and ready to pounce. Shun was not afraid, she had never seen one of these before but that would not stop her. "You want a piece of me? Come and get it, you overgrown lizard!" She yelled as she ran towards the Eel Hound but she was struck once more by the beast's tail. Feng snarled and ran at what would soon be his dinner. Shun knew it was time to retreat. She opened her glider and flew away from the island.

"Good job, boy," Suki said, rubbing Feng's side.

"I can't believe it," Ling said. "There is another Airbender out there."

"Look, let's just forget about her for now and find something to eat," Suki ordered.

"That works for me," Bo complied.

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