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July 16, 2010

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Evading an Agent is the thirty fifth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


A man escapes from the Dai Li and makes his way to Team Avatar, who find out information of the Earth King's whereabouts.


A man runs through a dark forest, panting heavily. He looks back over his shoulder, but cannot see far behind him. He presses on, ducking under low branches and jumping over tall plants. As he continues running, his arms are stopped, grabbed by detached hands. The hands pull him off of his feet and onto the ground. The hands pin him to the ground, and he can only look up as the two men he was trying to escape from arrive above him.

"Now, how did you escape?" one man asks the escapee, who was panting almost as heavily as he was sweating. A crashing sound is heard from behind the two men, and the escapee hears foot steps.

"Who let him go?" a sinister voice says, getting nearer. "We are not done with him."

"Sir, we don't know how he got out. We just caught up to him."

"It took you that long?" The man steps forward, revealing the face of a man who had to force his way into power. "This man must be something," Long Feng says with a grin.

Town Hopping

"Thanks again." Aang replies to a villager as he turns away. He walks back to the rest of the group, who all had looks that implied similar results. "No luck either?"

"Nope. One guy yelled at me about something... I don't know what. I couldn't even understand a word he said!" Sokka replied while waving his hands frantically.

"One person did tell me that he was on the island of Nunya." Zuko said. The group looks at him funny for a second, before Sokka begins laughing. "I know, Nunya-Business... He told me that too."

"I knew that I needed to remember that one." Sokka notes.

"So, we're going to the next town now?" Katara asks.

"What else could we do? Everyone we've talked to seems to say that he's heading east, so we're checking this way." Zuko replies.

"Okay." Aang is first out of the town's gates and hops up the hills, until he reaches a large bush with two curved horns. "Appa, you can come out now." The bush moves, and a loud yawn comes from within. Appa shakes off the covering and stands up. "Time to go buddy," Aang tells his bison. Appa replies with a soft roar.


The escaped man is held down to a chair by earth. A man with a long ponytail and a goatee is pacing around him, showing no emotion. "What is your name?" the pacing man asks his captive.


"So Lei, what is your relation to this man?"

"I was walking in the forest, and I got hungry. I stopped by a river and decided to go fishing. I tried for an hour, but I couldn't catch anything. Then this man with a bear came by and helped me. I offered to pay him for his help, but he declined. He said that once he reached where he needed to go, he wouldn't need anyone's help. He said something about a large town to the east, but I have no idea which town he's talking about. That's all I've seen of him, I swear! Please, let me go!" Lei says.

"Your help has been appreciated. Let me talk to my agent for a minute, and I'll get back to you..." Long Feng says darkly as he exits the room, followed by the remaining agent.

"What will we do with him sir?" the agent asks Long Feng.

"We will be rid of him. The Avatar found us last time because we allowed our information source to escape. But the room must remain clean, so get him out of the base. Don't allow him to tell anyone that he was captured, understand?" Long Feng replies, walking down the hall and turning, pondering what he will do when he captures the Earth King.

The agent enters the room and lets Lei up from his chair. "Today's your lucky day. You get to go free." Lei is clearly happy, and follows the agent. As the agent and Lei walk down the hall, they pass another agent, who is muttering to himself. "Hey, you! Jiren" Lei's agent says to the muttering agent.

"S...Sir?" the scared agent replies.

"Take this man out of the base, and make sure he doesn't talk," Lei's agent tells the other.

"I promise I won't talk!" Lei replies. The first agent walks away as the new agent assumes responsibility for Lei.

Reclaiming the source

Appa lands in the forest outside of the next village Team Avatar decided it would visit. "You wait here Appa." Aang tells his bison as Appa moans and lies down behind a few low branches.

"Let's go." Sokka replies, hopping off of Appa. Zuko and Katara are next, followed by Toph. She puts her hand on the ground and listens intently.

"Guys, there are two people running in the forest. I don't think that it's good." she tells the rest of the Team. Toph sets off running, with the rest of the Team on her tail.

Head of the Dai Li close-up

Jiren stops when he sees Team Avatar.

They stop at a river, where Toph kneels again. "Here they come!"

"Get back here!" a voice from the distance calls.

"Somebody! Help me!" a second voice screams in panic. A head appears from the horizon, and the man runs to behind Team Avatar for help. A Dai Li agent appears from the same direction that the man did, but stops when he sees Team Avatar.

"You can have him, please, let me go!" Jiren begs, staggering back.

"What did you do to this man?" Katara asks the agent, who cowers further back. Katara swings her arms up and then down, pulling a large amount of water from the river and crashing it down on the agent. The agent is knocked down by the force and submerges himself in earth.

"Quick! He's tunneling away!" Toph screams to the group, but they are too late. "He went too deep. I can't feel where he's going now." Aang tried following him, but he had sealed off his path. Aang comes crashing out of the ground, and the Team knows that he got away.

"What's your name?" Katara asks the man they saved.

"Lei. And thanks for helping me," Lei replies.

"Your arm's bleeding!" Katara notices, pulling water from the nearby lake and healing the man's wound.

"Thanks! That must have been from when I was running away from him." Lei says in gratitude.

"Why were they chasing you?" Sokka asks Lei.

"Well, I was walking through a forest one day, and I met a man. This man was fairly young and he helped me find some food by using his pet bear. I continued walking through the forest, and some men in dark robes showed up and captured me. I didn't even know what they did, but I woke up in a dark room. I tried to get out, but they caught me again. Then some man with a long ponytail started asking me about that man. After I told him everything that I knew, he told me that he would let me go. He sent an agent in and began leading me out, but then he switched me to another agent. Once we got to the river, he said that I wouldn't have to worry about them or anyone else ever again. I quickly reached into the river and threw a rock at him, and I managed to get away. Then I found you." Lei explains.

"What else did you tell them?" Zuko asks Lei.

"I pointed them in the direction that he said he was going." Lei replies. "There was only one town in that direction, but I can never remember its name. I have a real problem with that. Half the time I can barely remember the name of my own home town. One time-"

Lei was cut off by Sokka. "Could you point to it on a map?"

"Sure. Do you have one?" Lei replies. Lei follows the team back to camp and Sokka climbs onto Appa while Lei looks in awe at the large furry animal. Sokka hops down and shows the map to Lei, who quickly points to the location.

"Thanks for your help." the team says, getting on Appa.

"Don't mention it. But if you don't mind, could you give me a ride home?" Lei asks.

"Sure," Katara replies, drawing mild scowls from the rest of the team. Lei gets onto Appa and he takes off with a roar.

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