By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
"Evil Days"


Animals vs. Humans


Limber Farm


Humans regaining Limber Farm


Farm Animals



Crow (temporary), Spike

Unnamed Humans

Forces involved

Firebenders, Earthbenders

Animal commbatants


Multiple animals killed Loss of power



First appearance

Fauna Ch.2

Last appearance

Fauna Ch.12


The Evil Days is the time period the revaluation of the animals of Limber Farm took place. The significance of freedom among creatures started here, and so with the battles that followed are between the animals of Limber Farm, and the humans who used to rule it.

Battle of Share (1st battle)

The first battle took place on the day the animals took matters in their own hands. The farmers forgot to feed them entirely so they rebelled by breaking into the food shed. and the humans attacked them for doing so. This first battle forced the humans out, and the animals took over. It is known as the Battle of Share for the equal distribution the victory gave.

Shiftment of power

This event during the Evil days marked not only the banishment of Crow, but also the raising of Spike. This side event between the first and second battle is known thanks to the forcement of Spike himself.

Battle of Flames (2nd battle)

The second battle took place about two months after the animals took over, during the end of summer. They were informed that a raid of pure firebenders were coming to take the farm back, and Spike ordered the animals to take action. The attack was purely ambush. The fight lasted longer, and more casualties were taken during the battle. In the end though the humans were driven out once more thanks to Spike's guards. The name Battle of Flames came from the fact that the humans were all firebenders during this battle.

Unknown 3rd battle

This battle wasn't seen, but by what was left behind all the animals were killed except for the caravan that escaped.

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